Selena Gomez Jamming With Forever The Sickest Kids

January 27, 2009 08:48:57 GMT

Selena Gomez sat down with Forever The Sickest Kids in the studio and joined the band, singing song 'She's A Lady'.

Selena Gomez
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Photo credit: GL/PR Photos

Selena Gomez hanged out with her favorite band Forever The Sickest Kids during the weekend, jamming with them on the band's single "She's A Lady". The band's members commented on her visit on their official website saying, "She is so super fun and one of the most talented, down to earth friends we have met!"

Furthermore, the band also stated they have been in studio with Selena to help her cooking up new materials for her debut album. "We just had the most rockin time ever with her and are pulling super hard for her, and her new album. Go get it when it comes out pleeeease! If you are bored go to her myspace and tell her Forever The Sickest Kids love her!" so they explained.

Previously, Selena Gomez revealed that she plans to release her debut studio album in July. Thanking all producers who have helped her, she admitted to have fun during the recording sessions for the yet-to-be-titled LP.

Selena Gomez jamming with Forever The Sickest Kids on single "She's A Lady":


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posted by naq qiou on Jul 01, 2011
why everyone like her...just coz she's pretty..let's think..we are human too...n all the creator of God are good
posted by Me on Jun 02, 2009
Yeah, ya gotta love FTSK, but like Selena's pretty cool, but I'm totally sure about her voice- ESPECIALLY in that video- she was so flat it wasn't funny. :-/
posted by anonymous on May 25, 2009
okay i love ftsk and all but i cant stand jonathan going out with selena. her voice does NOT go with any of their songs, she looked like she was having spazz attacks pronouncing the words, and yeah. i like both ftsk and selena, but together... thats like mixing bacon and chocolate
posted by KeyLimePie on Mar 29, 2009
FTSK = Epic Ownage
posted by mindyalot on Mar 29, 2009
FTSK are fuckkinnn amazing i love them : ]
posted by chels on Mar 27, 2009
FTSK IS THE BEST BAND EVEERR. but yeah, that vid was amazing. :3
posted by erin on Mar 25, 2009
i love forever the sickest kids
posted by Toddles on Mar 17, 2009
Yay! I love seeing backstage antics! FTSK ^^
posted by kaylaxlol on Mar 16, 2009
hahahahah this video is so dang cute
posted by Lucyy-lou on Mar 15, 2009
Aww I love forever the sickest kids so much.
posted by itstinaYO on Mar 15, 2009
FTSK is the shizzzzzzzz. <3
posted by mevseveryone on Mar 14, 2009
i love selena gomez and i love ftsk so i love this video =]
posted by brooke on Mar 13, 2009
posted by foreverthesickest_ga on Mar 13, 2009
ooooooooh :) 3 cheers for FTSK. Selena, you pwn everything. damn that girls lucky..
posted by TSpromo2 on Mar 12, 2009
posted by Scarlett on Mar 12, 2009
FTSK are amazinggg
posted by Aimzly01 on Mar 12, 2009
FTSK are awesome!!!! check em out!
posted by RediscoverxxSara on Mar 11, 2009
FTSK FTW!!! :)
posted by lindsey598 on Mar 11, 2009
FTSK is my favorite band EVER.
posted by lindsey598 on Mar 11, 2009
FTSK is my favorite band EVER.
posted by Infinitestar on Mar 10, 2009
FTSK forever!!!!!!!!
posted by downhilladdictx on Mar 08, 2009
FTSK is the best, they're so much fun and they open up so easily! <3
posted by coffeelover on Mar 08, 2009
FTSK is the most incredible band! i can not believe how incredibly jealous i am of her :p
posted by britFACE on Mar 08, 2009
there such kids at heart, thats why there so amazing!
posted by tarynftsk on Mar 07, 2009
not a huge fan of selena but ftsk is amazing.
posted by danielle b on Mar 06, 2009
forever the sickest kids is the best thing since sliced bread (;
posted by JasmineDuuBurry on Mar 06, 2009
ftsk is <33333333
posted by Adri on Mar 05, 2009
Wow...FTSK and Selena? would've never thought of glad though, it's different, so this should be a fun outcome =D FTSK=<3 foreverr
posted by ShellieSuicide on Mar 05, 2009
FTSK is awesome...Selena not so much.
posted by x_marissuhh on Mar 05, 2009
ftsk are definitely some of the sickest kids out there! (:
posted by Jules on Mar 05, 2009
FTSK is one of the best bands ever! You should check them out if you haven't yet! They rock!
posted by tricia on Mar 04, 2009
FTSK is sickkkk :D <33
posted by FTSCanada on Mar 04, 2009
Awesome video, FTSK rock!
posted by ftsjasmine on Mar 04, 2009
this is awesome. selena rocks, and so does ftsk! i love them both!
posted by Dropdeadalex on Mar 03, 2009
Forever the sickest kids, Are the most amazingest band ever. (:
posted by brittany on Mar 02, 2009
FTSK is by far the best <3 Im glad Selena decided to do this with them
posted by madasrabbits on Mar 01, 2009
FTSK is the best :) listen to them if you havent already!
posted by Jessica on Mar 01, 2009
Forever The Sickest Kids are AMAZING!!!!!!!! If you haven't already (and WHY NOTTTT???????) give them a listen. They are seriously amazing guys.
posted by xSarahxJadex on Mar 01, 2009
FTSK is so amazing. Selena is one of the luckiest girls in the world! I think everyone in the world would love FTSK if only they knew about them. Anyone who doesn't know FTSK listen to them now, you won't be disappointed!
posted by chelseaxocoyle on Mar 01, 2009
posted by hugskisses7 on Mar 01, 2009
forever the sickest kids is amazingg!
posted by Keyla VALLADARES on Mar 01, 2009
