Preview of '90210' 1.15: Help Me, Rhonda

January 22, 2009 03:34:27 GMT

Naomi helps Adrianna on how she's going to tell her mom about the pregnancy while Ethan ends up in a hospital, in the next '90210'.

Preview of '90210' 1.15: Help Me, Rhonda
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Accident, break down and a tough decision will fill in the upcoming episode of "90210". In "Help Me, Rhonda", Adrianna is finding out a way to break the news about her pregnancy to her mother, Ethan gets into a car accident and Silver cries over her distant relationship to Dixon.

During a house party thrown by cheerleader Christina Worthy, Dixon gets a little too close to Christina that it tortures Silver. She then goes up to confront him. Meanwhile, a new student named Rhonda has also made quite a distance between Ethan and Annie. Ethan begins spending a lot of time with the attractive transfer student and he gets involved in an unexpected mishap.

Also, Navid moves on from his relationship with Adrianna by connecting with a fellow Iranian girl named Nika. Naomi hooks up with a new student named Liam. Noureen DeWulf has been cast as Nika and will be appearing in at least two episodes.

"Help Me, Rhonda" will air in two weeks on February 3.


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posted by Navid Shirazi on Jan 30, 2009
I'm really enjoying 90210, and also I feel sorry for Adrianna having lost the option to have an abortion, and now having to tell her mom, who is, by the way, probably going to flip.

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