Joe Jonas' Dream Girl and Favorite Things Revealed

December 15, 2008 08:48:02 GMT

A girl who stays true to herself is the kind of girl whom Joe Jonas would love to date.

Joe Jonas, Jonas Brothers
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Joe Jonas has revealed the kind of girl whom he would love to date, openly stating "I like someone who doesn't try too hard, and someone who can understand my crazy schedule." He furthermore says, "I want to meet a girl who walks into a room and doesn't just greet the people who she thinks she should greet, but she greets everybody like they're all the same."

Besides, "I'm also looking for somebody who is fun and laughs at my jokes, even if they're not funny," he adds. "You know what? I love girls and I love to date and have a good time. What can a girl do to catch my eye? Just come up and say hi. Be yourself."

In addition to his dream date, Joe Jonas also publicly shares his favorite food. As for snack, his favorite is "Organic peanut butter on red apples", claiming it as "so good!" Of dessert, he likes "Mochi", describing it as "an Asian ice cream, which I love." His favorite drink, meanwhile, is "Sparkling water" because "I'm trying to be healthy!" Talking about his favorite pizza topping, he mentions "barbecue chicken."

Serving as the lead singer of Jonas Brothers, Joe reveals he likes playing guitar, admitting "I started to learn about five years ago, and I haven't stopped since." Furthermore crediting iconic and beloved American writer and cartoonist Dr. Seuss as his favorite author, Joe claims "Heroes" and "Lost" as the TV shows that he likes the most.


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posted by lea on Jun 28, 2012
Hey Joe, do you read this mails?
posted by Tanya on Mar 03, 2011
Hey Joe, what all u mentioned above i'll try 2 bcum like that...just need 2 work out litbit...Joe i never know if u'll read this or not...its real or fake just want 2 say that i love u a lot... and i'll try 2 reach i'm from india i never saw u in real...I request u to have a show in India so that i'll be able 2 see u in real in front of me and if possible u'll to have a look on me... I'll surely reach u Joe...Promise...
posted by tekla :)) on Feb 04, 2011
hey joe, i'm from georgia... i don't think that u read this but plz if it possible please just do one concert in georgia too... we love you very much... plz come tu georgia.. we are waiting for u in summer plzz :*:*
posted by ashita on Nov 17, 2010
hey joe.... you are really very smart... iam only 14 yrs in age and iam a big fan or yours.... if it possible please just do one concert in india too .... i dn't know if u are ever going to read this or not bt if u... then plz plz plz do just one concert in india its a humble request to you from a little girl who is a big fan of you... love u always
posted by Indian Girl Sky on Nov 10, 2010
Joe I like you and I think I am the girl of your type. But I know I can't reach to you EVER so I just wnt your opinion for Indian girls because I am one of them . I don't know if you ever read it but please mention it in any of your interviews. BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR FUTURE.
posted by hope on Oct 10, 2010
to all of you i am you biggst fan i want to become a acter if i meet you i would be ofre the moon write back bye
posted by merlyn on Oct 06, 2010
joey i love you sooooooooooo much . you re awesome.
posted by demi lovato on Sep 12, 2010
joe i love you so cutie hot jonas la is best show ever marry me demi Lo..... i love you baby
posted by Tiffany Hall on Sep 06, 2010
Hi Joe, don't worry you will finds somebody that who can trust you and laugh all your jokes. But you just can't give up wait for the right girl coming to your life.
posted by Stephers on Aug 25, 2010
Hey,the past three night's you've been in my dreams. my dreams feel like there a plot for a movie. so could you mind? thanks. :) Stephanie B.
posted by Kate on Aug 08, 2010
They are so cute,love JB as people.I like their songs..i think that they are so interesting and funny boys..i want somewhen meet them,not because they are famous,but because i love they like a person
posted by hopingforlove on Jul 20, 2010
Joe, your an awesome guy. I'm single ;D.
posted by shwe on Jul 17, 2010
i juz luv u....
