Two Sneak Peeks of 'Heroes' Volume 4: Fugitives

December 16, 2008 07:14:56 GMT

'Heroes' will return on February 2 with the new volume called 'Fugitives' where heroes are hunted and must work together to fight the resistance.

Two Sneak Peeks of 'Heroes' Volume 4: Fugitives
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The third volume of "Heroes" has just ended and the show will return with the fourth one on February 2. A promo introducing the new volume which is titled "Fugitives" has been released along with a preview of the first episode of the new chapter. The "Fugitives" sneak peek was played during the final minutes of episode 3.13 that wrapped up the third volume on Monday, December 15.

No title has been suggested for the first episode of "Fugitives" but from the clip, it looks like there would be a large scheme to have all the superheroes gathered in a sanctuary where they are considered harmless to the public. In the "Fugitives" clip, it is shown that Nathan is in a secret meeting with the president of United States, to seek his help in having all the heroes including Claire, Hiro and Matt, captured.

Some points to be noted in the new volume would be the return of Eric Doyle the Puppet Master, the fact that Sylar is still alive but has a weakness, and that Hiro will not regain his ability anytime soon. Additionally, writer Bryan Fuller said that there will be a regression to a normal live such as Peter becoming a paramedic and Claire looking forward to enroll in a college. "We need to get back into a character place, because that's where this story started: Very clean, superhero metaphors to everyday life. That's the path that we're taking. But it is a big ship so it's going to take a little while to turn it," Fuller said.

