David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell Break Up

January 13, 2009 05:02:48 GMT

Shortly after it was reported that Kimberly Caldwell has cheated on David Cook with a bar manager, the couple is claimed to have broken up.

David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell Break Up
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A source close to David Cook has been telling Access Hollywood that the winner of 7th season "American Idol" has broken up with his singer girlfriend Kimberly Caldwell. No words have been given by the source on the reason that prompts the couple's separation.

David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell, who is one of the contestants on the second season of "American Idol," began dating shortly after he was named as the TV show's winner in May 2008. Despite earlier split rumors, he was reported to have been looking for the perfect ring to be given to his leading lady.

Star magazine reported in December that David checked out an extravagant 2-carat diamond and platinum ring from Tiffany's to be given to Kimberly when he proposes to her. The gem reportedly costs $54,000.

However, last week Star claimed in a report that Kimberly has "been caught in a clinch with a handsome bar manager!" She "flirted, danced, drank and made out with Ryan Der at L.A.'s trendy ONE Sunset on December 29," the publication revealed.

Kim and Ryan, according to a source as being quoted by Star, were seen "grinding on the dance floor. They started playfully kissing, but that quickly led to long lip locks until they were full-on making out." The source continued, "Everyone could see she was really letting loose. She and Ryan were laughing together as they threw back beers and vodka cocktails."

Neither David nor Kimberly has commented on the break up report. They also have not yet addressed on the report of her cheating on him.

Update 01/13: A representative for Kimberly confirms in a statement, "Kimberly and David ended their relationship just before the holidays. The couple remain good friends and being very private people, appreciate their privacy at this time."


