Lil Wayne Says He's Rapping No More

January 13, 2009 07:48:51 GMT

'I ain't rapping no more,' so Lil Wayne states, emphasizing even more that he will be branching out to another music genre as rumor has claimed.

Lil Wayne Says He's Rapping No More
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Following the news saying that he will explore his singing talent by dropping rock album, Lil Wayne reveals he is indeed no longer doing a rap. "I ain't rapping no more," the former member of rap group Hot Boys tells MTV.

Wayne furthermore says, "I'm singing ... I'm about to get some dance moves. I gonna get Chris [Brown] to teach me some sh--." He then adds, "I'm f---in' with y'all. I'm keeping it coming."

Lil Wayne has hinted his dream to make rock music back in November. "People see the guitars and they wanna call it rock and roll. I plug up the bass, I plug up the electric, I plug up the acoustic - it's not really rock and roll, its just great music I'm doing right now," he stated at that time during BET Awards.

The news had then been confirmed by Canadian actor/rapper Aubrey Drake Graham a.k.a Drake. "Wayne's coming out with a new album, it's a rock album. A complete rock album. I have a song on there," so he revealed.


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posted by SouljaJay on Mar 17, 2010
oh, wait I didn't say dat last sentence wrong LOL! but ya'll homies got what i said...
posted by SouljaJay on Mar 17, 2010
Last: So why are all ya'll niggas trippin? I Meant So Why Are Ya'll Niggas Trippin? My Bad.
posted by SouljaJay on Mar 17, 2010
Did ya'll even READ the article? He Said He Was F**king with ya'll...So why are all ya'll niggas trippin?
posted by luv ya on Oct 28, 2009
dnt stop doin rap .....u rock at it...ur one of the best rappers alive....y dnt u just learn how to dance lyk chris and still rap????
posted by CATA on Aug 26, 2009
noo pleasee :(( don't stop rapping because i love rapp and i hate rock pleasee don't do this
posted by rahel(: on May 28, 2009
hey :)
posted by rahel(: on May 28, 2009
hey :)
posted by big fan on May 25, 2009
dont quit because u and bird man split up is like shaqil oneal and coby brian on to different basketball teams which wont be good because together they tear the house down like u and birdman.....
posted by d-o-d on May 14, 2009
this nigga wanna stop this rap shit let em if ya gunna rock then you betta do it big boi
posted by bob on May 06, 2009
don't quit lil wayne you are one of the best rapper in our genaration don't quit your to good to quit now
posted by a.k on Apr 16, 2009
please weezy dont stop rappin your ma favourite singer!!!!
posted by john on Apr 14, 2009
yo lil wayne plzz dont stop rapping cause ur the best rapper ever and i hear ur music man if u stop rapping ur gonna ruin ur reputation man im ur biggest fan!!
posted by kt on Apr 08, 2009
m p,bx
posted by K9 on Apr 08, 2009
nigga u just do u fuck err body else rock or rap my nigga always got yo back
posted by j\'s-baby on Mar 24, 2009
come on lil wayne dont give me this shit you da man of rap not rock. so keep doing what your doing and forget about rock.
posted by Lil jazzy on Feb 21, 2009
Come on wayne continue to rap) you r the best rapper alive if u do rock im also doing it i wanna be like you dawg pliz dont quite rap
posted by tmoney on Feb 02, 2009
nigga dont stop dis rap shit u da fuckin man
posted by EMAN on Jan 30, 2009
go to www ... my ... space ... / ... skinep. Listen to the song "Stress" then listen to the Rock remixed version of it. Hopefully it would give people insight to how Rock & Rap when mixed are tha S***
posted by fds on Jan 30, 2009
posted by T-Wayne on Jan 30, 2009
i luv Wayne. but dude, prom queen rlly suked. dont let rap go. rock is not for you.
posted by nae nae on Jan 16, 2009
i love you and i'll do anything 4 you not 2 stop rapping i'll walk around america to mexico plz wayne dont make me cry and i will if u stop rapping i love you 2 much 4 u 2 stop doing that. plz dont stop. love you wayne.
posted by nae nae on Jan 16, 2009
wayne dont stop rapping. plz plz! im not your boss but dont stop rapping. your the best ever. and i want you to make a rock cd but still dont stop rapping plz i love you cousin. love your baby cousin.
posted by koemalicious on Jan 14, 2009
yo lil wayne yo dog dont even fink of stoppng rapping man u awesome
posted by satrina on Jan 13, 2009
hey lil wayne I'm satrina Howze form high point nc and never want you to stop rapping I love when you rap you the best rapper alive.

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