  • "Fugitives" Promo Trailer
  • Sneak Peek of "Heroes" 3.14


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posted by sladewhite on Jan 07, 2010
okay so nathans body is dead but really isn't his mind still somewhere else? i mean sylars body didn't die and nathans mind basically gave up but that doesn't mean hes really gone. i don't see him returning in the near future but this is heroes and anyone can come back for any reason from time to travel to shape shifting, etc. so who really knows. it kind of makes the possibilities endless.
posted by dutch fan on Feb 01, 2009
season 2 was a bit crappy, but 3 was pretty cool... Peter is still the greatest and will get his powers back one by one, nathan was never cool, all he could do was flying, what a boring power if you could shoot lightning out of your hand or see how something ticks aka Sylar the second best character....
posted by PuN(-(-t_03@09 on Jan 26, 2009
heroes volume one... How to stop an Exploding man was rocling... Peer was my favourite with favouirite along with claire...second season was some what boring as compared to First season..third was awesome with the great speed... Fugitives will be great my best wishes n in my opinion NATHAN will prove to be a great villian...
posted by herogirl on Jan 04, 2009
i luv Heroes!!!! they should try make them semi-normal this way when they get found out they'll have EVERYONE after them! nathen is doing this to get bak at peter but you know that he'll get a wake up call at some point...
posted by blah on Jan 01, 2009
"!!haiti is NOT in freaking africa, its in the caribbean!!"
posted by Zack on Dec 28, 2008
Man, some people here really need to learn how to type, I don't know what some of you are saying lol. Whatever happens now doesn't really matter anyway since Elle is dead D: Love Elle sooo much. I wonder if Sylar will stay dead...
posted by heroeslver on Dec 28, 2008
I bet nathan's plan will go rubbish, he'll probably pull out and try and say it wasn't his fault, and all his family will either hate him and never talk to him again, or except him back and mention it every so often. Nathan's plans are always apparently for the greater good, but we all no hes just angry at peter, and this is a way he thinks he can get back at him. And his plans always seem to stop, or he realises it was a bad idea and pulls out quickly. He's still one of my favourite characters! Lolxxx
posted by going dutch on Dec 24, 2008
Please don't go back to where it all started, by putting everyone back where they started, just go on with the overall story. And close some storygaps please. I have one big question after the last(or forelast) episode when daphne and Ando travel back in time to get Hiro back, i see some logic in how they go back to the past using Ando's ability, but how does she return back to the present? if she stopped running she would be there in the past too if she kept running she could have be in the darkages i don't get it. Nathan thinks he's doing the right thing, but he isn't, deep down the reall reason that he does thi is because he isn't as powerfull as sylar, peter and/or his dad as he said once (to mohinder in a posible future); "I can only fly". so he tells the world it's because he wants to protect them, but his reall motive is power and the urge to control things. I just hope the story get's better in the new volume and more actors like jack coleman killof all the ali larter characters( like the woman don't like the characters) i think it's ashame they are killing off the best characters; adam(wasreally starting to like him )knox and arthur(wanted to know his motives), claude (not really finished but we don't see him anymore) and let the boring characters remain( nikky/tracy, puppetguy, mohinder, daphne, ando). I really hope that Claude is the one that crashes the plane and saves the specials(there's a planecrash evidentily in volume 4)
posted by heroslver on Dec 22, 2008
Lol, if nathans ever evil, it always has something to do with politics. i dont hate him, i just think hes taking it to far with punishing everyone with powers because hes pissed off
posted by Yatta! on Dec 18, 2008
more proof that Elvis was evil.....never trust a man with a pompador.......
posted by switchblade on Dec 18, 2008
well i am sure peter has all of them cause you see the cut on his face heal after he injects himself hopefully thats a clue for all
posted by Molly on Dec 18, 2008
I know where you live Nathan
posted by WantPeterBack on Dec 18, 2008
Damn... quote:"well i am sure peter has all of them (his abilitied back again) cause you see the cut on his face heal after he injects himself hopefully thats a clue for all" I so much wished that it would be so, but you're talking bollocks... it did not heal. So that kinda tells everyone he does not have his abilities back. DAMN! I hate it that he doesnt have anything anymore. He was the real good guy, and he was a cool one too!
posted by dev kamal on Dec 18, 2008
Dont get pissed with nathan, be glad theres some dynamic in the story line.
posted by Syylar x on Dec 18, 2008
iiii looove SYLAAAAR,, fink bout how crap heroes wuud be without hiim?... No villan is gna top sylar ever... even Lex luthour iiz crap compared 2 sylar... Sylar iiz great....Nathan well we all know his pla iis not gonna go far nywayz x
posted by Konic on Dec 18, 2008
The future is happening!!!
posted by joy on Dec 17, 2008
nathan is not brother of peter's. he's evil like sylar and his father.
posted by roomtek on Dec 17, 2008
Nathan sucks, Hurray for Mohinder and Hiro's success
posted by michael-arthur on Dec 17, 2008
nathen is evil and did peter get all his abilitys back or just reabsorb nathen's flight at the end of volume 3
posted by Adametri22 on Dec 17, 2008
Quote:you all saw what happend in africa with the guys brother they all thought he was a God" ..... I assume you're American then since Haiti is NOT in Africa.
posted by black eyes of doom on Dec 17, 2008
Nathan should be sent to live in a cave deep underground where he cant fly out and has to eat bats all day
posted by anshul on Dec 17, 2008
damn what the hell is nathan's problem? I think that now he's just pissed off and wants to put other heroes in misery coz he couldn't get what he wanted
posted by Seiler on Dec 17, 2008
hope heroes gets its old vibe back, i loved season one but ever since the writers strike its been going downhill, i miss the normality of it, but im still a loyal fan, i just hope things go back, parkman has his job, claire has school, stuff like that. bring on volume 4!
posted by michael-arthur on Dec 17, 2008
heroes is the best in season 1 nathen was siad to have turned against his own kind and in season 3 in the future he was evil and the head of pineherst
posted by fith on Dec 17, 2008
am sooooooooooooooooo disapointed with nathan.
posted by on Dec 17, 2008
loool nathen is the best one i still like him and the way he thinks he is just trying to make the world a safer place you all saw what happend in africa with the guys brother they all thought he was a God and nathen was really upset when he saw those people try use those poor girls as whores t_t it was upsetting nathen is doing the right thing!
posted by mee on Dec 16, 2008
Nathan should be locked up hes trying to get his own kind locked up
posted by Tim R. on Dec 16, 2008
posted by New on Dec 16, 2008
I hate nathan petrelli It´'s a .............. I'm so angry
posted by shan on Dec 16, 2008
DAMN u nathan petrelli u used to be my favourite. now ur my enemy...and what the hell is going on with sylar-----
posted by Sylar on Dec 16, 2008
i want nathans brain
posted by monica on Dec 16, 2008
hello my name is Monica and im a heroes addict
posted by Mauricio on Dec 16, 2008
damn you Nathan

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