Paramore Love to Be Part of 'New Moon'

December 24, 2008 08:46:47 GMT

'We're not campaigning, but we'd love to be part of it,' Paramore's Josh Farro says when referring to the 'Twilight' sequel, 'New Moon'.

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Following the success of "Twilight" soundtrack album, which debuted at number 1 on Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart, selling 164,700 copies in its first week in stores, Paramore reveal their excitement to be part of "Twilight" sequel, "New Moon". Guitarist Josh Farro tells OK! magazine, "We're not campaigning, but we'd love to be part of it."

Commenting on their involvement in crafting "Decode" and "I Caught Myself" for "Twilight" theme songs, singer Hayley Williams considers it as "a phenomenon." She says, "We're just thrilled to be a part of it. Our fans were part of our following before we blew up, and I think it means something to them, too. It's opened a whole new world, and it definitely means a lot for our career. It's changed a lot."

Hayley Williams, meanwhile, reveals that their new studio album is "just getting started" with Josh working behind songwriting desk. She explains, "Josh is writing like crazy, with music and stuff, and I'm listening to lyrics and melodies. So far I've been really stoked with everything. It's interesting. We definitely have a lot to talk about. We've been through a lot this year. I can't wait to get it all out and see what we have in us."


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posted by sadist lover on Feb 15, 2012
paramore is going to rock
posted by Justanothagurl on Sep 14, 2009
Oops my bad i said the album wrong yes its brand new eyes my bad hehe AlexaLubsParamore thanks i cant believe i said it wrong and thanks for agreeing with me :)
posted by AlexaLubsParamore on Aug 25, 2009
justanothagurl umm the Album is called "Brand New Eyes." hehe. Just a correction and Ya I Agree. But of course Paramore stole my faness first. i love them both but Paramore better. They are my Idols, I mean really. :)
posted by AlexaLubsParamore on Aug 25, 2009
Ahh! I love all of their albums i got them when they first were out in stores! And All we Know is Falling is an amzing album! My favorite so Far. My heart makes me cry for some reason. But im laso a Twilght Fan.
posted by eneal on Aug 05, 2009
i want paramore to sing the newmoon soundtrack..without them the movie will be boring..
posted by justanothagurl on Jul 30, 2009
Sock or whatever your name is shut up some people like paramore and twilight , Like me i am a big fan of both but then again im not a preteen, and yea i have heard of all paramore albums cuz i own all of them and im even pre-ordering their new album "with open eyes" . People are right paramore's songs went really well with twilight and i hope they are in new moon too.In some ways your right though some people dont know paramore, some hated the band but only liked those two songs and the movie.So yes it is annoying but for fans like me be considerate.
posted by Sock on Jul 27, 2009
Ugh, I'm sick of all these dumb preteens being obsessed with Paramore just because Decode was in twilight. Twilight sucks. This twilight crap better die down soon. Any of you heard either All We Know Is Falling or Riot!? Doubt it. -.- Dumb kids.
posted by Sock on Jul 13, 2009
Ugh, I'm sick of all these dumb preteens being obsessed with Paramore just because Decode was in twilight. Twilight sucks. This twilight crap better die down soon. Any of you heard either All We Know Is Falling or Riot!? Doubt it. -.- Dumb kids.
posted by K-Flower on Jul 10, 2009
New moons going 2 suck without paramore. They have to b
posted by Monica on Jun 26, 2009
i seriously hope that Paramore is on the New Moon sound track! they are awesome and they're songs fit the books rly good!!!!
posted by 4ever on May 13, 2009
There is no doubt, Paramore are awesome, and i love their music!! They have to be on the New Moon´s soundtrack! I loved Decode and I caught Myself, i think they did an excelent job, and they deserve to make part of this soundtrack, absolutely!
posted by cant wait 4 new moon on Apr 17, 2009
paramore have to be on the new moon soundtrack. they just have to be!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOVE THEMMM!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Ria on Apr 08, 2009
posted by kelly on Mar 29, 2009
Paramore = fave band Twilight Saga = fave books Twilight + Paramore = BLOODY AMAZING plz plz plz plz let them be on the New Moon soundtrack they would be awesome :D
posted by Paramore=Love on Mar 29, 2009
Omg the totally need to be in 'new moon' i think the song until tommorow fits so perfect with the whole story! I Love You Guys So Much!
posted by Mrs Farro on Mar 07, 2009
I Absolutely Love Paramore. And i have since i heard their first album. i would love for them to be on the the "New Moon" Soundtrack Because i adore Twilight aswell. but nothing beats paramore(: I Hope They become a part of it again. It will be even more awesome if they do. yay! P.s (I Love Zac Farro(:)
posted by jni on Feb 26, 2009
I HOPE PARAMORE WILL BE ON THE NEW MOON SOUNDTRACK! I absolutely LOVE Decode and their other music, and I love how well their music fits in the movie's mood! :) So please, please, please, with a cherry on top, let Paramore be on the New Moon soundtrack! :)
posted by Elvira on Feb 06, 2009
I was hoping Paramore was going to be on new moon soundtrack.If they are that is going to be Awsome!!!!! Paramore Rox's!!!! I loved the song decode I listen to that song everyday!!! at least 10 times.:). When I first saw the Video I fell in love with it.I just loved the way it was made,I fell in love with the song even more.!!! Now Paramore Is FAVORITE Group Ever!!!!
posted by keith on Jan 13, 2009
i love them,they rocks!!!
posted by pbc_hearts_twilight on Jan 08, 2009
Paramore is AMAZING and I am a major Twilighter so my favorite band being on the sound track EVEN BETTER...Paramore is a major inspiration for me I really wish the best of luck they would make the New Moon soundtrack so much better!!! without's nothing :) keep rockin LOVE YOU GUYZZ!!!!
posted by sasha on Jan 02, 2009
Liked the work of the crew on Twilight. Their songs 'Decode' and 'I caught myself' were just running through my veins. They are really sort of breakthrough for Paramore cause I didn't really like their Riot! stuff. But songs for Twilight show made me believe that their new album that they'll apparently release this summer will be something special.
posted by lavigne on Dec 28, 2008
Paramore number 1, Haley Wiliams ♥♥♥
posted by ParaWHORE.Xx on Dec 28, 2008
Omgsh. two of my fav ; twilight series + paramore. That is AWESOME!!!!! BE ON NEW MOON PARAMORE. <3
posted by BELLE on Dec 26, 2008
wooh!! paramore+new moon!!! even better!!
posted by TeamEdward on Dec 25, 2008
:O! Omg, paramore is awesome ur music is amazing when i heard u guys were on the twilight soundtack i was happy :). Hope u guys will be in the New Moon soundtrack! Wish u the best on getting on the soundtrack. !!!
posted by twilight lover..<3 on Dec 25, 2008
i love you guys.. i love your songs! plz be in new moon soundtrack!! =]
posted by twilight luver on Dec 24, 2008
PARAMORE=AMAZINGGGG please be in new moon soundtrack!!!!
posted by baby chear on Dec 24, 2008
luuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu allllllllll

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