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posted by Tara on Oct 05, 2010
Kim broke it off with David when she found out he was cheating on her. That is why she went out with that guy at the bar, to get even with him. Shortly after, Cook ended in the arms of another whore, Kim Johnston. Dumb midwesterner
posted by theresa on Nov 07, 2009
she is just a nobody who wanted to make it big - and is latching on to anyone who does hoping she will catch the spotlight. trash
posted by Izzywuzhere on Sep 17, 2009
posted by Matt on Jul 15, 2009
Kimberly Caldwell is soooo HOT!!!!!
posted by ziccs on May 23, 2009
he'd better be with me, :D
posted by ziccs on May 23, 2009
no way! i hate kimberly.. he'd better be with carrie underwood.. they both are great!!!! i wonder if it gonna be happens, LOL
posted by Bluroze63 on Apr 02, 2009
I think he'd be better off with someone like Carrie Underwood - they are two very nice people and both extremely talented. Shaking Kimberly off was probably the best for them both.
posted by monleo on Mar 16, 2009
Eeeww kimberly whoooo? she's just a 'contestant' from thousand years of American Idol ago while David Cook is THE American Idol. She can never match up to him. Besides, she ain't even good looking... HANG IN THERE DAVID!!
posted by Dobby on Feb 26, 2009
Kimberly was flat chested. Why would he date her? Uggh!
posted by davidanddavidfan on Jan 31, 2009
woot woot thank god I was never a fan of Kim, why David even went for her in the first place is a mystery.
posted by NyCArole on Jan 20, 2009
I wouldnt say this on DCO but I will say it here...Kimberly is a fast blonde who has been bar hoppin in LA for 5 years, she took full advantage of the newly crowned Idol as he was the NERD from Kansas, blinded by the LUST! She is soo beneath david and saw an opportunity to get into his spotlight! He hasnt smiled a real smile in months! Now he can focus on his "NOW" and his dreams without humiliating distraction from this phoney hussy!!
posted by Johnna on Jan 16, 2009
David, go for your Mandy Moore!! She's gorgeous, classy, talented, and you revealed your crush on her while you were on Idol. David and Mandy Cook...I love it!
posted by millied on Jan 15, 2009
It's true they broke up. That's what people do, you date and sometimes it doesn't work out. You do that till you find the "right" person. We love David Cook and don't care what he does with his personal life. It's nobody's business.
posted by Juliann on Jan 15, 2009
I didnt think she was right either for him. Im happy for David doing so well with his new Album!!!and the tour coming up.Excited to see him in concert!!! : )
posted by Patricia on Jan 15, 2009
David Crackhead is a huge NARCISSIST. He wishes he could lick himself!
posted by Mimi on Jan 15, 2009
Cook is a smelly skank who has MAJOR B.O. The girl is a whore. He'll just date another whore, because he's one too!
posted by 1911A on Jan 14, 2009
I hate to admit it, but I'm delighted by this news. I never liked her for him...even though I know it's none of my business, my emotional investment in him through AI made me CARE! She just never seemed to be the "nice" girl he deserves.
posted by Yessssss......... on Jan 14, 2009
I don't hate to admit anything ... in fact, I am very very delighted. She has no class, unlike David. He'll find someone who isn't fake and sl*tty.
posted by gabydon on Jan 14, 2009
Yesssss! This news made my day! I've always thought they'd never last long. David is too good for her...Cheers, everyone!
posted by Jennie on Jan 14, 2009
Well, it's for the best. The girl seemed nice but surely he needs to have more options. It it was love, it's a different story.
posted by Jennie on Jan 14, 2009
Well, it's for the best. The girl seemed nice but surely he needs to have more options. It it was love, it's a different story.
posted by Jennie on Jan 14, 2009
Well, it's for the best. The girl seemed nice but surely he needs to have more options. It it was love, it's a different story.
posted by Jennie on Jan 14, 2009
Well, it's for the best. The girl seemed nice but surely he needs to have more options. It it was love, it's a different story.
posted by YankeeFan on Jan 14, 2009
I couldn't be happier about this news. Thank heavens Davd came to his senses and dumped Kimberly. She was completely wrong for him. He needs to be with a classy girl just like him. Hey David what about Carrie Underwood or Anne Hathaway. Two gorgeous, talented and classy girls. I bet anything his family couldn't stand the loudmouth brassy Kimberly.
posted by SharB on Jan 13, 2009
best news I've heard today. good riddance to her. she was never good enough for my "Cookie".
posted by COULDATOLDYA on Jan 13, 2009
im glad they broke up he is a far better person than she is she is a wanabe singer and was just trying to probably ride his shirt tales!! dont let people use ya DAVID!!
posted by spas on Jan 13, 2009
he is too good for her and i'm glad he's moved on. doesn't sound like she cheated, though, if this happened after they were broken up.
posted by batgirl on Jan 13, 2009
While I am glad they are broken up, I don't think she almost ruined his career, michelle. His album has sold really well.
posted by deliah on Jan 13, 2009
the proposal ring thing is sooo not true..david himself denied it already.. and im not sure about this one too..maybe we should wait and heard it from david himself..
posted by Dana on Jan 13, 2009
I don't believe for one second they're still friends. Good riddance, David can and will do better.
posted by bocephus on Jan 13, 2009
I hate that they are still reporting an engagement ring like it is fact. That's total bull.
posted by Whoohoooooo!!!! on Jan 13, 2009
Best thing that ever happened to David other than AI ... she's such a sl*t ... I disliked her since season 2.
posted by lisa on Jan 13, 2009
SHOTS FOR EVERYONE lets celebrate!!!
posted by michelle on Jan 13, 2009
Break open the champagne. What took you so long David Cook? None of his fans felt she was at the same caliber as David Cook. She almost ruined his career and was not helping his credibility. I hope the story is true and not just publicity for him being single because he is going on tour and they want to sell ticket. She was a major distraction to his career. I hate her, even before she met David. TV Guide needs to fire her butt.
posted by lostfan on Jan 13, 2009
Well...I can't say I'm disappointed that their broken up. Still, I am glad that they are still friends. Both of them will be just fine.

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