posted by laxmi patel on Jul 14, 2010
hey joe...i hate u...coz u r always there in my mind...but thts enough...i knw its only stupid infatuation...i saw u 1st in tv on 1st jan tryin to forget u k...coz im an indian girl...though not my dream to go on a date wid u, its immpossible... i wana move forward in my life...n hope u too...many gurlz have hope on u so its better u get married..hehe..ur a gud boy...n always be...
posted by selena gomez on Jun 28, 2010
i luv ur style joseph and i luv u n selena gomez aloooooooottttt.... keep rockinggggggggggggggg...
posted by KIM on Jun 15, 2010
hello joe. u r ordinary person without ur rockstar image. be urself and respect the everyoñe if u respect urself.self respect comes from u not from others. i am from india. ever u meet any indian girl.if u read this please about this mr.
posted by zahra jonas xx on Jun 14, 2010
joe bbe you can always date me!!! its always a yes!! ^^^^^^ all them girls above ^^^^ just forget bout them!!
posted by Barsha on Jun 12, 2010
joe pls u n ur bro cme 2 INDIA 4 doing 1 concert pls pls pls pls espiacially u cme 2 AGARTALA which is in Tripura.
posted by Barsha on Jun 12, 2010
i like u joe bcuz u care about ur family members and that is d main
posted by Barsha on Jun 12, 2010
sorry if i hurt u
posted by Barsha on Jun 12, 2010
hey joe I love ur song very muchhhhhhhhh espiacially from that camp rock film "gotta find u" is my favourate song. u r so cute and I LOVE U.And it is also true that u said u like girls. does that mean u r like any other low lives thinking guy who whenever sees any girl just follow them and love them 4 just a while? i want answer
posted by nidhi on Jun 07, 2010
hi joe i love u and your show r toooooooo coooooool ilove u
posted by pearl on Jun 04, 2010
i love him
posted by pooja on May 19, 2010
hey joe. i admire u a lot . iknowu get 2 hear this everyday by every irl but i can't help thinking abou u . hope read it .
posted by jaya on May 17, 2010
I LUV U JOE.... u r vry sweet,dashiong,cute anything said to u is less.....
posted by pranjali on May 11, 2010
hiiiiii....... joe. m frm INDIA. I WONT say i luv u coz it would be fake. bt ya i admire u coz u r gud bt nt perfect. n no 1 is perfect.
posted by i love joe on May 02, 2010
hey joe i love you so much that i cant say you are so much cutie sweet andsome hot and iam crazy about you and you are my dream boy i just love you so much and you are mine love you and dreaming about you yurs ayushi
posted by shreya on Apr 28, 2010
hi joe you r so cute . i m a big fan of u i would just love to meet u.i like play my music very much.
posted by pooja on Apr 25, 2010
hi joe i luv u . u r too cute . my bigest dream is 2 meet u , pls help 2 fulfil it
posted by CYD on Apr 21, 2010
hai!!! joe i whish you to meet your dream girl as soon as u can . ur so crazy buddy n I like ur charecter
posted by CYD on Apr 20, 2010
posted by veronica on Apr 02, 2010
i like your crazy hair
posted by love on Apr 02, 2010
hi joe I wanted to say that you are so so so hot!!!! and I love the songs Gotta Find you camp rock play my music And lots more camp rock my brother kent loves you long hair it's crazy i have so many pictures of in my room kent gets annoyed!!! love you so so so so so so so much !!! georgie 9 years old
posted by aishwarya on Mar 13, 2010
hey joe, i just lov ur songs n u... u r just soo sweet n cute..i dont know is it really u or if u r ther..then its my request to u"plezzz come to india" its my die heart request to u....plezzz u knw wht only b'cozz of u i want to become a doctor so than i will come to new york n meet u.....lov u biii
posted by jami on Mar 01, 2010
joe can't u ever come to india. i mean all three of u plz accept my dis request
posted by MY DEAM IS on Feb 20, 2010
posted by Amina on Feb 20, 2010
joe i would realy like you and i want to know you more
posted by haniashah on Feb 07, 2010
aww joe i hope u find ur girl god bless u
posted by Marwa on Jan 29, 2010
Well I know someone like her !!
