'Gossip Girl' Writer Spills on the Second Season's Finale

December 13, 2008 02:55:30 GMT

Stephanie Savage, one of the writers of 'Gossip Girl', reveals that there will be a time nearing the graduation when Nate looks back at his past, which includes Blair.

'Gossip Girl' Writer Spills on the Second Season's Finale
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"Gossip Girl" writer Stephanie Savage sat down to answer some questions from the fans of the show, including spilling a little detail on how they will wrap up the second season. When asked whether there will be another story between Blair and Nate, Stephanie answered with a definite "yes".

In the video interview that is posted below, Stephanie dished out that the old romance history of Blair and Nate kind of brings a special relationship to them this season. And with Nate getting over the problem with his dad, there's a chance that Nate will be back to Blair.

"We all feel, without giving too much away what's gonna happen, at the end of something like high school, there's a tremendous pull towards the people that we started our journey with," Stephanie hinted. "Sort of the last semester of senior year, you find yourself looking back on who is with you when you started this journey and certain feelings come to the surface that might be surprising."

Also addressed is a chemistry between once-rival Dan and Blair. Stephanie said, "We'll be doing an upcoming episode where Dan and Blair are gonna find themselves starring in a school play together and that will be bring out some very interesting conflict for both sides."

Apart from responding to the question about Blair's relationship with the people around her, Stephanie also revealed her favorite episode in the second season, which is "Serena Also Rises", and explained how the triangle love story among Nate, Jenny and Vanessa came out.

"Gossip Girl" that airs every Mondays on The CW, will return to the screen January 5. The second season has been stretched to have 25 episodes in total.

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posted by danielle on Dec 19, 2008
i love chuck and blair...but i think it would be interesting to see how chuck reacts to nate and blair...some jeolousy would make the storyline much more interesting!
posted by blair and chuck for on Dec 16, 2008
yeah blair and chuck ewww nate
posted by Emmie on Dec 16, 2008
where it kinda says nate still has feelings for blair i dont think shell leave chuck for nate and in other spoilers i heard blair and chuck are gonna be 2gether by the end of the season finale ill ditch gg if blair and nate are an item again and i dout im da only one am i
posted by alwayzstaytru on Dec 15, 2008
I love Blair and Nate! They have a history that we don't understand in the show...yet. They are great! Even though Chuck and Blair are great too!
posted by alwayzstaytru on Dec 15, 2008
I love Blair and Nate! They have a history that we don't understand in the show...yet. They are great! Even though Chuck and Blair are great too!
posted by Tiffani on Dec 15, 2008
I think she's talking about a Nate and Serena hook up. A lot of the GG fan base watch the show for the Chuck/Blair action. I doubt they would jeopardize that with Nate and Blair (Ick!) getting back together. That means all the progress in Chuck and Blair's relationship and getting us to fall in love with the idea of them together was all for nothing. I wouldn't make sense for them to do that. Besides Nat always seemed his happiest when he is with Serena and Vanessa. It you think about it S and V are kind of similar in their own carefree way. I think that's what Nate is attracted to. Blair is to complex for him. C&B 4EVA!
posted by roxanne on Dec 14, 2008
i completely agree! blair and chuck belong together, their chemistry is undeniable.
posted by giee on Dec 14, 2008
make it happen plisss, they are great couple at the books,the series should follow that!!
posted by GG Fan on Dec 14, 2008
I hope that it ends up with Nate & Serena, because I LOVE Chuck & Blair & will be so mad if Blair ends up with Nate :(
posted by jade on Dec 14, 2008
yay!! i love nate and blair. : )
posted by J on Dec 14, 2008
I hope Nate&Blair don't get back together, Blair&Chuck belong together...they are the reason I watch the show.
posted by Ali. on Dec 14, 2008
Oh No! Shannon I hope your right that they're very cleverly disguising serena & nates relationship! Because I say B&C all the way! They're the only reason I watch the show... I could watch an entire episode of them watching grass grow & be as happy as ever! Plus I read on a spoilerblog that B&C arent just the couple of the moment but the couple of the entire series!
posted by ali on Dec 14, 2008
ehh Blair and Chuck all the way
posted by GG Lover on Dec 14, 2008
Noo..Blair and Chuck forever!!! not Blair and Nate..ick
posted by lolo on Dec 13, 2008
really?how cd u do dat?blair nd nate?why??
posted by shannon on Dec 13, 2008
I didn't take that to mean Blair and Nate at all. In fact, I thought she was very cleverly disguising a comment about Nate and Serena.

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