Special Sneak Peek of 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' With Miley Cyrus' Introduction

December 22, 2008 07:16:17 GMT

Miley Cyrus introduces her upcoming 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' through a special sneak peek with lots of behind-the-scene look into the musical comedy.

Special Sneak Peek of 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' With Miley Cyrus' Introduction
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In anticipation of "Hannah Montana: The Movie", Miley Cyrus has shared glimpses of the big screen adaptation of her popular TV series, "Hannah Montana". Through a sneak peek video, the 16-year-old gives out which big names are appearing in her movie, such as Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts, as well as Miley's new love interest.

Apart from displaying the real footage from the movie, the video also presents some of the behind-the-scene footage in which Miley is shooting several scenes, like the scene where Hannah Montana is performing on a stage. Of the plot, Miley hints, "In Hannah Montana: The Movie, basically my character always had the best of both worlds but she'll have to choose just one."

"Hannah Montana: The Movie" revolves around Miley Stewart when she deals with an overwhelming success as pop superstar Hannah Montana and tries to find once again what is really important in life by going back to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee. Starring Miley Cyrus, the Walt Disney Pictures comedy will hit the U.S. theaters on April 10 , 2009.

"Hannah Montana: The Movie" Special Sneak Peek:


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posted by ciara on Jan 16, 2010
y people trippin you might hate mily's voice but at least is better then yours so stop hatting
posted by hannah montana on Aug 22, 2009
can not wait 2 get your movie out **heleni**
posted by heleni on Aug 22, 2009
Hi hannah montana i love your movies and im your biggest fan i know every thing about u 2!!!!!!!!! **frm heleni**
posted by sreedhanya on Jun 03, 2009
i am waititng to buy the CD i am really exited..
posted by Rachel on May 01, 2009
Cant wait
posted by katelyn on Apr 10, 2009
i am so gonna watch this in movies its so cool i love all your episodes allready toodles as sharpay says in hsm u rock hannah montana!! toodles
posted by sadaf amin on Apr 08, 2009
i am going to see it the first day it comes out i am her biggest fan ever i know every thing about her tooooooooooo!!!!!!!
posted by noor on Apr 08, 2009
u rock i want to know when is hannah montana the movie in india coming out
posted by haha on Apr 06, 2009
i alreadly hav the soundtrack
posted by montana on Apr 06, 2009
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILEY CYRUS RULES she is talented and pretty i am excited to see hanaha montana the movie it will be awesome
posted by montana on Apr 06, 2009
i think it will be great i can not wait what she will pick i am SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!
posted by geraldine on Mar 20, 2009
hola soy de chile todas tus fans te esperamos aqqui tu conciertio ven pronto te lodise tu fans numero 1
posted by maryam on Mar 05, 2009
and buthe way have is like this have. And i am really sorry with your first name maley.
posted by maryam on Mar 05, 2009
Dear hanna montana i love your part 3 and i can't wiath an till the new hanna montana the movie cames out in cinmse. in may, april the 10 and may the 1. hey lisn i really got to go now hane fun and good luck out there. And i love your music. bye love maryam. to mily, hanna montana.
posted by sexi101 on Feb 05, 2009
I tfhink miley knows how to get guys also gfirls butf i really need her auto graf
posted by Miki on Feb 02, 2009
posted by Miki on Feb 02, 2009
MILEY RULES! After Hannah Montana the movie comes out and I see it's going to be my favorite movie for a really long time!
posted by Miki on Feb 02, 2009
Ignore all of those mean comments Miley. The mean comments don't mean a thing. Miley you are like one of my role modles. I'm going to see the movie as soon as it comes out!
posted by Miki on Feb 02, 2009
I can't wait for the movie to come out! Miley RULES! She is a talented actress pretty and a TREMENDOUS singer!
posted by jhlkhj on Jan 31, 2009
posted by Ronimesh (your futur on Jan 30, 2009
Miley cyrus you are good.keep up with your singing.AND?What about your car.(good luck with your future) got to go bye.
posted by intersted in hannah on Jan 28, 2009
hopefully the movie is as good as the show but i want here to be miley and hannah for the showto be really interasted cause i love the show and miley cyrus
posted by JJP4 on Jan 27, 2009
OMG! I love the show Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus is so cool. You rock Miley! I hope the movie will be as good as the show! Hannah Montana is my favorite show in the world.
posted by mousumi on Jan 25, 2009
i just hate her............ i just dont know that y people like her so much she is the worst singer and actor
posted by nikita on Jan 25, 2009
she is just the best dont have any words 2 express her
posted by montana on Jan 19, 2009
omg taylor swift is in it??! wooow i cnt wait! i love miley!!
posted by SoCool on Jan 18, 2009
I love her. Mother of two and couldn't think of a better role model (so far)! Hope she ages with class!
posted by liam on Jan 18, 2009
i love hannah she is so kind and loving
posted by jess on Jan 18, 2009
i want her to stay as hannah because the sho isnt hannah montana with out hannah?????????????
posted by jake on Jan 18, 2009
i want to know if she pics to be hannah or miley because it says she can onley pic one
posted by georgia on Jan 17, 2009
i love it i can not wait
posted by louise mc on Jan 17, 2009
Me and my couisen love hannah montana. Hannah or Miley could u ring me on this number 0858299714
posted by leelo1 love on Jan 13, 2009
i say miley have a hot smiley
posted by looloo on Jan 13, 2009
by the time it in cinema im gonna be there
posted by Caitlyn on Jan 02, 2009
why does it say "no longer available" =[ =[ =[
posted by zoey on Jan 01, 2009
i can't wait to wach this movie,i think this is the best movie she ever made.
posted by love her on Jan 01, 2009
she actually smoking hot i love her
posted by love her on Jan 01, 2009
miley cyrys is hot
posted by DSAGRyan@Aol.Com on Dec 31, 2008
posted by DSAGRyan@Aol.Com on Dec 31, 2008
posted by HATE HER on Dec 30, 2008
posted by wst the big deal on Dec 29, 2008
i didnt even see it! : (
posted by gesrox3 on Dec 28, 2008
its gonna be horrible!
posted by laura on Dec 22, 2008
im so excited cant wait,but why is the vid so blurry does anyone have it on clear

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