Jennifer Morrison Wants to Meet George Clooney Under the Mistletoe

December 19, 2008 02:42:49 GMT

Jennifer Morrison has no hesitation to openly mention George Clooney's name when she is asked on who she wants to meet under the mistletoe.

Jennifer Morrison
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Dating actor Amaury Nolasco, Jennifer Morrison has a change of heart when it comes to whom she wants to meet under the mistletoe, mentioning the name of movie hunk George Clooney. She, however, doesn't disclose on why she chooses Clooney over Nolasco.

Asked about her holiday plans while attending the D&G flagship boutique opening on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills on Monday night, December 15, she revealed "My whole extended family is coming from Chicago and flying in, so it's the first time I'll have Christmas at my house." She continued, "It's a lot of people to cook for, and we're gonna do a game day with a poker tournament and a Christmas movie marathon."

In line with Morrison, fellow actress Rachel Bilson also plans to spend her holiday with her family. "The things I look forward to about the holidays are staying at home and eating all my mom's food and cookies," so she said.

As for actor Kevin Connolly, he told reporters this holiday he is heading back to hometown, Long Island. On new year, "I'm definitely going to Cabo by myself", he said, adding that he doesn't know just yet on who he'll be sharing kiss with on that day.


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posted by sarah on Sep 12, 2010
I also want George Clooney under the mistletoe, but not to share with anyone else.
posted by brenda anderson on Sep 12, 2010
I would also choose George Clooney to meet under the mistletoe (tomorrow if possible). He's kind, an amazing humanitain, and so sexy. How does a person enter a contest to win a chance to meet him, I wonder?
posted by Malena on Dec 20, 2009
Tacky, ridiculous and a bad actress. That´s why she was fired from House.
posted by paolo on Jul 03, 2009
she is just disgusting
posted by tom on Jun 07, 2009
JM is just pathetic.
posted by sara on Mar 10, 2009
shum budalla ishi bre ?
posted by Jasmine on Jan 04, 2009
wow guys..way to be mean. she was probably kidding around. i mean seriously! you guys dont even know her, have you seen her on talk shows and interviews? shes always joking and laughing. she probably was here and every smart person knows that the press changes people's words around and just want to make money. jesus.
posted by paje222 on Dec 25, 2008
I don't even know who zjennifer zmorrison id, never hesrd of her, but if she wants to dream of George Clooney thats her biz, why do people hate so mech? I don;t get it,But Hey Jenni George is mine HA HA!I live in Yakima, Washington, so the likelihood of me meeting George, well remote, but Jenni well guess you can take him...I'm pretty P. thats my knick name and I am wishing George a great Christmas in Kentucky with his family. Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year George!!!
posted by Amy on Dec 22, 2008
What is wrong with you guys?! Jealousy is such a bad thing - how lame are you guys?! Seriously, you don't know her, so don't judge her! You've proofed once more that you don't need brain to bash other people anonymously. Of course she doesn't want to spill anything about her private life. She just chose to say George Clooney because he is someone pretty much every woman would name when she's asked such a question.
posted by Holly on Dec 22, 2008
I just can't believe the stupidity here. Haven't you ever heard of jokes before? She is lovely.
posted by Patricia on Dec 22, 2008
I can't believe there's so much hate in the world, this is probably the same poster writing the same sh%t about Jennifer over and over, get a life. I bet Amaury and Jennifer are so much in love they don't care what you say.
posted by Lindsay on Dec 22, 2008
Oh my god.Are we in kindergarden now? When I read this I´m very happy being not American. What´s the problem with you guys? Talking shit about a person you don´t even is just lame. I think all of you haven´t anything to do,huh? Oh god.^^ I think all of you aren´t able to see shes only joking and if shes pretty or not is a thing of taste.I think she´s adorable.Not everyone would agree and that´s okay,but I think you shouldn´t juge about her without knowing her or because of your silly and sick jealousy.Grow up Americans!
posted by Una on Dec 22, 2008
Wow, some commenters here are sure full of Christmas spirit! < /sarcasm> Get a life and stop bashing a celebrity you have never met.
posted by Carina on Dec 22, 2008
She surely is not the prettiest. The foto is terrible.
posted by Bianca on Dec 22, 2008
She gives me the creeps!
posted by Fee on Dec 22, 2008
Jealous? No woman on this planet needs to be jealous of Jennifer Morrison. Really, how pathetic would that be. LOL
posted by Lola on Dec 22, 2008
What did you say: George Clooney is a "mythical creature"??? That is by far the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Get some help!
posted by truvy on Dec 22, 2008
She looks gorgeous. I can't believe how pathetic people are being on here. We love you Jen!
posted by meme on Dec 22, 2008