posted by shopia on Jan 09, 2010
hey joe hi and i hope you get your dream girl as soon as possible good luck and do reply bye love shopia
posted by demittera on Dec 01, 2009
I like your choice about your dream girl and i wish you may meeT her soon.all the best love demittera 'in short you can call mr "demi" '
posted by jonas girl for life on Nov 22, 2009
hey joe got to say u are the most hottest guy i have ever saw please cum 2 SA. love u my angel.
posted by cyan on Nov 07, 2009
joe, my band and i are almost famous because of my cuzin hes in a famous band and his manager said he might get us a gig the day after thanksgiving ps i totally love you we have so much in common.:][:
posted by bloom on Nov 01, 2009
on net i dont see u laaughing and smiling u must because u r cute when u smile and i saw camp rock u look so cute and i;m from MAURITIUS u can come once.
posted by bloom on Nov 01, 2009
i really love u u're the first star i felt such feelings anyways i know logically i cant became yours but i pray 4 u to get ur dream girl very soon
posted by bloom on Nov 01, 2009
u r really very cute handsome but 4 u i cant change 4 who i am and become another but still i will love u
posted by aimee on Oct 25, 2009
hi joe jonas your all mine nowlove aimee
posted by aimee on Oct 25, 2009
joe is so ht gut love you so much and wish meet iam a fun big of jonas borther
posted by nur adilah syahirah on Oct 19, 2009
please come to malaysia........!!!!!!!
posted by KIMJONAS on Oct 01, 2009
posted by RockAngeL on Sep 29, 2009
1 word. Bo-Ring! Yea, this is so freakin' damn BORING! Lame much! BTW, Hate the new hairstyle, dude.Like the one before. Peace...
posted by your love. on Sep 17, 2009
Hi joe can i marry u? because i am in love u i am a girl which u like. And i live in australia!!!!.by joe love u baby.
posted by nur adilah syahirah on Sep 16, 2009
actually my comments screen name below this is wrong cause it's not nur adilah syahiah but nur adilah just add "r" to it!sorry..
posted by nur adilah syahiah on Sep 16, 2009
i love jonas brothers music and personalities ..i tell this almost in all my dream is to be a disney star and i am from malaysia....
posted by aditi on Sep 15, 2009
i luv u joe u & i wnt to say dat hiiiiii....joe
posted by rina on Sep 12, 2009
i hate u joe...cuese u broke taylor's heart!why?! someone tell me!!! what did she do that joe left her!!and...oh..i wish that i see u someday and ask this question!!! u never find someone like taylor!DONT KNOW WHAT DID U THINK ABOUT YOURSELF THAT TOLD TAYLOR ...i love u!!! you're just a proud boy!!!
posted by Destiny Cherb-AR on Sep 04, 2009
Hey Joe, I don't know if you'll actually read this or not but I want you to know that I try to watch your show when I can, and that about 4 days ago I became really attracted to you, I'm also 20 but I'm about 1 month older than you, I have like constant sorry if I start to sound like those other girls but I just don't understand this feeling, I'm gonna leave a voice mess. on that phone thing you guys have just look out for Destiny Cherb from Arkansas and give me a call so I can settle *tip* there is only one destiny cherb in you'll know it's I guess I'll ttyl. **!You guys Rock!** thanx
posted by Babygirl on Aug 24, 2009
joe, i want to ask you a favour, i want to record a song with you really bad, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
posted by getalife on Aug 24, 2009
bahahahaha wtf! You girls are so teeny boppyish when you say u wanna marry him and '' i love you'' to a point where it just goes wayy overboard..freakn funny how u girls just wanna be with him either fr his looks or just cuz u simply ''have similarities'' as him...which ya know.. i can say that i doubt.. cuz it's just funny guys are clearly not ''being yourselves.''
