Malia and Sasha Obama Get Surprise Visit From Jonas Brothers

January 22, 2009 02:10:36 GMT

Jonas Brothers surprise Malia and Sasha Obama with a performance of three acoustic songs during their first night in the White House.

Jonas Brothers
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Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

Enjoying their first night in the White House as the daughters of the United States' 44th president, Malia and Sasha Obama receive a surprise visit from their idols, Jonas Brothers. The singers are invited "to surprise the girls and their friends", serving as a prize for them as part of a scavenger hunt, which is purposely set to teach the girls a history lesson about the White House, ABC News reports.

While their parents Barack and Michelle Obama were making their rounds at 10 inaugural balls on Tuesday night, January 20, Malia and Sasha entertained some of their friends from their new school, Sidwell Friends, to a movie night, watching "Bolt" and "High School Musical 3: Senior Year". The fun didn't end there as the girls then had a scavenger hunt around the White House to learn its history.

Making their way around the house and guessing the answers to trivia questions given to them during the scavenger hunt, Malia and Sasha were surprised when they found Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas behind the final door in the East Room. The Jonas boys themselves "had a blast," a spokesperson for the trio revealed.

Kevin, Joe, and Nick reportedly came to the White House with their parents. The entire family was sneaked in through the East Portico and played three acoustic songs for the Obama girls and their friends. They, additionally, also posed for photos with each of the young guests at the occasion.

Prior to their meeting at the White House, Malia, Sasha, and Jonas Brothers had met back stage at "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Besides, the singer brothers also performed in front of the first daughters at "Kids' Inaugural: We Are the Future" on Monday night, January 19. The threesome reportedly even brought the girls onstage during their performance of their hit song "Burnin' Up."


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posted by voeks on May 01, 2011
oh i want to be malia obama friend am dieying to risive a feedback from u malia i live in namibia
posted by Secret A on May 06, 2010
Guys, let them breath! Gosh, yes I know Malia and Sasha Obama sound so cool, but you can't be all over them.I'm telling you if they were'nt Obama's daughter you'd treat them like everyone else! I would'nt. It's true it would be cool being their friends. I'd love to be her friend for starting. I'm the same age as her, I like the same sports,I have a cell.I do great in school! I'm in the same grade etc. But snap into reality, guys it's possible, but unlikely.
posted by jamie on Aug 29, 2009
Be quiet annabell rules at least mz.bre bre wrote one message ur the one that wrote 6 message who would write 6 messages no offence but kinda stupid not to offend u u seroiusly need a life
posted by UNKNOWN on Aug 29, 2009
hi sasha and malia i just admit that u malia are such a pumkin and sasha u look like ur mom 4 real
posted by ANGELA JONAS on Apr 13, 2009
posted by ANGELA JONAS on Apr 13, 2009
posted by D10 on Feb 28, 2009
Maliea and Sasha are so lucky for their dad to be president.Some times I wish I could be their brother. But in sted of the Jonas Brothers give me a speech from BARACK OBAMA.
posted by D10 on Feb 28, 2009
Maliea and Sasha are so lucky for their dad to be president.Some times I wish I could be their brother. But in sted of the Jonas Brothers give me a speech from BARACK OBAMA.
posted by cute on Feb 27, 2009
i love the jonas brother
posted by naomi on Feb 26, 2009
LoL..I can see that alot of poeple here are dreaming...dnt u hav any thing else to do u want to be obamas daughters sisters...very Waw.
posted by oprincesslivie on Feb 07, 2009
MAILIA i realy want to be your bffffffffffl you are so amazing in 10 you r to i swear to you i love your dad and mom and sister and you im jelous i rellllllllllllllly like you i live in smithfield north carolinia i have a hat and pin of your dad plz
posted by annabell rules!!!!!! on Feb 01, 2009
posted by annabell rules!!!!! on Jan 31, 2009
please please please malia and sasha i really want to be your best friend i am your biggest fan i swear!!! I live in portland,Maine please visit me!!!i am begging you right now please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by annabell rules!!!!! on Jan 31, 2009
Mz.bre-bre please.yeah right they will pick YOU up!!!
posted by annabell rules!!!!!! on Jan 31, 2009
My dad said that he will run for president next year so i will be presidents daughter!!!
posted by annabell rules!!!!!! on Jan 31, 2009
Who EVER likes the jonas brothers they are really crazy!!!nick jonas i hate the most!!!yuck!!!
posted by annabell rules!!!!!! on Jan 31, 2009
I am 10 and i really want to be friends with malia obama and sasha obama!!!
posted by mz.bre-bre on Jan 27, 2009
i want to be sasha & malia's sister.i want to stay withthem for ma whole week in the summer. maybe they can take me on a scavenger hunt around the white house. i hope sasha & malia obama get tis message. they'rew dad obama can pick me up in his nice car. my music teacher said he would get obama a song to encourage him to never give up. he's a song writer,but i never heard his songs. maybe i did but i didn't know it was him.GOOD LUCK MR.PRESIODENT!!!!!!!!!! yes we can make a change in our nation. if someone get this please send this to THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.ifyou Michelle,Sasha,Malia,or Barack Obama get this message visit me or call me.
posted by Fart102 on Jan 25, 2009
Yuck I hate the Jonas Bros I'v met them they are mean
posted by luvcerys on Jan 24, 2009
OMG i wanna meet the jonas brothers!!! ill make my dad become president!! :D
posted by tricky t on Jan 24, 2009
omg i love the jonas brothers ive never been to one of there concerts cause they sell to fast its not fair
posted by cutiexoxo19 on Jan 22, 2009
omg i want the jonas bros to come see me!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by mo mo on Jan 21, 2009
"THE JONAS BROTHERS ROCK" I would love to meet the "JOANS BROTHERS"can you come and see me?

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