Explosive 'Dragonball Evolution' International Trailer Comes Out

December 11, 2008 02:08:13 GMT

Origin of the seven mystical dragonballs is shared and the quest to save the Earth begins in the newly-exposed international trailer of 'Dragonball Evolution'.

Explosive 'Dragonball Evolution' International Trailer Comes Out
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While the exact release date of "Dragonball Evolution" trailer remains sketchy, an international trailer of the Japanese manga adaptation has been making its way for fans enjoyment. Premiered by IGN UK and IGN AU, the video footage gives out more on the story behind the mystical orbs from which the film takes its name as well as sneak peeks of the martial arts sequences.

The trailer opens with the voice-over of Chow Yun-Fat's Master Roshi chronicling the ancient time when evil almost destroyed the Earth and describing how and why dragonballs are made. His story ends with a proclamation that the evil has returned once again and Justin Chatwin's Goku is the only one who can stop him from actualizing his vengeance.

Adapted from Akira Toriyama's ever-so-popular Japanese manga of the same name, "Dragonball Evolution" is directed and co-scripted by James Wong. Produced by Stephen Chow, it features mixed theps from Hollywood to Asian actors, including Emmy Rossum, James Marsters, Eriko Tamura, Park Joon Hyung and Jamie Chung. Previously set to be having a U.S. release on April 10, 2009, this 20th Century Fox film has been pushed forward to April 8, 2009 tentpole.

"Dragonball Evolution" International Trailer:


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posted by this sucks on Mar 17, 2009
wow way to ruin a show that i watched as a kid.
posted by roflush on Feb 23, 2009
this movie's no easy task, if they leave fans satisfied then that's great! if only some find it alright then they could still make a sequel
posted by Kame-Sennin on Feb 01, 2009
Just thing of it as a parody. It's something very different from the dragonball manga but it could still be very good as a movie. I bet if it had a different title and different character names everyone would rush to see it, it's just that is different than the live movie everyone was expecting to see after all these years of waiting. I for one am going to watch this film and then i will be able to see what it's worth.
posted by Trailertrash27 on Dec 21, 2008
didnt Goku fly around and stuff? ... like on a nimbus cloud or something?... can we expect him to be able to fly later? ill just wait and see...
posted by lmao on Dec 15, 2008
ha ha haters stfu ripped ya'll.. but anyway im lookin forward to da movie plus i heard they already got the actors signed on to do sequels.. so even if this movie doesnt live up to wat fans expect they can always come back wit da sequels. which in my opinion was a better story line anyway.
posted by Haters STFU on Dec 13, 2008
Jesus people if you are true DB fan you want this made more than ever and loking forward to it praying that it is done right, Fox has done plenty of good adaptations and for all of this DBZ crap ITS DRAGONBALL the first series aired before DBZ, there is no vegeta no kid gohan just younger Goku fighting fucking piccolo thats the whole story and as you can see THATS WHAT THIS MOVIE IS ABOUT, so all you haters shut the hell up and admire what they are trying to do, it is no small task. Thanks!!! looked incredible
posted by mike on Dec 11, 2008
looks great !
posted by Awesome! on Dec 11, 2008
Looks incredible! Love it!
posted by pelps on Dec 11, 2008
Holy shit. If they going to change all the story from the original anime they are gonna suck... I say it in name of all BDZ fans I guess. It will be disgusting!!
posted by NuclearKitsune on Dec 11, 2008
This is so effing bad. I
posted by hjkl on Dec 10, 2008
fake got o web site its still dragon ball
posted by zboi on Dec 10, 2008
wtf they r soo going to fuxx up this movie this is another one that go down the toilet

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