'Chain Letter' Gets First Trailer

'Chain Letter' Gets First Trailer

In the upcoming horror movie 'Chain Letter', a group of people gets a chain letter, but when they choose to ignore it, the consequences turn deadly .

A full-length trailer of "Chain Letter" has made its way out courtesy of Deon Taylor Enterprises. Opened with a scene when a man receives and deletes a junk mail, the video footage continues on to show that the mail the man received is a chain mail others are getting their hands on.

But, when they break the chain by choosing to ignore it, they find out that their lives are at stakes. Now, racing against time, they have to figure out who is behind the chain letters before they all end up six-feet under.

From the producers of "Saw" comes this horror feature "Chain Letter". It introduces the chain-wielding killer 'Chain Man' played by Michael Bailey Smith. It also features the likes of Matthew Cohen, Cody Kasch, Michael J. Pagan and Nikki Reed. The Twisted Pictures thriller is directed by Deon Taylor and is expected to hit the theaters in 2009.

"Chain Letter" Trailer:

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    Sep 03, 2010

    New release date October 1st for this movie! Everyone should hit it up!

    Jan 12, 2010

    Nikki Reed is in it! my favorite actresss. I'm gonna seethis!

    Jan 11, 2010

    Looking forward to Chain Letter. Trailer looks interesting.

    Jan 04, 2010

    There's a new trailer out on YouTube. Much better than the first. Release set for March 2010... a few months away!

    Mar 18, 2009

    No one knows yet, dude. The movie has yet to come out. I like that Brad Dourif is in it though. I'm willing to bet he plays a bad guy, haha.

    Dec 23, 2008

    is david zahedian an actor in it, who does he play? does he die?

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