posted by Alivia Davis on Aug 22, 2009
I love Joe,Nick and Kevin even though I'm 9 years old.
posted by Alivia on Aug 22, 2009
I love Joe, Nick and Kevin soooooo much i love your show Jonas it's sooo funny i love it.
posted by marissa on Aug 20, 2009
i love you
posted by Marissa on Aug 20, 2009
Hi,Joe i love you so much,even though i am 10 years old i hope u will wait for me cuz i wanna marry u P.S i love your hair DO NOT cut it ever.
posted by skullqueenxxx on Aug 15, 2009
HAPPY 20th birthday joe! hope you enjoyed it! xxx
posted by skullqueenxxx on Aug 15, 2009
OMG joe is so cute!!! and i dnt like camilla that much!i love his sence of humour to! (dreams of joe)
posted by hannah.v from austra on Aug 14, 2009
girls girls leave poor joe alone hes still young .he probably dosent want to even think of marrige yet. let him have some fun and enjoy it while he is still young i know i would want to . love you joes =]
posted by marianna on Aug 14, 2009
happy birthday 20 years old for you I hope you will get a lucky girl for your life and when did camp rock 2 play? Hope its will play this year :) (15 august 1989) I never forgot about that
posted by futuremissjonas on Aug 13, 2009
i LOVE JOE JONAS and i will marry him trust me i willl
posted by honeyeye01 on Aug 12, 2009
sexy sexy hot hot i tuk a quiz wich jb will i marry they said joe!
posted by Laurenn lovess Joee on Aug 12, 2009
OMGG iloveeyouusooomuchh cant wait till youu come to manchesterr i am coming touu see youuu xxxxxx <3 :P
posted by marianna on Aug 11, 2009
hy joe jonas why dont DEMI LOVATO be your girlz friend just your old is 3 years more then she
posted by taina on Aug 07, 2009
você é o homem perfeito para min!!!
posted by JOE JONAS on Jul 29, 2009
posted by ELLie on Jul 29, 2009
Hi joe im a vegatarin an i lovvvvvve MOCHI and all i drink i is sparkling water which we call in r house is bubble water an I only eat organis nad love apple and peanut butter
posted by Mrs.Joe Jonas on Jul 27, 2009
Dear joe I am the one for you because I love organic peanutbutter on red apples you know I always greet anybody anytime because I can not stan being MEAN to people that's so not cool because you don't them treating you that way if I did be mean to sombody wich I never will because I have to listen to what ever they say or somthing could go wrong. Thanks, your wife Shannon.Love you up to the sky and back.
posted by ash on Jul 26, 2009
omg i love joe and i really want to meet him
posted by vbnmlbgvfghnjmk,l;/l on Jul 20, 2009
jonas brothers are ugly u.g.l.y. and ur right leah their pooooooop and have no talent one bit
posted by leah on Jul 20, 2009
i hate yhe jonas brothers suck and ihate them their voices are winey and i see no talent in them + their u.g.l.y. their poop!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by sabrinana on Jul 14, 2009
joe a love you i want to mary yo you are mi only shois ok
posted by Esmeralda on Jul 10, 2009
I think Joe is hot but i would still act like myself around him i'm not the kind of girl who goes crazy around famous people i laugh at all jokes even though their not funny and i eat healthy my dreams are always about Joe and besides i dream about marrying Joe once and a while but i wish i could date him but my family thinks its impossible sometimes i do and don't but i'll keep following my dreams and become a singer so Joe if you are looking at the messages i just want you to know that i will follow my dreams if i can't date you we can always be friends
posted by McLay on Jul 06, 2009
I think Joe is cute too but don't say he's sexy bob.I think Joe is really funny and I would always laugh at your jokes Joe rather it's funny or and I think you are the best jonas and lastly rather you're famous or not I will always be my self around you and all of this is really true not just because you like a girl but because I mean it.
