Recap of 'Momma's Boys' First Season Finale

January 21, 2009 09:19:55 GMT

Dating reality show 'Momma's Boys' was down to the boys' final decision whether to choose their mothers' selection or theirs.

Recap of 'Momma's Boys' First Season Finale
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The end has come for Ryan Seacrest's reality show "Momma's Boys" when it wrapped up the first season with a finale on Tuesday, January 20. Two out of the three boys chose to go against their mothers' wish and one decided to obey his mother but regretted later.

Khalood, was pissed when her son Jojo turned his back to go with 22-year-old kindergarten teacher Mindy who was particularly without a final two showdown because Khalood thought that none of the girls were good enough for her son. Mindy had the gut to tell Jojo that she would not let herself date a boy who can't stand up for himself and that her parents raised her to be "respectful, classy, and well-rounded."

Jojo took her hand and said after his decision, "This is the first time that I ever stood up to my mom and just put my foot down and been successful with it." After the show, NY Daily News reported that Khalood was offered a counseling but she refused politely.

Another boy going against his mama's will is Michael. He selected 26-year-old medical student Amanda over his mother's choice Erica who admitted that she is Penthouse's Pet of the Year. Despite Erica's confession that she has posed for the adult magazine, mom Lorraine said, "You know I still feel the same exact way about you. I don't feel any different about you." But Michael felt otherwise, and went on with Amanda.

The only boy who took a nod for his mother's choice is Rob. Esther was particularly unhappy upon finding out that her son took interest in an African-American girl, Camilla, and suggested him to go with Lauren. After a final discussion, Rob said on the elimination, "Camilla, all the time we spent together has been so magical. You're so different than anyone I've ever spent time with. ...But, I'm asking Lauren to come away with me tonight." The fact was, Rob left for his three-day vacation without Lauren but alone.

No date for the new season for the show yet.


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posted by YeyJojo! on Mar 22, 2012
I loved this show, one of the best I've watched! I think it was brilliant that Jojo found the courage to stand up to his Mother and cut the cord! Great too that Michael chose Amanda, they had chemistry from the start and they are so right for each other, Doctor and Firefighter! Who would want a future wife and mother of his children to be someone who would show her all to every other guy? He was just going along with Mom's choice until he found out the truth. Anyway, she went to visit his mother in Florida after the year as 'Penthouse Pet of the Year' ended, so I'm sure she is available if he ever wanted her. It would be good to see an update since this was filmed in 2008!
posted by lian on Apr 17, 2010
i also missed the finale! eish! i am waiting for it to be shown again on etc. but i've changed my mind upon knowing that michael chose amanda instead of ERICA!!! that's very bad! what the hell was that?!
posted by Heaven on Feb 07, 2010
I just watched it in the UK - It had me gripped. Rob should have followed his heart. Mrs B - WTF !!!??
posted by lil miss ti on Jan 11, 2010
Go jojo choose the love of your life and choose mindy mrs b is a crazy women how does she expect you to choose between her and mindy jojo and mindy are ment are ment to be together jojo and mindy for life
posted by chantell on Jan 11, 2010
i really think micheal couldve choose ericathey make a cute couple anyway penthouse us not a scandal i really hope erica will find her mr right cause shes just beautiful
posted by shara on Nov 09, 2009
i wanna know what has happened after.. otherwise i'll just assume it was actors and it was all a hoax which means i wont watch the next season if it is to comeout! damn it i wanna know how stayed together and who spilt mostly wanna know did erica and michael end up together did he come to his senses!! gaaaahhhhh tell us!! haha :S
posted by Mindy on Oct 06, 2009
Only now is Momma's Boys being shown in Australia! It's a stupid, lame show, but curiously addictive!
posted by rdtfgyhuijkolø on Sep 22, 2009
I thought it was SOO sad Michael didn't choose erica! :( he said the day before that their date was the best day og his life, and then afterwords he chooses AMANDA ! so stupid, just because of her past :/ poore erica, really loved that girl :/
posted by BULSHT on May 11, 2009
Great show but no after math! Everyone wants to know if anything worked out with any of the couples but we do not get updates! I think now that they all were just actors to create this show knowing the outcome and how to raise everyones blood pressure. I will not watch the show againn if it comes out with new actors. I am starting to think a lot of these types of shows are just a Jerry Springer want a be!
posted by kzxkdf on Feb 08, 2009
Camilla was worth fighting for! Wow! Sweet, phenominal looking... She'd be a great wife and mother... He just threw away the chance of a lifetime. There weren't any Jewish girls on the show anyway. Camilla is unforgetable.
posted by dreamangle on Jan 30, 2009
I love the fact that the guys followed their hearts. Although I know a mother's opinion is very important = a mother will learn to love any girl that steal their son's heart. Fact.
posted by syd on Jan 29, 2009
I want to know who is still together?
posted by mikimo07 on Jan 25, 2009
HEY PRODUCERS!!!!Fantastic show....but we wanna know what happended to "everybody".....especially those that grabbed our hearts like Camilla,Megan,JoJo, and Rob when they got home.
posted by HELLO on Jan 24, 2009
posted by chelle on Jan 24, 2009
you can watch the full episodes on the website, just google "momma's boys"
posted by bikini on Jan 23, 2009
any way of finding out who's still together?
posted by Darla on Jan 23, 2009
Will there be any future updates?
posted by adavis on Jan 23, 2009
I loved this show, it was very entertaining. and serioulsy michael is beautiful, he should of picked erica, despite what she did...we all make mistakes.
posted by smithej on Jan 22, 2009
I thought it was a great show considering i have a mama's boy. as for seeing the finale go to the WE station it's on 1/22/09 tonight. i really think 2 of the mom's need some counseling.
posted by NoNoNo on Jan 22, 2009
I really hope they don't bring this rubbish back for a 2nd season. I can't believe this is what tv of today has come to.
posted by Melissa on Jan 22, 2009
I really enjoyed the show. I just wish we would have heard more about what happened to everyone. Did Rob call camilla when he got home? Did Michael hook up with Erica when she came to visit his mother? Who really cares about Jojo and his mom Khalood. Dysfunctional!!
posted by pinky on Jan 22, 2009
So are Mindi and JoJo still together? I would have run the other way, who would want to be part of Mrs. B? And what about Rob? Did he and Camilla make up? I liked the show. It made me wonder what kind of mother in law I will be one day.
posted by The show on Jan 21, 2009
I hope they do this show again it was interesting to see average well some what average guys get beautiful girls. Moms made it interesting too.
posted by titlewithkim on Jan 21, 2009
I missed the finale! I want to see a clip or video.Wherecan I go? When is the rerun of the show? Frustrated! :(

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