Selena Gomez to Drop Debut Album in July

January 16, 2009 06:43:56 GMT

Selena Gomez is expected to bring out her not-yet titled debut studio album sometime in July.

Selena Gomez
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Disney star Selena Gomez shares on SayNow that she plans to release her debut studio album in July. Thanking all producers who have helped her, she admits to have fun during the recording sessions for the yet-to-be-titled LP.

Previously, Selena Gomez stated she was in search for passionate boys for her band. "I'm looking for someone who's very passionate about music and can show me that they can rock out. I like having people with me to lean on and write with and have fun with," so she claimed.

At that time, Selena also revealed Jonas Brothers were offering help to get her album done. "The Jonas Brothers offered to help me with my album, which is really nice of them. I would love to do a song with them," she noted. For a tour, she meanwhile would like to join forces with her sidekick Demi Lovato.

Selena Gomez's message on SayNow:


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posted by Selena Gomez on Jan 06, 2010
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posted by fan4evr on Dec 03, 2009
dickspitz really if yur that horny have it with a teacher than instead of selena gomez dumbxxx
posted by ... on Sep 01, 2009
Hate the haters of Selena
posted by selena 1 fan on Jun 24, 2009
im glad she is relesing a album. it will happen she is sooo goos at singing
posted by hjgfhgds on Mar 27, 2009
you cant join the jonas brothers! they are already a band! find your own band. just stick with acting!
posted by lmvcool on Mar 27, 2009
no i dont think she would be a good siinger, she needs to stick with acting. and she obviuosly wants to do a douet with the jonas brothers witch would be extremly AWKWARD! yah selena jst stick with acting(:
posted by Woopp on Mar 10, 2009
Oi, Dickspitz, It's obviously Not going to happen. Leave it! Fool. x
posted by ILurveConverseNDisne on Feb 13, 2009
Is it just mii or do we have a pervert here?? (referring to dickspitz) No offence lol but Selena's looking 4 band members that passionate about muic not SEX!!
posted by Rolf Chakras on Jan 30, 2009
I would assume that Selena is going to go the dance/club route. Too bad. Well, I'll wager that the CD is already in the can, but she could have scored lots of points by being an unrequited power pop girl. And she could do it without the Miley Cyrus reconfiguration into another person. A cover of Shoes' song "Only in my Sleep" with her usual singing aplomb would have been great...and a cover of the same band's "She Satisfies," changing the gender to "He Satisfies," would have been absolutely killer. She may know the Jonas Brothers, but those lads wouldn't know a melodic hook if it hit them in their purity rings.
posted by fofoo94 on Jan 16, 2009
ohh thats cool but having a band without the jonas brothers that call a band you have to chose some body els

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