Chris Brown Writing Songs for Jonas Brothers

December 13, 2008 03:41:29 GMT

Instead of rushing his own studio album, Chris Brown has been busy writing songs for Jonas Brothers, Rihanna, Backstreet Boys and The Pussycat Dolls.

Chris Brown
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Apart from his recording project for next album, Chris Brown has written new songs for Jonas Brothers. To Billboard, he revealed that he "did a couple of songs for the Jonas Brothers, but don't know if they took any of them."

Beside crafting songs for the Jonas boys, Chris also says that he is writing several singles for Rihanna. "I actually have a couple of songs written already that would be dope collaborations between me and her," he stated. "And I'm writing for her new album now."

As if wanting to throw himself deeper into the songwriting booth, Chris continues naming stars he is penning songs for. "And I did a couple of songs with the Backstreet Boys and The Pussycat Dolls. I've also been writing songs for several new girl groups who are coming out," so he claimed.

Furthermore, Chris shares that his collaboration with country music singer Tim McGraw on single "Human" is "incredible" and he "wanted to do something more along the country line". He said, "That's a bigger and different audience for me. I also did a song with the Japanese group called the Teriyaki Boyz out of Pharrell's [Pharrell Williams] camp."

When asked about his own project, Chris states that he plots to "go away for a little while." He laughingly explained, "[so that] people won't get tired of me. After that I'll come back and give them some bangers."


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posted by Reena on Jun 12, 2010
I love chris he is soo sweet soo cute and soo talented, <3 u chris!!! forever.
posted by daisy on Apr 03, 2010
its kind of ironic how chris says he wants to go away so people wont get boredof him then 2009 happened
posted by kk on Jun 28, 2009
well wat chris did 2 RHINNA was wrong n so i pick JONAS BROTHERS love them all
posted by Ai Win on Jan 17, 2009
four of them are cute.. I like Chris Browns Songs and Jonas Brothers too.. But I think I like JB more.. I love you
posted by nik lover on Dec 15, 2008
nik jonas is the hottest by far but they all awesome
posted by amy!x on Dec 15, 2008
chris brown is so so hot !x
posted by msnickj on Dec 14, 2008
dude! chris brown and the jonas brothers!!!! that's awesome!!!
posted by mrscullen1901 on Dec 14, 2008
wow! chris is going all out! i wanna here what he wrote for the JB!!
posted by LoveJonas on Dec 14, 2008
OMG that amazing I Love Jonas Bros and chris brown so the will sing Together Awesome
posted by yupyup on Dec 14, 2008
shweeeet. love em both.... but jaybee way more :) lol
posted by yupyup on Dec 14, 2008
shweeeet. love em both.... but jaybee way more :) lol
posted by jbchristinajb on Dec 14, 2008
i love jonas brothers but i hate chris brown
posted by bababNNibe on Dec 14, 2008
babaniasuki El repe Amoi Amoy Amoy alay alay PERTAMAX
posted by robynrihannafenty. on Dec 13, 2008
posted by AAAAANNNNNNAAAAA on Dec 13, 2008

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