Alexandra Burke's Debut Album Pushed Back for November Release

January 16, 2009 08:38:24 GMT

Syco label holds back Alexandra Burke's debut LP until November due to giving some more time to polish her skill and avoid falling into Leon Jackson's failure step.

Alexandra Burke's Debut Album Pushed Back for November Release
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Initially set for March release, Alexandra Burke's debut studio effort has reportedly been pushed back and will not be available in stores until November. To The Sun, a source reveals the delay happens because Simon Cowell's Syco label wants to "polish her skills, like they did with Leona [Lewis]."

"Syco were planning a quick release - possibly as early as March in time for Mothers' Day. But they have reconsidered and will now go for the autumn - probably November," the source says. "They want to wait to find the right songs and let her polish her skills, like they did with Leona. She can then launch it on a live X Factor show."

Taking Leon Jackson's failure as a comparison, the source furthermore shares on what strategy will be applied to boost Alexandra's singing career. "LEON JACKSON's album failed to shift as many copies as they hoped when they waited ten months after his X Factor win before releasing it. They didn't want to risk the same thing happening but think Alex's talent and appeal is closer to Leona's levels, so they can afford to wait to get it right," so the source states.

Alexandra Burke has claimed her fame through single "Hallelujah". With the Leonard Cohen's track, she has been standing firm at number one on U.K. Singles chart for three weeks in a row, beating down Leona Lewis' "Run" and Lady GaGa's "Just Dance".

"Hallelujah" has raked more than 888,000 copies to date since going on sale at midnight on Saturday, December 13 after "The X Factor" TV Final. With such a huge selling point, the track, made famous by Leonard in his 1984 seventh studio LP "Various Positions", becomes the fastest-selling single ever by a female artist across Europe.

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