Trailer Preview of 'Obsessed' Arrives

Trailer Preview of 'Obsessed' Arrives

Idris Elba's Derek Charles will meet Ali Larter's Lisa Sheridan during a supposed-to-be drunken party on the preview to the trailer of forthcoming movie 'Obsessed'.

A marriage life of Beyonce Knowles' Beth Charles and Idris Elba's Derek Charles is revealed through a newly-outed trailer preview of movie "Obsessed". Bringing out exclusively the preview to the movie's trailer is Entertainment Tonight.

Starting with a scene showing Beth lying on the bed with husband Derek, the trailer preview quickly moves to capture Derek involved in an affair with Lisa Sheridan, played by Ali Larter, during a seemingly to be drunken night at a club. It also presents a look into the first meeting between Beth and Lisa.

Scheduled to come out in the U.S. on February 27, 2009, "Obsessed" will be following Derek Charles, a happily-married manager who finds out that his happy family is put in jeopardy when a temp worker Lisa Sheridan starts to stalk him. Aside from Beyonce Knowles, Idris Elba and Ali Larter, it also stars Scout Taylor-Compton, Christine Lahti, Bruce McGill, Christine Lahti, Ron Rogge, Jerry O'Connell and Richard Ruccolo.

"Obsessed" Trailer Preview:



    Dec 28, 2008

    I don't know who is in charge of making previews but they are really bad at their jobs!! I can't remember the last time I saw a preview that didn't totally ruin the movie for me. I love movies the suspense, the action, the alarm, the excitement ect. And the horrible preview makers constantly insist on including every moment in the movie with such thrill, in the preview. A preview should not be a full summery of the movie it should be as the title defines it as a Pre- view. I WANTED to see this movie obsessed, but broke my own rule by watching itís preview and now I am beyond disappointed with the vast amount of information I was provided with, so I guess obsessed will have to be added to the vault of movies that I will have to wait to see on ondemand. Thanks a lot preview makers!

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