What is wrong with everyone? Why is everyone so invested in her personal life? Someone asked where they love has gone: THERE ARE A LOT OF FANS THAT LOVE HER! It's just the rule is when someone is dissappointed they are much LOUDER than when someone is happy. We are happy for you Jennifer! It's great you are hosting Christmas with Amaury by her side. Come on guys! George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp these are the "mythical creatures" every girl wants to kiss.
posted by Toia on Dec 20, 2008
Yeah, she really is a flat board. hahaha I don't think Clooney would waste one look for her.
posted by Zora on Dec 20, 2008
She is such a bimbo. Doesn't she know that George likes his woman with curves. lol lol
posted by Jenn on Dec 20, 2008
I guess people can't recognize a joke when they hear one. Who wouldn't want to meet George Clooney under the mistletoe?
posted by Donna on Dec 20, 2008
Now I need no more proof. She does not love him. I wonder why he even goes out with her. I wish he would get back together with Dayanara Torres.
posted by Frida on Dec 20, 2008
posted by Mary on Dec 20, 2008
I hope he kisses someone else under the mistletoe too. Not hart to find someone better for him.
posted by Vinneanne on Dec 20, 2008
Amaury get rid of her! Fast!!!!
posted by Laura on Dec 20, 2008
I read all the comments and i am really disappointed. There is so much hate in people! Why everyone takes her joke so personal?
posted by Lynn on Dec 19, 2008
Normal women check if they have their keys, phone, purse etc. before they go out. Jennifer Morrison by all means needs to start checking if she has her brain.
posted by Tobi on Dec 19, 2008
Jennifer Morriosn for sure gets a lot of beatings these days. Here all Amaury Nolasco fans tell their hate about her, on the other board all Cuddy fans rant and rave because of her. Time truly has changed! Where has all the love for her gone?
posted by Terra on Dec 19, 2008
There are some things you just don't say when you are in love with someone and this is one of them. Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe? Of course you say your boyfriend or whatever you call it. So clearly she is not in love with him. Even if she didn't wanted to say his name she could have say something like: "that is my secret" or so, but for sure you don't say George Clooney of all men :P
posted by Julia on Dec 19, 2008
Low - lower - Jennifer Morrison. Hope he gets rid of her now, how much more proof does he need. She is poison for any man she gets involved with.
posted by Katie on Dec 19, 2008
I assume we have seen the laast of the Morrison/Nolasco couple now. Or wait... can Nolasco even read? Maybe he doesn't even know yet she is in love with Clooney. LOL
posted by Katie on Dec 19, 2008
I assume we have seen the laast of the Morrison/Nolasco couple now. Or wait... can Nolasco even read? Maybe he doesn't even know yet she is in love with Clooney. LOL
posted by Olivia on Dec 19, 2008
Once it leaves your mouth, it's in print. She should keep that in mind next time she talks to the press. Not that I imagine that Nolasco is that bright to know what she wants to tells us with saying things like this.
posted by Nadine on Dec 19, 2008
They can't really be together right? Would my boyfriend say he wanted to kiss someone else under the mistletoe (in public) he would really get me thinking. Because after all the mistletoe is kind of sacred.
posted by Dave on Dec 19, 2008
What ever happend to: "think before you talk to the press"? Or maybe she is not really an item with Nolasco?
posted by Amanda on Dec 19, 2008
Oh god, Amaury you better get rid of that b..CH. She is nothing but a waste of time. She want to kiss someone else on your Christmas/birthday.
posted by Tina on Dec 19, 2008
So she wants to get into Clooney's pants now or what. Is Nolasco already history. Good thing cutie Jesse Spencer got away from her in time. That would have been a short short marriage for sure.
posted by Emma on Dec 19, 2008
He is just one of her many f*ck toys. She is probably bored of him already. But to say you want Clooney under the mistletoe that's sound so stupid. What is wrong with her?
posted by Zoey on Dec 19, 2008
I think she is on drug or something. You don't say that when you have a boyfriend you love. They can't be very close. Not to mention that Nolasco's birthday is on Christmas Eve.
posted by Maria on Dec 19, 2008
I hope Amaury gets rid of her very soon. What a bitch.
posted by Doris on Dec 19, 2008
OMG, was she drunk or something. How could she say that?
posted by Drew on Dec 19, 2008
That is very low of Jennifer Morrison, to say she wants to kiss Clooney under the mistletoe instead of her boyfriend. I guess Nolasco and her are not that close than. Probably just buddies or something I don't want to mention her ??
posted by Fenija on Dec 19, 2008
She si a press whore, she wants Clooney just for the paparazzi fame she would get. Good thing George has taste in women - no chance for her !
posted by Tonja on Dec 19, 2008
What look is Morrison trying to copy in that picture. Moss's drug look - VERY UGLY!
posted by D. on Dec 19, 2008
Jennifer Morrison is just full of shit!
posted by Lola on Dec 19, 2008
She is nuts, what a bitch!

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