BFFs Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato Detail on Christmas With Family

December 13, 2008 02:34:27 GMT

Both Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato will be spending their holidays with their families in their hometown Texas.

Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato
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Best female friends Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato share in an interview with MSN on what they are going to do this Christmas. Both stars go into detail on their families' holiday tradition, from setting up Christmas tree to receiving gifts for the yearly celebration.

As for Selena, she shares plenty of her family's Christmas tradition, telling MSN she's heading back to her hometown Texas and will be spending the holidays with her family "for a good two weeks and doing nothing, which is very refreshing." There she will split her holidays up, having celebration with her mother and her family on Christmas day and then celebrating the Christmas Eve with her father and his family.

Being home to be by her mother and father's side, Selena says she wants no other gifts. But when asked about the best gift she has ever received, she gushes, "The best gift I ever got was a vintage jewelry box that my mom bought me. It's one of a kind and it's kind of antique-ish looking and has these really neat faded pink colors and these purple colors. It's beautiful and I love it."

Demi, meanwhile, tells MSN, "My plans for the holidays include going back to my hometown in Dallas, Texas, and spending time with relatives." She then adds, "I'm normally the one who sets up the Christmas tree because I love decorating it. We always eat dinner together and when I was younger, my older sister and I would leave food out on Christmas Eve for Santa's reindeer."

The singer goes on sharing one of her holiday memories, saying "One time on Thanksgiving, I got into a food fight with my uncle in front of like 50 family members! Pie was flying everywhere and everyone was laughing so hard!" As for the best gift she has ever received, Demi reveals, "Last year my parents got me a laptop, I was ecstatic."