posted by amylfoster:) on Jun 21, 2009
thats nice, he revealed all that he likes! thats normal! any ways love them all, good fan :)
posted by SUPERJOE FAN on Jun 21, 2009
posted by SUPERJOE FAN on Jun 21, 2009
posted by superjoe fan on Jun 21, 2009
posted by sweetgirl _9285 on Jun 20, 2009
maybe joe jonas would like to meet an herist or someone who has a famous uncle or her family owns a realestate company like me.
posted by amy on Jun 19, 2009
u r a fabulous singer. u have a great personality.u r the most amazing person i ever saw .i love your singing
posted by switney on Jun 16, 2009
Hi Joe!I am not be perfect but still I want to give it a try.I have those qualities in me but I know you are out of my reach so my bad luck!!!I`m 18 yrs old from Mauritius!!Bye!!Wish you get the one you want!!
posted by serena anna on Jun 12, 2009
i'm gonna try to trust you plus i expect alot from you .just be your self and try to make it out with unfamous person
posted by serena anna on Jun 12, 2009
i realy do like u joe but you're looking for someone that might be not like what you want.go to a high school in any where and see if the girls will treat you as a normal guy
posted by mannny! on Jun 05, 2009
you guys you all know that joe is never going to look at a person thats not famous not even me because im not famous and one thing JOE your relly cute but i think you and demi make a good couple so give it a try and im not just saying this because i want you to like but because i never lie. BYE! LUVE YA!
posted by aqua859 on May 24, 2009
wow joe thats some interesting thoughts about ur type of girl well ur a great person :)
posted by dadsgirl138 on May 22, 2009
joe i wouldnt be like a screaming fan most girls want 2 date u bcause u r famouse but i want 2 date u for ur personality im ur #1 fan p.s. i love u
posted by GABY on May 18, 2009
posted by xika_mirandera@hotma on May 18, 2009
hola! mira la verdad es q te descubri hace poco!! todo por ver la pelicula "camp rock" y la verdad me gusto mucho y tu personaje tambien, por eso averigue mas sobre ti y me di cuenta que tienes un modo de ser muy especial que se agradece!! es raro conocer a un chico que sea asi! y al mismo tiempo es gratificante saber que todavia quedan como tu!!! talves pensamos un pco parecido no lo se ! lo q se es que a mi tambien me gusta la gente sincera y sin capas de mentira y egaños!
posted by rock girl on May 13, 2009
well joe is very cute and i love him but ofcourse i have to b myself because they won't like a girl who pretend that she is another girl so that's why u should b your self to impress them or any other boy
posted by Riley on May 10, 2009
You people who have commented are SO lame! You're all saying you can be yourself, when you're actually PRETENDING to be Joe's ideal girl! You're all just another "Video Girl", and believe me, you're all the LAST person Joe would even LOOK at.
posted by sexy exit on May 03, 2009
Hi Jonas brothers my name is Hadassah and i lov ur songs and i also lik peanut butter on red apple god dats nice like u joe ur hot am nt afraid to say hi by myself lov u
posted by nikita on Apr 30, 2009
i m 4m place!!joe u shud cum here>>all da hiskool girls lob u!!!(i m on da top of da list>>can u at least reply??
posted by nikita on Apr 30, 2009
u r like da talk of da teens>>hope u meet ur DRIMGAL!!(i wud sign up totally!!)dis is silly but i want 2 talk 2 u 1ce(u noe like b4 i die)ur little bro franklin is in 4 camp rock 2 rite?hab phun!!
posted by moonmoon on Apr 27, 2009
posted by rau on Apr 25, 2009
i like the Jonas bro but mostly Luvs Joe he's so cute n i like to see Joe but cant cox i m form Maldive i want Joe to come Maldives plxx Joe
posted by elezebethe on Apr 13, 2009
joe,you are the cutest in the world for me and your are awsome.
posted by kanchan on Mar 24, 2009
hi joe this is kanchi how r u i really love ur music n jokes i think u r the man with full of loving caring n with great personality hope that the near future will bring for u more well wishes n goodluck k bye bye take care n all the best for ur succesful life take care god bless u
posted by Oceanlover on Mar 24, 2009
Hey Joe! Haven't said anything in a while, so, just hoping you are having a great time with the world tour coming up and the new album coming out soon! Hope everything works out! Talk with you later...Your Friend, Oceanlover.
