Robert Pattinson Cuts Off His Iconic Hair

December 22, 2008 06:58:01 GMT

"Twilight" leading actor Robert Pattinson has ditched his tousled, unkempt hairstyle for a short, military style haircut.

Robert Pattinson
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Having his hair as one of the topics that are most talked by people, Robert Pattinson had it cut. The "Twilight" leading star has been spotted tossing his tousled, unkempt hairstyle in favor of a short, military style haircut while he was in a post office with co-star Nikki Reed on Saturday, December 20.

During the outing, Robert wore flannel shirt, jeans, and a pair of matching boots. He was photographed stuffing his small convertible Audi with large packing boxes. As for Nikki, she was seen wearing a white top under her black jacket. She beautified her look with a black jeans, a pair of matching shoes, and a brown big bag.

On Thursday night, December 18, Robert Pattinson was snapped meeting up with a mystery male friend at La Conversation in West Hollywood to satisfy his late night hunger. At that time, he wore the same flannel shirt and also his trademarked beanie.

Meanwhile, Robert is predicted to have a very hectic filming schedule as "Twilight" sequel, "New Moon," already has a release date of November 20, 2009.


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posted by xiang on May 10, 2010
love it! any hair style will do,..
posted by Iara Abregł on Feb 27, 2009
queria decirles que me encanto la pelicula,es la mejor peli que vi en mi vida,y como ven no tengo la oportunidad de comprarme el libro,saludos a todos y ojala que yo pueda ver el estreno de la segunda parte que aca se va estrenar el 20 de noviembre.chau,besos.Iara Abregù
posted by iara on Feb 27, 2009
soii de Buenos Aires
posted by Belly* on Feb 01, 2009
Chill Ppl It Shuld Grow Bak B4 They Shoot The Movie...(Hopefully)Hes Probably More Comfortable Like That Anywayz...Yea He Lookd Hot Wit His Long Hair But As Edward..Rob Still Looks Just As Good.
posted by lionandthelamb on Jan 13, 2009
no matter what robert does to him self he is still sexy!!! Hair or no hair he will always look good to me. Some people dont like it but its his hair let him do what he wants to do with it.
posted by hervae on Jan 10, 2009
while some people complain about Robert Pattinson's new hair cut,he knew that he had to do it. Most people only liked him for his hair. Only the people who truly cared about him would love him even if he was bald. he knew that, so he got the army-styled haircut to see who those pure-hearted people really are. i would do the same.
posted by Shiila on Jan 09, 2009
It was his choice for the hair (and my friends complain aout it), no onecan control who he is. The only critical condition for that is how will they make the untidy bronze hair for Edward now? Tey are doing filming as we speak, even when the movie isn't coming out until this coming November 20th. It'll be interestingto see hwta they'll do to replace his hair.
posted by robb fann on Jan 08, 2009
omg no1 is in love with him here....youuu havent even met him...reality check!....face it its just a crush!!!! buht i do adore him....either way..:)
posted by on Jan 07, 2009
when robert pattinson being Edward Cullen, i just thinking waaw that man is so hot. It means, i said that to edward cullen.. Now after the real robert cut his hair, its amazing.. I can not see edward cullen in his new look, all i can see is only guy name robert. Just it all.
posted by Edward Cullen Is Da on Jan 07, 2009
I love him no matter what
posted by jessica on Jan 06, 2009
He is a big boy he is 22 he can handle whatever he decides and they well figure something out for his hair in the movie. I think he took my advice to not sure but a few weeks ago i made a comment that none of you could because it is all about his hair. i told him to cut his hair because his happiness is the only thing that matters and all you people care about is his hair. SO I TOLD HIM TO CUT IT! HOW YOU LIKE THEM APPLES. No you don't because all you act like are girls with crushes. Lets face it girls if you really love him then you would love him for whatever looks he has.
posted by Miss.Cullen on Jan 05, 2009
OMG...i loved his hair in the film....nooooo.....i loved his hair long but not too long..nooo :D
posted by robert\'s future wif on Jan 05, 2009
m(mega)omg wtf why yuh no wat it's okay as long as he's happy he prolli did it so he want be noticed on the streets no wat i mean but it does kinda but more power 2 him i love him in lengh and shortness
posted by loved with Ed... on Jan 05, 2009
oh come on sta8iiiis :D i told you so (A) he does wait for me..thats why he hasnt been inLove yet ^^ doesnt so sweet.?^.^ ;)
posted by omg this lovey dovey on Jan 03, 2009
