Aubrey O'Day's Nude Pic for Playboy Leaked

January 20, 2009 08:11:24 GMT

Aubrey O'Day's nude pic for the March 2009 issue of Playboy has been leaked and it shows her striking a raunchy pose on a black-and-white striped carpet.

Aubrey O'Day
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Photo credit: Wild1/PR Photos

Aubrey O'Day's nude picture for the March 2009 issue of Playboy has been leaked. Perez Hilton is the first to give people a peek at the shot, showing the former Danity Kane member baring all for the camera.

Aubrey, seen in the pic letting loose her long blonde hair, is photographed wearing nothing, but a pair of high heels. She strikes a raunchy pose on a black-and-white striped carpet, sporting fishnet-like stuff on her bare bottom.

After weeks of chatter and speculation, Aubrey O'Day confirmed to US Weekly last week that she has done a photo shoot session for Playboy. "I'm honored to be a part of the Playboy legacy," she said in a statement, adding that she looks forward for the launch of her March Playboy cover on February 13.

According to a report which was made public by TMZ in late November last year, Aubrey was seen doing a nude photo shoot for Playboy with celebrity photographer Markus Klinko in a Manhattan photo studio. The site, moreover, also claimed "there may be cats involved in the shoot."

New York's Daily News, furthermore, reported that Aubrey has received half a million dollars to shed her clothes for the men's magazine. "Aubrey's making about $500,000 to drop trou. For that kind of money, she was like 'Why not?'" the site cited a source as saying.


