Joe Jonas Having Crushes on Several Celebs

December 19, 2008 04:44:04 GMT

Leona Lewis, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson and Cheryl Cole, are some of the celebs whom Joe Jonas has crushes on.

Joe Jonas, Jonas Brothers
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Young, famous, and having many fans, Joe Jonas honestly reveals that he, too, has crushes on fellow celebrities. "I love Leona Lewis," he mentions one of his celeb crushes. "I've been watching her video, she's gorgeous."

Beside Leona, "I also like Natalie Portman, Emma Watson and Cheryl Cole," Joe adds. "I like a lot of people," he admits further.

In addition to them all, Joe Jonas also makes no secret his admiration for rock musician Mick Jagger, crediting him as his inspiration. On top of that, he even considers Mick as his musical hero that he tries to act like him on stage. "I would love to meet Mick Jagger. A lot of what I do on stage is inspired by Jagger. I love the way he performs and how he dances," Joe admits.


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posted by Caitlyn on Dec 23, 2009
you looked better younger!!!!Nick is way better lookin that you!!in that picture u look like a nerdy hillbillie!!!!hahahahaha lololololololololol
posted by Katelyn on Dec 12, 2009
It's ok to have more than one crush. last year, when i was in forth grade, i had three crushes!
posted by brooke on Jul 28, 2009
im not surprise, natalie portman is the most beautiful actress of the world
posted by desinnia on May 05, 2009
i love you joe jonas and me and you have so much in commen and i love you guys songs i cant wait till i see you guys in minnisota at the target center love you guys bye
posted by cindy on Dec 23, 2008
hey jonas brothers would you all like to become my friend on myspace

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