geez stop saying marry me and stuff and i love you when u no u really dont u only do it coz he his famous.. and he doesnt love you so why waste ur breatj! i reckon he is a really good actor and he is cute and he can do whatever he wnats with his hair and he also can hang out with who ever he fuckin wants geez people get over urself ur not going to be mrs pattinson!!!!!.......
posted by wtf people on Jan 03, 2009
geez yes i likes his hair long but he can do what ever he wants you cant diss him man.. thats not write if ur a real fan u would like everything he does geeezzz... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmpmh
posted by Joanna on Jan 03, 2009
OMG quando vi as novas fotos dele com o cabelo curto fiquei assim o.O Mas ele faz o que quiser e não é por ter cortado o cabelo que vamos deixar de gostar dele, of course ;D Agora muito sinceramente espero que no filme "New Moon" ele já esteja com o cabelo grande outra vez...o público já está habituado a ver o Edward Cullen com cabelo grande, se agora estiver pequeno vai ser estranho :/ But I'm still in love with you Robert <3 @
posted by Alli on Dec 27, 2008
I think you all just need to shut your yap!!!! He is 22 years old! He can do whatever he wants! Yes, I think he is absolutely gorgeous! His hair was long and cute! But his new hair is cool too. He is still gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
posted by WTF???!!! on Dec 27, 2008
WTF???!!! WHAT WAS HE THINKING???!!! HE HAD SUCH GOOD HAIR!!! I'M REALLY PISSED!!! IT BETTER GROW BACK FOR THE MOVIE, OR ELSE!!!! He's still completely hot but still....WHY??????!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Bobo on Dec 26, 2008
omg luv it hes so freakin sexyy<3333
posted by rachel on Dec 26, 2008
man, he looks FIT with short hair. seriously, eeevvveeennn fitter!
posted by Thamna on Dec 25, 2008
Ele é lindooo!! É uma pena que tenha cortado o cabelo.. =( poxa Rob!
posted by megs on Dec 25, 2008
how is he gonna be edward now? edward is supposed to have long hair. urrghh
posted by Purashira on Dec 25, 2008
it wil grow bk guys so chill.dnt shld grow bk cos i lyked dat hairstyle wen he plaed betta grow bk
posted by Purashira on Dec 25, 2008
he leave him alone.his hair wil grow bk within 3 months.its nt lyk its a britneys shave.i lyk dis haircut.though i must said i reali lyk him wit da long hair as edward dan rob.
posted by ugh! on Dec 25, 2008
posted by ugh! on Dec 25, 2008
:( i was crying when i found out the news NO!
posted by UGH! on Dec 25, 2008
it was a cruelity against nature for him to cut his hair he looked so better with longer hair
posted by ugh! on Dec 25, 2008
posted by delo* on Dec 24, 2008
i still think he looks fabulous. he's one of the lucky few who have such a good face that any hairstyle complements it. oh rpattz.
posted by malibumarmalade8 on Dec 24, 2008
its ok.....hes still sexiiii but i loved his long hair 4 edward, maybe short hair will be the new rob!!!! and rob is SEXIII any way shape or form...rob, aka, the SEXIIIEST mani ALIVE!!!
posted by MS on Dec 22, 2008
Whomever wrote this article needs an editor prior to posting in the future
posted by jrk54.yea on Dec 22, 2008
omg holy crap im gunna cry i loved his hair ............but i bet hes still the sexies man alive...
posted by jrk54.yea on Dec 22, 2008
omg holy crap im gunna cry i loved his hair ............but i bet hes still the sexies man alive...
posted by jrk54.yea on Dec 22, 2008
omg holy crap im gunna cry i loved his hair ............but i bet hes still the sexies man alive...
posted by jrk54.yea on Dec 22, 2008
omg holy crap im gunna cry i loved his hair ............but i bet hes still the sexies man alive...
posted by Tularia on Dec 22, 2008
So long as he grows it back out for Edward's time, that's all I care about.
posted by sandra on Dec 22, 2008
He looks good however and in whatever! still love him :)
posted by The Bexter on Dec 22, 2008
I think Spunk Ransome looked better wiuth his longer hair but shorter hair is just as sexy.... Were will all the magical unicorns live now that him magical hair is gone now!?? :(
posted by u people must be on on Dec 22, 2008
he looks so much hotter with short hair! sexyy
posted by natalie costello on Dec 22, 2008
he makes me so moist
posted by LLann on Dec 22, 2008
I think is sexy, so sexy much better than the long hair that was Edward this is Rob!!!!
posted by twilightlover15 on Dec 22, 2008
i think rob looks good anytime anywhere! i'm just glad that he is going to be in new moon and can not wait to see it!
posted by TwiMom1 on Dec 22, 2008
Love it!
posted by Steph on Dec 22, 2008
Seems like Nikki is always around Robert and talks about him at all her interviews "he's so amazing"..."I went to a concert with him"..blah,blah,blah. Seems all the stories are true that she likes him but what about her boyfriend of 4 years?

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