Controversy Trail Alexandra Burke's Win on 'The X Factor'

Controversy Trail Alexandra Burke's Win on 'The X Factor'

The fifth season of 'The X Factor' has just wrapped up but many say that the wining of Alexandra Burke was unfair in an extent.

Alexandra Burke may have won the title of "The X-Factor" season five winner but she has not won every heart. Moments after she beat JLS and Eoghan Quigg with 58 per cent of the public voting for her, supporters of the runner-ups flooded the online world to protest against the privileges given to Burke that eventually contributed to her winning.

Complaints are directed to producer Simon Cowell, who was accused of giving Burke the favor to duet with international artist like Beyonce Knowles in the final round, and 'only' gave the runner-ups the chance to sing with old-time groups, Westlife and Boyzone. On this criticism, Burke responded, "Who you duet with doesn't determine whether you win, it's how you perform. Simple as that."

Another thing is, Burke earned the spotlight after she was paired with the most popular judge, Chery Cole of Girls Aloud, as her mentor. This was fueled further with the airing of a Girls Aloud tribute on the Saturday, December 13 final on ITV1 in between the two "X Factor" shows.

Giving her takes on her winning, Burke emphasizes that all she wants to do afterward is to keep herself grounded, succeed like previous "X Factor" winner Leona Lewis, and to have a Christmas number one single with her finale song "Hallelujah". She said, "All I want to do now is have a career like Leona Lewis, make good records and hopefully have a number one on Christmas Day," adding "After the show, Simon told me I'm a very special girl and mustn't ever change my personality."

Burke has started to gain her momentum. She has been signed for a record deal with Cowell's label and her rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is the most downloaded "X Factor" single in the history of the show. It will be available on CD and for download on Wednesday, December 17.




    jinta kahn
    Jan 14, 2010

    leona is a one trick, cant dance, ballad basher, stiff standing, no personality, cant sing uptempo, pony

    alexs momma
    Jan 14, 2010

    alex is a unique and gifted talent so is leona they are close friends and live only a mile and a half from each other leona wouldnt appreciate this bull shit

    Mar 28, 2009 dont know alexandra personally so YOU cant judge her. "rumoured homebreaker" YES thats right the operative word being "rumoured"... you keep talking about beautiful voices but you dont seem to talk about technique , ton,e deliery etc which are all elements that make a great voice. alex and leona have all those elements except, alex can dance leona out of this universe. stop being jealous.Alex and leona are good freinds so you sound like a twit when you try and compare/play each one against the other.leona wouldnt appreciate the stuff you are saying. if you are a real fan you would know that these two are firm friends and talk on the phone regularly and are very supportive of each other...what now?

    Dec 24, 2008

    Nina you say that Alex will never be as big as Leona??!?! Do you want to bet on that???? the very fact that she has the one day download record says that there will be some thing special about her career. I believe she will be bigger than Leona my self if you see who has the biggest sale in music its the people who can dance and perform live like madonna, beyonce, Cristina, Britney. Leona is just boring live compared. Alex will have an awesome live show and some really good dance records which will sell bucket loads and strengthen her ballad sales as well.

    Dec 19, 2008

    Alexandra won because she deserved to win...SIMPLE AS...there was no advantages given to her...No one can even lie & say that she didnt have the best voice. She was consistent the whole series. JLS can sing, but only got to the final because of their fan base.

    Dec 18, 2008

    She was probably the best singer alright (in the final that is, Laura was my fav!), though I have to say I preferred JLS version of the song (Hallalieuh, or how-ever-you-spell-it!!) But if I was one of the other 2 finalists, I'd be livid that she got to sing with Beyonce, not disrespect to Boyzone or Westlife but beyonce it's on a completely different level. I think all the finalists should sing with equally famous/talented artists!!

    Dec 18, 2008

    Oh come on! Alexandra won because she was talented. Not because of favouritism. She is an amazing singer & every week she performed flawlessly. She totally deserved to win. It was us who voted for her, so the show cannot be blamed for fixing the votes. It was NOT unfair that Alexandra got to perform with Beyonce. She was the only contestant whose voice would have suited the duet. I wish Alexandra all the luck in the world and I hope she does really well with the single and her debut album. Support Alex everyone!!! (",)

    Dec 18, 2008

    people need to stop hating as you cannot say that alex has an advantage over the others as RIHANNA was going to sing with jls but she backed out at the last minute PLUS beyonce actually did want to sing with alexandra, alex deserved to win as she has the best voice and is more likely to make it big worldwide while jls will be big in the uk and eoghan will be big in ireland, if you didn't want alex to win then you should have voted ALOT for your fav but it wouldn't have made a flipping difference anyway LOL!!!!

    Dec 16, 2008

    lets give the poor girl a chance here she has an amazing voice and probably lost votes becasue there were similarities between her and Leona. she certainly didnt have an unfair advantage because Cheryl was her mentor or Laura and Diana would have made the final aswell. lets face it Simon Cowell knows his stuff, and if he was backing Alex its because she can make him the most money internationally, JLS and Eoghan may have a big following in the UK but Alex has the potential to make it in the US as her voice is much more powerful than the other acts in the final. luckily once again talent won out! thank god the british public are made up of more than high school musical loving kids and teenaged girls who voted for the 'cute' boys rather than the best singers. this was the right result lets hope Simon doesn't try to make Alex into a Leona clone and gives her a more Rhianna type album. Go Alex! x

    Dec 16, 2008

    It's true Alexandra had unfair advantages over the other contestants.I don't think she was the best singer in the competition.Rachel,Laura and Diana's voices are far more beautifull I just think that Alex got lucky beccause all the strongest contestants somehow got voted off from the public and conveniently leading her the way.she wasn't even Simon's favourite at first Rachel was and I can't stand people compairing her to leona lewis.Leona's vocals are far more beautifull than Alexandra's it's just that Alex is "the fresh new winner" give it a few months and Alexandra will start to become so "less important".This rumoured "home breaker" Alexandra is another exagerating "hype" for money hungry Simon Cowell.She will never be better than Leona Lewis NEVER.

    Dec 15, 2008

    Oh and lets not forget Simon publically backing Alexandra over a week before the final, even though he is Eoghan's mentor. And on the final night he continued the gushing for alexandra and hardly gave Eoghan any praise. In addition, every person on the show who works for Simon also got on the Alex bandwagon. I can't forget Brian Friedmans' comment "I hope people vote for Alexandra or JLS" conveniently leaving out Eoghan in that comment. I will enver give simon more of my money by voting for such a manipulated show.

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