posted by nataly on Mar 15, 2009
call me 409 422 4739
posted by i love u joe jonas on Mar 15, 2009
i want to marry u
posted by brooky on Mar 13, 2009
joe i love you so much
posted by brooky on Mar 13, 2009
i love youuuu joe jonas
posted by samantha p. on Mar 05, 2009
i luv joe he is just so cute and he and i both look for a person like that. not all of it but some of it ofcourse
posted by Christine Ann on Mar 03, 2009
I like ur Voice
posted by Christine Ann on Mar 03, 2009
I like ur Voice
posted by rachel on Feb 11, 2009
joejonas you are so hot
posted by rachel on Feb 11, 2009
he will never going to date you jk
posted by brooke on Feb 05, 2009
joe omg your sooooooooo hotttttttttttttt wish to date you
posted by AMALIA on Feb 05, 2009
JOE,I like your style...... I know u always have 'CRAZY SCHEDULE' b'cause u... I love people do joke.JOE,can we be a BFF.........
posted by AMALIA on Feb 05, 2009
Joe,I know u R funny guy... I hope u make a good choice for your future... SO GOOD LUCK N ALL THE BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Bytheway,I like when u smile,cause when u smile your face so sweet N hendsem..... I like u, JOSEPH ADAM JONAS......................I like all your picture, JOE.. I LOVE U JONAS BROTHERS......
posted by aqua59 on Feb 05, 2009
hey joe i am the type of girl you want im not obbssessed with you but see if you like me and it'll take me some time to understand
posted by OceanLover on Jan 31, 2009
Sorry, one more question. Say you did fall in love w/ a fan, do you think things would work out with the fame, the preasure, the time, or simply loving someone like... you. Or, would things get too stressful and turn out completely different than you planned? Because, truth-be-told, no girl or boy, would intentionally like to crash and burn over someone they might like, if they knew from the start that it wasn't real. Just b/c someone's famous, it isn't a reason to want someone. I don't mean to sound critical, but, before rushing into things, a smart person would like to explore their options of whether it would be worth anything or not, and if they should even bother. What would you put out for the relationship that you think a girl would be interested in?
posted by OceanLover on Jan 30, 2009
BTW: Do u think time lets two people fall in love w/ each other for a reason, or does it put obstacles in our way to keep us from making a bad decision. For example, you being a celebrity and all, and then saying that you'd gladly date a fan, wouldn't that be contradictory to the girl's resources(money/time)? Wouldn't it be easier to just date someone like you? If u have an answer, type back. Thanks...
posted by OceanLover on Jan 30, 2009
Everybody wants to find someone special, my advice, Joe, is to not rush into things. But, try to still have fun looking and experimenting!! True love comes natually as soon as you stop looking and just let it take its course. Talk later...
posted by Rhonda on Jan 26, 2009
HI Joe I like to laugh alot and I do take serious things seriously.But Iam out going and I do laugh at people's jokes even if there not funny cause I don't wanna hurt that persons feelings.I like apple with organic peanut butter its my favorite snack.I eat it whenever I get the chance!!!My sister says Iam funny and I like to sing and dance alot.Everyone tells me I have a pretty voice even when Iam not singin'!!!I like too meet new people and can understand your crazy schedule!!!I almosty have one like that but not quit.-I love you Joe.
posted by diedieycool on Jan 21, 2009
hye joe..i am your fan.. i like to collect your photo..i love u so much..jonas brother foreva!!!!!........!!!!!!!!
posted by diedieycool on Jan 21, 2009
hye joe..i am your fan.. i like to collect your photo..i love u so much..jonas brother foreva!!!!!........!!!!!!!!
posted by diedie sEXY on Jan 21, 2009
hye joe..i am your fans..i love u so much joe..