Selena with FTSK, nice. It looked like they had so much fun together. I really like Selena and really really really like FTSK. So in my opinion this video is famazing!
posted by sincerelykyle on Mar 01, 2009
im actually jealous of her, she got to chill with the most amazing band ever (ftsk).
posted by dradieee on Mar 01, 2009
FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS is the best band ever :D
posted by allyson on Feb 28, 2009
Forever the Sickest Kids are awesommmmme!
posted by LittleBoPeep on Feb 28, 2009
FTSK IS SICKKK!!! best band everrr!
posted by xxlizzyloserxx on Feb 28, 2009
FTSK IT AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by tiny093005 on Feb 28, 2009
I think everyone should take a listen to Forever The Sickest Kids! I promise that you fall in love with their music. They are great!! And they are great to their fans! They are all aound AMAZING!! Check them out please!
posted by po on Feb 28, 2009
I think everyone should listen to Forever the Sickest Kids. They are one of my favorite bands and will become yours too!
posted by JulieBLOODLUSTx on Feb 28, 2009
I love Forever The Sickest Kids! They're freakin' amazing!! :D
posted by JulieBLOODLUSTx on Feb 28, 2009
I love Forever The Sickest Kids! They're freakin' amazing!! :D
posted by panicmurder on Feb 28, 2009
forever the sickest kids is the best!
posted by paniclawlz on Feb 28, 2009
I love forever the sickest kids!
posted by Kristen on Feb 28, 2009
FTSK are the best band in the world!
posted by Cupcakes on Feb 28, 2009
I love FTSK their my favorite band
posted by SamSam on Feb 28, 2009
I love FTSK but I wasn't a huge fan of Selina because of her Disney career but when I saw this I cahnged my mind. She seems amazing and if Forever the Sickest Kids like her then I know she must be amazing. =)
posted by chelssstarz on Feb 28, 2009
loveeee ftsk
posted by dani on Feb 28, 2009
aww i really love ftsk. i think that if you havent listened to them you should!
posted by electronicxx on Feb 27, 2009
love ftsk :]
posted by Ren on Feb 27, 2009
Everyone just needs to focus on FTSK. They are the true stars of the video.
posted by mistyy on Feb 27, 2009
aww, i lovee FTSK! they are the best! i love their music, :D
posted by FOREVER THE SICKEST on Feb 27, 2009
woooo FTSK rulez d00d!!!!!!
posted by MadelineLouise on Feb 27, 2009
luck girl, singing with FTSK =D they're amazing<3
posted by OHSTFUTABYY on Feb 27, 2009
FTSK is amazing, i love every sigle one of them. and they can basically never write a bad song<3!
posted by xoannex3x on Feb 27, 2009
forever the sickest kids is amazing! you will love their music check them out!
posted by Vanessa on Feb 27, 2009
FTSK rocks! I love their music SO MUCH!
posted by ali on Feb 27, 2009
FTSK is awesome and so good to see perform live!!!
posted by blah on Feb 27, 2009
one of my favorite bands too. that's so awesome that she had some fun time with them :]
posted by Chelsea on Feb 27, 2009
forever the sickest kids is amazinggg (: <3
posted by marissAHH on Feb 27, 2009
FTSK is the raddest band ever.
posted by FTSKristy on Feb 27, 2009
FTSK is my favorite band they are absolutely amazing<3 Selena Gomez rocks she's so lucky she got to hang out with them
posted by sammyyy on Feb 10, 2009
hahaha all these girls are haters
posted by Rachelatthedisco on Feb 09, 2009
Great, now the Disney kids are going to be all over FTSK -.- Oh joy
posted by abbey on Feb 07, 2009
ugh, i guess i'm okay with her hanging with ftsk and all, but why the fuck did she have to go spreading their name all over the place? now all the frackin disney kiddies are gonna pretend like they're ftsk's biggest fans :|
posted by Jessica on Feb 03, 2009
ewww wtf ??? why the hell would ftsk even hang out with her thats not right and she totaly ruined their song :( :(
posted by dickspitz on Feb 01, 2009
Selena's sweet little Disney girl routine is such a front. So she likes jamming with the band,huh? I'll bet the boys enjoyed taking turns jammin' their cocks in and out of this Hollywood harlots asshole and giving her pretty face a nice, hot cumbath! Selena, you're a dirty hardcore slut,baby!
posted by tiffany on Jan 31, 2009
posted by AnG on Jan 30, 2009
She's a cunt and she totally ruined a good song with her shitty Disney voice
posted by Elizabeth on Jan 28, 2009
Selena is such an amazing person and she is so talented i already want to listen to her album now! I also agree with BRIT BRIT she should find more important roles out of disney so people could start taking her seriously!
posted by camille on Jan 28, 2009
She totally ruined the song. You should listen and love FTSK for their actual talent instead of Selena
posted by david on Jan 27, 2009
damn. the fact that she listens to FTSK.....makes me fall in love with her more.
posted by jordan on Jan 27, 2009
why is she with disney???she should be on the big screen
posted by logan on Jan 27, 2009
shes awesome and she has talent way beyonddisney,this girl is going far shes gorgeous
posted by KATIE on Jan 27, 2009
posted by BRIT BRIT on Jan 27, 2009
true rock star personality,i just wish she quit disney already man
posted by Jamie on Jan 27, 2009
i wish i was her,must be the luckiest person to be hanging out with the ftsk
posted by haylie on Jan 27, 2009
selena rock's
posted by andrea on Jan 27, 2009
seems like fun love them all

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