Taylor Lautner Buys Roses and Does Cards for Everybody on Valentine's Day

January 16, 2009 07:22:28 GMT

When Valentine's Day comes, Taylor Lautner will always buy his mother and loved ones roses and make hand-made cards for them.

Taylor Lautner
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Talking about Valentine's Day, which is four weeks to come, Taylor Lautner tells Popstar! Magazine that on that day he usually buys roses to be given to people who are close to him. "Roses for mom, roses for everybody! I'm a rosy kind of guy!" he says.

Besides, he also likes "to do cards." About that he claims, "I rarely go out and buy cards from a store. I hand-make them. They're not superfantastic, but I'll hand-make them and I get a little artsy and burn the edges and stuff and make it look cool!"

Taylor Lautner, best known for his portrayal as Jacob Black in hit movie "Twilight", has been confirmed to reprise his role in the drama vampire movie's much awaited sequel "New Moon." Getting into the shoes of his character, he recently told the press, "I've been working hard for eight or nine months, and I've put on about 26 pounds of muscle. I'm literally in the gym every single day for at least two hours a day."

"It's hard work," he added. "My motivation is basically my passion for the character of Jacob and the series. I want the fans to be proud of the movie, so I have to live up to Jacob." In addition to exercising, "I'm trying to eat as much as possible," he said. "Basically I'm supposed to eat everything I can and try to keep it lean. Lean meats and veggies."


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posted by taylor grl <3 on Jul 01, 2010
omg taylor lautner, i love yu!! i just saw eclipse and you were the best and hottest of the all! your best fan
posted by sexy chick on Jun 26, 2010
posted by Lumundigirl564 on Feb 06, 2010
OMG! Taylor I love you. And so does my friend Oceancida. She actually put your name all over her arms. We know, like, every little thing about you! If I ever meet you I will faint!
posted by CLautner19 on Jan 20, 2010
OMG i love you so much my room is filled with your pics only <<333
posted by DBEE on Dec 07, 2009
posted by DBEE on Dec 07, 2009
posted by living_life on Jul 02, 2009
hey my friend call my other friend justine jacob cos she really really luvs u....i dnt really like u r really cool and all but umm....he has got 2 tell me more about him
posted by living_life on Jun 24, 2009
dese gurls r such dreamers....lautner yes is hot sexy and all dah rest....but we cnt judge a book by dere cover... peace out homies
posted by GABRIELA on Mar 29, 2009
posted by jessica<3 on Mar 08, 2009
omg ur soooo hot! i love you! there couldnt be a better jacob!
posted by CutieCorrie on Feb 14, 2009
omg that is co cute. i want a card and roses!
posted by werewolves are hot!! on Feb 10, 2009
i think that it's sssooo cute that he goes out and buys roses 4 everyone :)
posted by Lilian :) on Feb 06, 2009
uh oh! Taylor dont over exercise its bad for your health! my moms friend did that and he died from a heart attack! :( But keep trying to do your best! ;)
posted by Haley on Jan 30, 2009
aw! you are to cute! you should me a card(; i will send you one!
posted by Adriana 101 on Jan 28, 2009
Your so SEXY!!!! Besides that you seem very fun, loving, and sweet. I would love to have you as a friend any day!
posted by dimples on Jan 19, 2009
i wached twilight on youtube which was crapy but i cant wait to watch it again all my frends love you and think your super hot no one could play the part better then him he is so awsum
posted by dimples on Jan 19, 2009
no one could play the part better then him an dall my frends love you ched it on youtube which was kinda crapy but i cant wait to watch it again wat and think your hot they have seen the movie like a hundred times i just
posted by live4taylor on Jan 19, 2009
i have never heard of a guy tht handmakes his cards. how sweet!!!! n its nice he gives roses to all the ppl he loves not just to one person!*sigh* i wish i was close to him...
posted by jacob lover23 on Jan 19, 2009
you are so good looking.!(:
posted by dimples on Jan 18, 2009
your such a good actor and hes so hot and no one could play the part better then him
posted by Jillywillyfive on Jan 18, 2009
taylor is suchhh a great actor and he is soooo good looking/hottt and i cant wait to c him in the 2nd twilight movie new moon...jacob i would absolutley NEVER lapush u off a cliff
posted by RP on Jan 18, 2009
Yeah this guy's great! Very caring and there couldn't be a better guy playing him in New Moon
posted by Maira on Jan 18, 2009
Taylor Lautner looks like a really great friend to have. He looks fun 2 b around and in my opinion he looks like u can trust him.
posted by Billy Bob Joe on Jan 17, 2009
I love reading comments about how hot acters are, they're so funny. I guess Taylor's ok, I'm glad he's dedicated to making himself look more Jacob-ish, I used to hate him but now I'm starting to like him... a little.
posted by eric on Jan 17, 2009
hey my girlfriend thinks ur cute & u better not still her!!!!!
posted by cassidy on Jan 17, 2009
hey taylor me & my friend love u
posted by sparky.(= on Jan 17, 2009
Wow that's really sweet.(= If only all guys were like that. Haha. And whoever is his girlfriend is a very lucky girl, she's got a really handsom guy in her life.(; lucky her. lol -Courtney.<3
posted by kristine on Jan 17, 2009
aaw so cute of him to do homemade cards ! Im a huge fan of Taylor Lautner, he is so hot! Don't forget that his birthday the 11th february
posted by hey!! on Jan 17, 2009
i really love taylor lautner the first time i watched cheaper by the dozen 2 gosh the only reason i watched it is cuz i wanted to look at him again and again!! haha im single :D ;)
posted by hey!! on Jan 17, 2009
yeah i know right how dare they i got that too i always read those stuff i can't believe it!!!
posted by Ana Love Taylor on Jan 17, 2009
posted by LAUTNER_LOVER on Jan 17, 2009
aww he is so sweet. whoever is his girlfriend is lucky to have him. he's a keeper :) lol i really wish i could meet him. he seems like the sweetest guy ever. why cant all boys my age be like that. BTW im 17 too Taylor. *Taylor if your reading this lets pull an Edward and Bella and get married :) hehe
posted by Labella-Luna on Jan 17, 2009
sweet of you for valentines day,did not copy the name
posted by xangelface29 on Jan 16, 2009
aww!! he is soo sweet!!!
posted by just a fan:) on Jan 16, 2009
jacob if you can read this just wanna let you kno your my hero and my favorite actor you have a heart of gold your mom is lucky to have a son like you. p.s. im single (cough cough)
posted by just a fan:) on Jan 16, 2009
i think its really nice of him. i am trying to convince my dad to get me him for my birthday but that probobly wont happen lol wish miracles happened
posted by danielle is here on Jan 16, 2009
aww i always loved taylor lautner:)
posted by DEEE on Jan 16, 2009
WTG Taylor thats so sweet homemade cards :)
posted by Jacob Luver#1 on Jan 16, 2009
burnin the edges. sssssssoooooooo cool . I LUV U UR SO HOT
posted by Jacob Luver#1 on Jan 16, 2009
burnin the edges. sssssssoooooooo cool . I LUV U UR SO HOT
posted by Jacob Luver#1 on Jan 16, 2009
burnin the edges. sssssssoooooooo cool . I LUV U UR SO HOT
posted by Jacob Luver#1 on Jan 16, 2009
burnin the edges. sssssssoooooooo cool . I LUV U UR SO HOT
posted by hmm... on Jan 16, 2009
her mother? was I the only one that caught that? editors?

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