posted by rttyrt on Jan 13, 2009
posted by rttyrt on Jan 13, 2009
posted by Jackalyn Williams on Jan 10, 2009
Please call me at 870-514-7517
posted by Jackalyn Williams on Jan 10, 2009
Joe Jonas is really funny,i can tell because i watch everything about him and me and him have alot in common except i dont know how to play guitar but i am trying to learn. And i like smoothies and healthy things too.And i agree, just because people are actors or actresses doesnt mean their different from people who are at school. But Joe Jonas is HOT!!! It is my dream to meet him in person and be friends with him...
posted by jjonas4life on Jan 10, 2009
Hi Joe Jonas.I love people who make me LUAGH.So i think your the right one for me.I like being MYSELF Elizabeth Haley my cell is me please
posted by cc on Jan 04, 2009
how old would a girl have to be to date you joe
posted by christina on Jan 03, 2009
Joe just wants someone who is really genuine and sincere and isnt pretending to be someone other than herself. He also wants someone with a great sense of humour and a big heart. sounds like me lol jk. dont worry joe, you'll find your dream girl sooner or later. everyone has someone special out there just waiting for them. Lets hope i'm your dream girl but if not, i hope you find someone amazign who understands you and makes you happy. thats all that matters. good luck with everything joe. xoxo. Christina
posted by Cash girl on Dec 31, 2008
U guys should just be ur do u ever want him to go out with u when ur lyk i love u,ur d hottest guy ever ,i want to be your girlfriend or i want your body.Then you expect him to lyk or even love u.Most of y'all lyk him cause his famous .Firstlly, thats not love. Be yourself please guys dont want girl who worship them(at least reasonable guys dont)or girls who throw themself at them cause then u have no respect for yourself. And just so you know DEMI IS HIS FRIEND ,HIS LIKE A BROTHER TO they can go out.
posted by hannahjjones on Dec 31, 2008
i also think r music and ur voice is great i am a singer and i am grade 3 i hav been singin for 5 years and one day wanna get my own cd xxxxxxx
posted by hannah jjones on Dec 31, 2008
i wanna marry u ur soooooo hot i love u soooooo much ur all mine
posted by hannah jjones on Dec 31, 2008
joe i love u i wish i could marry u u r hot beautyfull and i hav a portait on my wall of u got every cd and camp rock stuff u r a hunk xxxxxxxx
posted by kristal chick98 on Dec 28, 2008
demi is a great person and i think she fits to your subjects that you ike in your dream girl so try to give it a chance, i mean you and her would make a good couple and you should really try to find out who it might be. The girl you are looking or might be right infront of you but you cant see it, look further or may be you dont even have to look anymore cuz that dream girl might be infront of you i repeat but you cant see her.
posted by krystal on Dec 27, 2008
Is demi our dream girl
posted by lilthunder on Dec 26, 2008
i would be on a show lol but i never would though
posted by precious on Dec 19, 2008
camp rock........we rock, shane gray,...........and also to demi ya, a.k.a. the two of ya. love precous, mmmmmhhhhwwwwaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by precious on Dec 19, 2008
oh .............. ive always wanted to meet jonas brothers specialy joseph jonas his is so charming,cute! love ya..................
posted by kimberly on Dec 18, 2008
hi joe ps la verdad espero q me creas de q yo soy divertida si tienes preocupacion por tu agenda no te preocupes yo te entiendo bueno la verdad no se mucho hablar en ingles pues la verdad yo admiro tu personalidad como m gustaria escucharte decir un chiste para q m agas reir jajaja yo siento y creo q tus chistes son buenisimo jaja no me mires como una fanatica si no alguien q te quiere mucho como un amigo o como la chica ideal o noc como tu lo desees bueno chao feliz navidad y saludes a toda tu familia ok bye T.Q.M.
