Preview of 'Smallville' 8.11: Legion

December 13, 2008 07:27:30 GMT

The heroes have come from the future to assist Clark in defeating their enemy, all previewed in the new promo of 'Smallville'.

Preview of 'Smallville' 8.11: Legion
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Another preview to "Smallville" 8.11 which is titled "Legion" has been made available by The CW. A considerably longer in length, the preview shows more on the new heroes that will take the series to the next level. "Legion" is the reference to the name of the superheroes from the 31st century.

Three superheroes from the future travel to the past and join Clark in hopes that together they can defeat Brainiac, who has taken over Chloe's body. More about Clark finding his fate to be a hero, and him meeting Lana once again are exposed in this episode which will hit the screen on January 15.

Talking about the Legion, writer Geoff Johns previously said, "They are absolutely, 100% on point with the Legionnaires and their relationship with Clark Kent. I can say you'll see an appearance by one of the Legion's better known enemies."

The producers reportedly have prepared several options to end this season with two different plots at open ends. It is either "a heroic send-off or a heartbreaking decision for Clark to move on to the next phase" but it will depend on whether the eight season will be the final or not.


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posted by longy on Dec 26, 2008
kill Lana ffs!!
posted by Mike 18 on Dec 22, 2008
AMAZING!! Now, I hope smallville leads into the reboot for Superman because if it doesn't, the whole show will feel like a waste. The show has givin Superman so much more of an adventure and story to the character that will make the movies way more exciting.
posted by uu on Dec 19, 2008
just kidding ! =] keep the show running for at least another season,one of the best shows ever
posted by uu on Dec 18, 2008
end it now !! its been on longer then it should have
posted by Big fan on Dec 18, 2008
Keep it going!
posted by Racho on Dec 15, 2008
I hope they keep it for at least another season, just so they can move clark onto the next chapter, rather than ending it abruptly, the show and the fans deserve more than that
posted by yatta on Dec 14, 2008
They need another superman show after smallville
posted by goldfish demon on Dec 14, 2008
Well, Lana's still pissing me off, but it looks like it should be a fun episode.
posted by Pickens on Dec 13, 2008
Yes, please keep this series going!!!
posted by big fan on Dec 13, 2008
pleas do not end this show

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