Cam Gigandet Claimed to Have Impregnated Ex-Girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff

December 11, 2008 05:01:49 GMT

In Touch Weekly claims Cam Gigandet is trying to hide the fact that his ex-girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff is five months pregnant with his baby.

Cam Gigandet
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Words are swirling that Cam Gigandet has impregnated his ex-girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff. The 23-year-old woman, who works as a waitress, is reported to have been pregnant with his baby for five months.

In Touch Weekly reports, Cam and Dominique had been dating for two years when they decided to go separate ways by the time the actor landed a part on vampire drama movie "Twilight." They then reunited for one night after Cam completed filming the big screen flick. Following the brief reunion, Dominique then got pregnant.

Finding out about the pregnancy, Dominique is reported to quit her job, whereas Cam has been claimed to have been trying to keep her pregnancy under the radar. "Their families don't know what to think," In Touch quotes a source as saying.

Cam Gigandet is best known for his role as Kevin Volchok on the FOX TV series "The O.C." He plays the role of James in "Twilight" and has since received more attention from the press.

Late last month, Star magazine reported Cam and Dominique Geisendorff have been secretly dating and greater than that already living together in L.A. Neither of them has commented on the pregnancy report though.

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posted by Inside Source on Jul 24, 2013
They had split for a brief time before Everleigh was born, They are now back together and very happy with two adorable children. They have issues and relationship problems just like everyone else.
posted by maria on Mar 06, 2010
cam never spilt up with dominique stop the rumors people leave them alone he is happy with his wife and baby girl everleigh i love her i saw their photos and its so cute everleigh was wearing a pink dress and a bow and her daddy was wearing a jeans and shirt.
posted by fel1020 on Jan 25, 2010
what is yuor favorit color
posted by fel on Jan 25, 2010
what is your favorit color
posted by juice 123 on Jan 25, 2010
what is your favorite color
posted by lesliee <3 on Jun 10, 2009
okay, Cam & his girlfriend never split up ever. It was a rumour, but for publicity reasons they kept it on the down-lo. These people have nothing to do with their lives instead of making up shit. So, Cam & dominique have a baby girl & are happily together
posted by CAMS GIRL on Jun 02, 2009
posted by cams girl on Jun 02, 2009
oh my god i love com and i which this is false and he doesnt have a girlfrien I LOVE YOU CAM!!!!!!!!!!! =P
posted by .... on Apr 15, 2009
Im really confused.. Theres a Cam gigandet on myspace sating hes g.f is a girl named Brianna and sending comments like * im happy i have had a baby with you* So is this Cam lieing?
posted by cam girl on Apr 14, 2009
you are a bitch
posted by babbalasha on Feb 24, 2009
i feel they are lieing they is a freaken liers
posted by babbalasha on Feb 24, 2009
i feel they are lieing they is a freaken liers
posted by lenka on Dec 28, 2008
cam is very very nice and sexy actor!!!! I love U so much!!!I don´t know english! I´am from slovakia
posted by In the Know on Dec 13, 2008
Irresponsible, not factual and the language of this story is demeaning to women... Read the STAR article, which is more to the point. I'd rather be a waitress/waiter than a frustrated "Novelist" currently writing trash like this leech article!!! Go out a get a real story... Cam and Dominique have a great one to tell.

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