Jermaine Dupri Talks What Gets Him Kicked Out of Def Jam

January 14, 2009 06:20:14 GMT

Jermaine Dupri opens up about what makes him fired from Def Jam, saying that the label gives him no chance to drop the records he has worked on.

Jermaine Dupri
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Following his exit from Def Jam Records which leads to report saying that he has let down the company for not dropping good music for their artists, Jermaine Dupri reaches out to Essence Magazine, clarifying that the truth behind the story is not the one swirling in the media. "Island [Def Jam Records] is going to say what makes them look good," so he tells the publication.

"They are not going to tell the truth and say, 'He just stopped dealing with us on a daily basis'," Jermaine explains. "If you don't put out my records, that's all I have as a person. I'm a record person, so if I give you a record and you don't put it out, then basically you're showing me that it's really no business."

"I never got a chance to put the records out. I had Johnta Austin, Ninth Ward and Dontria," Jermaine furthermore shares. "I read the blogs and I'm thinking, How can they say that I'm not putting out records when anyone who knows my track record knows I'm about making music?"


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posted by lilkunta on Jan 14, 2009
JD makes a good point. Since 89 he has been consistently making hits. I heard Johnta Austin's cd was supposed 2 be released then it was cancellled. So JD doed have a point.

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