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posted by ANI on Feb 15, 2011
posted by Abbie on Jul 15, 2010
U guys are amazing And r u guys still bffs cuz peeps say u r and other peeps say u aren't and if u don't wanna tell me I'm ok with that because u don't wanna make u guys feel uconfortable so plz answer!!!!!
posted by selenalover on May 19, 2010
if you want to know more about the hous call 8970509
posted by selenalover on May 19, 2010
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease come selena
posted by selenalover on May 19, 2010
if you come my dad has a house for rent
posted by selenalover on May 19, 2010
are you ever gonna come to suriname because i would love to meet you
posted by selenalover on May 19, 2010
hi selena i think your the cuttest girl on the planet.i hope that we can meet each other some day.i would love to see you in person and not on tv
posted by dezree on Apr 04, 2010
i like selena gomez...shes cool...shes a good dancer 2...
posted by ashleigh on Mar 21, 2010
heyy how long have salena and emi been besties for
posted by ticklefreak on Feb 23, 2010
do you guys tickle each others feet
posted by DEMI AND SELENA on Feb 22, 2010
posted by DEMI AND SELENA on Feb 22, 2010
posted by zazzy52 on Feb 09, 2010
hey selena and demi!! u guys RULE!!!!! My friend and neighbor is a big fan of selena and I'm a big fan of demi!! lol u 2 rock!! luv ya!!
posted by demifan1 on Jan 15, 2010
hi demi my name is laika im your number one fans im 11 years old !!! i love u demitra lovato
posted by mr.ham on Jan 07, 2010
wher ar you gays most ticklish?:)
posted by Demi lovato on Jan 07, 2010
add me on msn plz i am a big big fan of your demi and selena PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
posted by Selenademifan626 on Jan 06, 2010
Hi Selena and Demi can you please tell me when and where your concerts are?
posted by Selenademifan626 on Jan 06, 2010
Where do you guys tickle eachother the most when do you have tickle fights and where are your and demi's tickle spot?
posted by Clarice xx on Jan 04, 2010
Helloo Selena Its Clarice I am 13 I am a very big fan of u i hope u get my message plzzzzz my msn addy is plz add me i wont tell no but i really love u and demi xxxxx
posted by Selena Gomez on Dec 21, 2009
Oh my Demi. I remember that. Ahhh. Good times
posted by sofia on Dec 12, 2009
soz forgot 2 put my name ns it is sophie but my real name sort of it sofia it is confunsing but thats just me kk so plz accept on msn luv u always again Xx sofia :)
posted by sofia on Dec 12, 2009
hhey selena i am a HUGE! fan of u nd demi but is wondering are u like friends with miley cyrus coz all of my friends say u just act 2 like her but i wanna prove 2 them tha ur not like tha soo plz can reply asap plz :) nd i think i have added u on msn so if it is u plz can u accept ok bye luv u always Xx
posted by gffjhsbv on Dec 11, 2009
i think they make good friends because they are the same age .
posted by emma on Oct 25, 2009
hi selena i love the movie i ahve seen it about 5 times on disney channel and will you have your powers still on the next episodes of wizards of waverly place
posted by selena gomez on Oct 11, 2009
all u guys r askin 4 my msn but why dont u just send me qs/comments to me on this website? that way we can interact with each other without me or you having to give personal info bout yourselves!!!
posted by selena gomez on Oct 10, 2009
off course demi and i tickle each other!!! ha ha ha
posted by selena gomez on Oct 10, 2009
i just wanna giv u guys a heads up bout demi & i: we cant giv u guys personal info cuz we starz need our privacy but ill tri my best 2 rite here all the time and will also try to bring demi 2 tak w/u guys 2!!
posted by selena gomez on Oct 10, 2009
hey guys i just wanna thank u for u all being my fans i luv u guys and will keep reeding the comments bout demi & me. peace out!!
posted by ,mbbv on Oct 10, 2009
posted by esha on Aug 30, 2009
selena just wonderin if i cud have ur real msn please very big fan
posted by can you be my best f on Aug 17, 2009
you are a great singer and i will see your movie
posted by g on Aug 15, 2009
posted by MEGAN on Jul 27, 2009
posted by MEGAN WALMSLEY on Jul 26, 2009
posted by dionisia on Jun 22, 2009
hello girls i am dionisia i am 12 years old and i am from greece. here u are not very famous....but i know u (lol). Plz girls plz give me your msn (don't worry i am not a crazy fun)XD but i want to talk u girls that's all..... many many kisses Dionisia
posted by Sherriff 77 on May 15, 2009
Demi is pretty cool
posted by Lubisela on May 05, 2009
hey! Selenaa and Demi i really like both of yall,s music. you both have such a good voice.
posted by Elizabeth on Apr 11, 2009
hi Selena and Demi you guy,s are so cool i really want to see you but. Selena Demi i love your song and by the way i hope both of you to new york i love you buy
posted by diana on Apr 08, 2009
hi demi lovato i like your musics and u are the best also selena
posted by yourbiggestfanmaria on Mar 24, 2009
im such a big fan i cant wait to see you guys 1 day you guys are hip stylen and cool!!!!!!ps...maria
posted by selenafan on Mar 18, 2009
i wnt her msn
posted by levina on Mar 14, 2009
you guys rock!!i luv you!
posted by charlotte on Mar 03, 2009
hi i love selena and demi if u what selena gomez real msn then say yes coz i got it i talk to her all the time
posted by sharna marie on Feb 11, 2009
demi and selena are so awesome and they are very talented, they inspire me n other peeps!!! i love you demi and selena (not lez) xoxo
posted by vaio on Jan 17, 2009
you guys are so wack you are so weried you are a cow don't chew like cows bye idiots
posted by vaio on Jan 17, 2009
they didn't have a fight it was some one else
posted by selenalover on Jan 15, 2009
my best friend and i look up to your and Demi's friendship!!
posted by alicutchen on Jan 11, 2009
i love u soo miuch and hope to meet u some da
posted by chloehamilton on Jan 11, 2009
a lot of people say me and my best friend ali cutchen look just like you girls i love you and hope to meet you 1 day!
posted by 1selenandemifan101 on Jan 08, 2009
hey guys i luv u soooooo much id faint and die if i c u 2 caz im a huger fan i hav lots of poster of u i hang up and like 2 meet u someday in a concert i hope neway luv u always.
posted by Selena best on Jan 03, 2009
Can i have her MSn addy i have 7 but i dont know what is her real?
posted by Demi Lovato on Dec 29, 2008
I forgot about telling them about the fod fight :\
posted by selenafan17 on Dec 13, 2008
hey, not to be up in your bussiness what part hope to see you

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