No Third 'Narnia' Movie for Disney

December 24, 2008 09:40:21 GMT

Walt Disney Pictures have opted to not exercising its option to co-produce and co-finance 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'.

No Third 'Narnia' Movie for Disney
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"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" has faced an upsetting news before it even begins filming. On Tuesday, December 23, both Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media have confirmed that the third "Narnia" movie will have to move on without the mouse house supporting its production.

Choosing not exercising its option to co-produce and co-finance the sequel to "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", the studio pointed out on budgetary and logistical reasons. Still, they do not elaborate more on those reasons. Due to Disney's exit, Walden reportedly will look for other partner, which most likely candidate for the moment is said to be the 20th Century Fox.

"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" itself has been reported to be in pre-production and is set to begin shooting in spring of 2009. Michael Apted was on board to direct a script by Steven Knight and "Prince Caspian" stars, Ben Barnes, Georgie Henley, and Skandar Keynes, are expected to return and reprise their roles. The movie is slated for May 7, 2010 U.S. release.


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posted by angelwings on Sep 08, 2010
i think why peter and susan are back is so they get more views for the movie from their fans (i love all of the charaters) so that if they get more viewers than the last two movies they can keep on going with the books/movies. who cares if some of it isnt "true" to the book it makes the movie more watchable (i love the narnia dont get me wrong) all of different movies that are from books some of it is from their books but some isnt. so stop saying that peter and susan shouldnt be in the third movie and be happy that the 3rd movie is coming out and they are gonna be in some parts, its not like their gonna be in all scenes
posted by me on Jul 04, 2010
Kevin Sidin sucks!!!!
posted by nes on Jun 15, 2010
i luv all the books they should make 1 wit mor acshun
posted by I know! on Apr 14, 2010
In the later movies/books susan and peter are in them, but unfortunately susan stops believing. :(
posted by Joyce on Mar 29, 2010
It won't be the same without Peter and Susan, it would be like taking fred and Ethel of I love lucy!
posted by Tina on Mar 29, 2010
The Narnia movies won't be as good without Peter and Susan, they should be included!
posted by narniafan8989 on Mar 23, 2010
For example, they could be different characters throughout the story, so that they are still a big part of the film.
posted by narniafan8989 on Mar 23, 2010
I believe that, or if the thrid Narnia will be made that Susan and Peter should stay true to the books, but be included in the film some how.
posted by Jack Von Weg on Oct 24, 2009
Studio execs always crack me up. Disney delayed the release of the second Narnia movie, which was completed for about 50 mil in time for a December family blockbuster release. They didn't want to go up against the more expensive Water Horse movie. You see, in Executive language more money = better movie. Prince Caspian was therefore banished to a March release, with minimal marketing (once again, execs don't think early spring releases need marketing). With such a bad pre-release, Disney was barely able to recoup cost at the box office, the money only came rolling in with DVD sales (pleasantly surprising DVD customers with an amazing film during a dry season). Of course, this wasn't the fault of studios execs, it's the fault of a bad movie, and so Disney wanted to go with a straight to DVD release for the third movie. Walden said no way and is now in negotiations with Fox to produce the third film. Fox will be spending 140 million on production, almost twice as much as what Disney spent on both movies combined.
posted by KEATON on Aug 05, 2009
posted by Kirsti Hudson on Jul 20, 2009
I have loved reading the Narnia books ever since I was seven! I hope they make the third movie!!!
posted by Mary on Jul 14, 2009
Peter is one of my favourite Narnia characters, but most of the time it is good to stay true to the book.
posted by soccerlover on Jun 29, 2009
I loved the first and second movie of Narnia, and i agree with drewsifer, disney is out of their mind! if they dont want to make all the money they could if they made it then they're insane! so many people love those movies so i think its stupid not to make the 3rd movie. Narnia rocks!
posted by drewsifer on Jun 27, 2009
Ok, if Disney isn't out of there minds, and could gain more fans or viewers by making the rest of the Narnia movies, why wouldn't you?
posted by cherrykiss27 on Apr 25, 2009
I love Narnia
posted by kevin from surname on Apr 10, 2009
listen ,i want that narnia must be finished by disney and walden media .kevin sidin from south america surnam paramaribo - domburg sir winston churghill streat 1138 .can you bring me narnia 1and narnia 2 dvd movies for me and you now were i live.
posted by TLTWATW on Apr 01, 2009
Peter and Susan should NOT be in the third one, they must stay true to the books. Either way, I hope the movie gets funded with or without Disney.
posted by sadandupset on Jan 04, 2009
I am young(under 15) and i love the Narnia movies! A couple of years ago my mom read me and my sisters the books. When my dad came ohome and told me that they would not be making aother movie me and my sisters wanted to cry.We love those movie and the we love those books. Disney is there any way you could do the movie? p.s. people if you ar like me please jone my groupe on facebook.("Make the 3rd Narnia movie!!!")
posted by Lily on Jan 03, 2009
i think Disney should finish the movie !! i love Narnia its one of the best Disney Movies. i would pick Narnia compared to HMS or camp rock and that crap.
posted by Celery on Jan 01, 2009
If you read the books, Susan is never heard from again and Peter comes back in the seventh book. I agree, Disney should finish the movies. Switching now could prove fatal for the movies. Cel
posted by McDreamy818 on Dec 30, 2008
I think Susan and Peter should be in the 3rd movie. It just won't be the same without them.
posted by narniafan75 on Dec 27, 2008
I agree with Laura - Disney is making a mistake by not finishing the movie series. I also think they could incorporate the two oldest kids at the beginning of the movie and end - but that's just how I would write it. Maybe it would go better that way and the cast would be whole! Disney - you should really rethink your decision! Narnia is awesome!
posted by Laura on Dec 26, 2008
I think Disney is making a mistake on not finishing the Narnia movies.

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