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posted by J.SHUJA on May 24, 2011
posted by milk man on Mar 14, 2011
I love you sexy angel as a person not because of your nude pictures
posted by sagar on Oct 26, 2010
posted by authentic on Sep 27, 2010
hello you fucking horny witch....,
posted by authentic on Sep 27, 2010
you look very sexy n seductive
posted by senjay on Aug 24, 2010
i like this group.
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posted by dan on Oct 18, 2009
who gives a fuck!
posted by dan on Oct 18, 2009
who gives a fuck!
posted by zasalamel on Oct 12, 2009
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posted by bw on Aug 31, 2009
first off the group danity kane doesnt even exist n e more so those of you who are argueing about the leaders and the stars of the group dont know what the hell ur talking about....2 she does look good and the only ones that is saying she lookes nasty or whatever is the girls who are obviously hatin....and you say she looked nasty but the few million she made off it would look good to n e one....look in the mirror and ask yourself how much someone woukld pay to see you nude? and she did it in a tasteful mannor...its not like she made a fucking porno like kim kardasian or britany spears or paris hilton or whoever....dont you think little girls looked up to them? but in the end fuck it becouse i enjoyed those vidios too....stop hating
posted by Grace on Aug 10, 2009
she is a slut and a whore. God i feel sorry for P Diddy who made her famous and now disgrace him. She is a true slut and everyone saw her ass and breast.
posted by sweet on Jul 16, 2009
she fine
posted by sweet on Jul 16, 2009
posted by sweet on Jul 16, 2009
posted by dada on Apr 18, 2009
danity cane man they had it going on and what is going to happen now were is the rest of the group at hal at ya boy
posted by flyy ni on Mar 26, 2009
who is danielle
posted by $Money$ on Mar 23, 2009
Man every single person up on this page need to grow up and worry bout yourselves. And forget bout others that are famous and that your never Gonna Meet they got lives jus like us. So leave them the fuck alone get a life and mind your business people like you is why the world today is Fucked up! I hear u mike that wat up bra.
posted by Mike on Mar 23, 2009
Shut the fuck up! All u fake Ass niggas and Bitches. And shorti u a weak ass Mafucka. Grow some balls nigga
posted by =D on Feb 27, 2009
who gives a fuck if she posed for playboy... who gives a fuck what she does in her life period... you fuckers dont know her and i dont know her either. so shut the fuck up and live your own fucking lives. SHIT!!! FUCKING NERDS!!!
posted by Thatruth on Feb 23, 2009
Come on people!! Yes her body looks good. But anybody who really knows talent or music can hear and see that Dawn had all the talent in that group. She wrote for the album and even named the group after a female super hero she drew. I'm not hating on Aubrey whatsoever, but when Diddy chose the group he had a vision on how the group should be in all aspects; roll models for young women, talented artists, and classy sexy confident women. To me Aubrey doesn't represent that, that's why she had to go. She likes the spot light for the wrong reasons. If he wanted to sign a smut then she'd still be in the group LOL!!! Real talk. She looks good, well everything except her over the top hair and fucked up lips that she had done lol. She thinks she's standing up for women but Damn!!.... even the sexy ass pussycat dolls are more classier than she is. But now I'm just rambling hahaha anybody who thinks she's not over the top, or big headed, and trying to hard to be sexy, represent the lower half of the intelligence pool...and will teach their children to pose nude and disrespect authority and potray themselves to be smut bags!!hahaha
posted by kat on Feb 22, 2009
oh how surprising. what a total f'ing hypocrite. shes basically proving everyone right. enjoy your over extended 15 minutes of fame. its gonna be up not too far in the future. oh and talent wise, she was the weakest vocalist in the group. not much of a huge lost for the group, musically. great role model for young girls. how typically fake.
posted by edogg213 on Feb 21, 2009
U guys are all gay she looks fuckin bomb
posted by jasonlikey on Feb 19, 2009
thats super NIIICE!!!! P.S. Cass u sound stupid as hell
posted by jar004 on Feb 19, 2009
What a way to represent the female population! Itís disgusting and embarrassing! People who strive for attention are so insecure. Beauty comes from within...Iím sure u all forgot that! America has truly forgotten what true beauty is and itís so sad. I just hope she commits into doing something worthy other than taking off her clothes and showing her ass.
posted by sCoOpUm on Feb 18, 2009
You're all retarded, she's slammin, been extremely in the public eye for about 5 years now, with talent, there was never a #1 selling group without her, that's why diddy carried her over, natural(atleast she used to) beauty, and she's just an obviously naive sweetheart trying to come into her own. Shes now set herself as a WOMAN to be reckoned with. It's ridiculous giving her this type of bashing when talentless, much worse looking douches have done the same or worse, ie kim kardoucheian, Paris hiltdouche, lauren condouche(natural beauty, ZERO talent), and heidi monumentaldouchetag. Not to mention the king, or queen I guess, of talentless fame perez doucheton. You all need a serious reflection and thought session to rethink all of this countries "valued celebrities". Aubrey is AMAZING in almost every way, even before the supposed surgeory, which i dont believe she had anything done, especially anything major, unlike all of the afformentioned "douchelebrities" have done. PS I'll take her beautiful, incredible ASS over kardoucheian or j-lo's.
posted by Sammy on Feb 18, 2009
Omg people leave her alone and stop hating. big deal she posed for playboy alot of famous people have. Playboy isnt a slutty mag its a classie nude mag. People need to stop saying its her fault for the group falling apart. If you have to blame someone blame diddy he kicked her out just because she spoke up. She didnt do it in a rude he just got all butthurt and went on a power trip. If he is smart he put D-Woods and Aubrey back in the group!!!!!
posted by me on Feb 16, 2009
this girl has lost her mind. is it possile for her head to fet any bigger? and idk y it wld nobody even cares about her thats why she is posin in playboy....she has always been self obsessed attention whore, but she has taken it to a new level with all this plastic sugery.if you have to get that much surgery to look better, then chances are you not all that you think you are even afer yyou have it. case and point- aubrey b4 the boobs,lips and nose...and aubrey now- still scary looking!! and why is her mouth always open??too much collgen? tacky,tired and thru.get over yourself aubrey, cuz we all did a long time ago. and get a new stylist. or hire one.
posted by tuffbella on Feb 15, 2009
Can you say airbrushed?
posted by laughingwithyou on Feb 15, 2009
First, WHO? C'mon...she's like D list, so who really cares?! I bet the majority of people don't know who she is and she obviously doesn't have the talent to support her name...hence, Playboy. That said, I looked at the pics and she does have a great body, but her face is scary.
posted by Alex(Vegas) on Feb 14, 2009
She is the star of Danity Kane. With out her they are nothing, Go and sign with G Unit. YOUR THE STAR
posted by ~Ken Esquire~ on Feb 13, 2009
They can hate all they want, she is looking delicious!
posted by alex on Feb 13, 2009
oh man i would slam her until she had no voice
posted by SHORTI! on Feb 13, 2009
posted by j boogy on Feb 13, 2009
I hope the ladies on this blog listen to this, there is no employer in the UNited States that allow you to put the company in a bad light. If aubrey worked in a office her attire would be deplorable. Ladies guys like a little mystery, if you show the goods we just lookat you as easy. The sexiest women are the ones who leave you guessing.
posted by carisa121 on Feb 13, 2009
i hate the fact that everyone wants to talk about aubrey and make her seem like shes a "slut" or "skank" as perez hilton said in a blog he wrote. i believe that everyone who talks is hating on her bc she is a strong female. she doesnt take from anyone and she will tell it to you like it is...even if you are diddy and you are signing her check. she will not allow to be walked on and im sure there are a few woman out in the industry that could learn from her. so she wears clothes that are flashy...she wears "a lot" or make-up...she's pretty tan for being a white...but so what!! thats her. thats what she likes...and its not like she does it bc she wants to get negative feedback from the public eye. she does it bc thats her. she has the body to walk around naked if she wanted to...stop hating!!! she wears hello...she is a female...most of us females like to wear make up. and to top it all off, she is going to be in playboy as of mar 09's issue! YOU GO GIRL!!! playboy isnt a raunchy magazine..not one bit. it doesnt mean you are out everyone in means that you are sexy..someone else noticed your appeal and wanted you in their mag...and she has to confidence and courage to pose nude. there is nothing wrong with feeling sexy and showing it. so to everyone who talks about her appearance (bc yawl never mention anything about her standing up for herself)...yawl can continue to hate and make her famous!
posted by Jenn1111 on Feb 13, 2009
playboy is not slutty! its classy and shes not a slut for doing it! thats what playboys for! if you had a hot bod and had an offer for playboy i know anyone would take up the offer
posted by justme on Feb 12, 2009
she so needs to get her self together.. shes acting like a slut out of control .. and over rated.. honestly someone needs to take her out of the public she is a shame to her self and to her ex group
posted by nowy on Feb 12, 2009
Aubrey is a HOT PIECE! I love her! and besides, why does everyone care so much is she poses for playboy.. if you don't want to see it, then don't buy the magazine...
posted by tato on Feb 12, 2009
aubrey, you desapointed me girl!
posted by boyxxxsurfer on Feb 11, 2009
screw all of you guys who aubrey oday is a skank or a slut. she is bombbb as fuckk
posted by mini on Feb 07, 2009
you suck
posted by mini on Feb 06, 2009
I can't believe you, you are so dam fake now.. I miss the group though....
posted by Cass on Jan 31, 2009
so whatever you want girl, the only reason they are takling about is its because your in the spotlight but trust me its a free country
posted by kevins on Jan 30, 2009
i like to this group
posted by joevani on Jan 21, 2009
i like all about u.keep it up

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