posted by 5321Gem on Dec 17, 2008
you are a really great person and so are you brothers hope to see you soon in concert
posted by 5321Gem on Dec 17, 2008
you are a really great person and so are you brothers hope to see you soon in concert
posted by 5321Gem on Dec 17, 2008
you are a really great person and so are you brothers hope to see you soon in concert
posted by 5321Gem on Dec 17, 2008
you are a really great person and so are you brothers hope to see you soon in concert
posted by 5321Gem on Dec 17, 2008
you are a really great person and so are you brothers hope to see you soon in concert
posted by Franzi on Dec 17, 2008
I am such a girl... so just write me ;)
posted by N/A on Dec 16, 2008
if joe reads this he must please email me his email address becuase i will not say what i think in padlic
posted by shaina on Dec 16, 2008
joe wat u said was tru u shud alwais b tru 2 ur self neva try hard. lol yah me too i like peanut butter with apples dey taste soo good. lol. dunt wrry u will find da rite gurl:)
posted by shaina on Dec 16, 2008
joe wat u said was tru u shud alwais b tru 2 ur self neva try hard. lol yah me too i like peanut butter with apples dey taste soo good. lol. dunt wrry u will find da rite gurl:)
posted by shaina on Dec 16, 2008
joe wat u said was tru u shud alwais b tru 2 ur self neva try hard. lol yah me too i like peanut butter with apples dey taste soo good. lol. dunt wrry u will find da rite gurl:)
posted by joe friend on Dec 16, 2008
joe u r a real rock star.& your jonas brothers also.
posted by joe friend on Dec 16, 2008
hi joe ,i thing you are nice person .i say this because i know you only on-screen..but i thought u would be a succesful person in coming years with ur hard my side i m your friend.butby your side i dont't we are friend
posted by jojo sinta maria on Dec 16, 2008
joe you so sweet i think ur dream girl is me hahaha ... just kidding but iwant ur biodata and don't forget goto indonesia i at jakarta and bali
posted by Moniter on Dec 16, 2008
u are so hot jonas brothers !!! i love the way u sing.
posted by Jen on Dec 15, 2008
Joe I love you so much, you are so sweet!
posted by Jen on Dec 15, 2008
Joe I love you so much, you are so sweet!
posted by Jen on Dec 15, 2008
Joe I love you so much, you are so sweet!
posted by Jen on Dec 15, 2008
Joe I love you so much, you are so sweet!
posted by Jen on Dec 15, 2008
Joe I love you so much, you are so sweet!
posted by Jen on Dec 15, 2008
Joe I love you so much, you are so sweet!
posted by Jen on Dec 15, 2008
Joe I love you so much, you are so sweet!
posted by Jen on Dec 15, 2008
Joe I love you so much, you are so sweet!
posted by Jen on Dec 15, 2008
Joe I love you so much, you are so sweet!
posted by Jen on Dec 15, 2008
Joe I love you so much, you are so sweet!
posted by anonymous on Dec 15, 2008
dear joe you are a loving and wonderful person to be with you are the boy dream i always so wanted too be with you are funny i watch you on TV and sometime think i wish i was standing there with LOVE YOUR ANONYMOUS
posted by im hot and your not on Dec 15, 2008
He will find someone someday he is only 18/19.and when you find that right person you will know because everything will fall in place.
posted by Lovebug on Dec 15, 2008
Organic peanut butter on apple slices is so delish. That's my boy. <333
posted by sandra on Dec 15, 2008
hi joseph am sandra and i am a huge i will like to be a friend because u might not like me 1 am a black girl 2 i am 15 3 i live in spain i don`t know more maybe i might not be the perfect girl but a friend is fine by me.lova ya stay coollllllllllll
posted by mara on Dec 15, 2008
hey! i am a huge fan too but we all know that joe jonas is not within our reach! think about it please!
posted by KIM ZEAGLER on Dec 15, 2008
posted by makeabbysmile on Dec 15, 2008
yeah so i thought joe said said he like girls who be them selve... sorry but it dont seem like yall are bein yourself in those comments. anyways joes cute. but just because hes famous doesnt mean hes any different from the guys at your school(: im sorry but i love my boyfriend.
posted by bob on Dec 15, 2008
you are so sexy. i want your body. fo sho

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