Robert Pattinson Reveals Specific Qualities He Looks for in a Girl

December 10, 2008 09:35:00 GMT

A high-rising actor, Robert Pattinson says he looks for "the worst - mental, strong women."

Robert Pattinson
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Being hounded by many female fans ever since his vampire flick "Twilight" has become a hit, Robert Pattinson openly admits he likes "mental, strong women." To Closer magazine he shares, "The stuff I find attractive in women, I always regret finding attractive. I always like a kind of madness in a woman, and when they are really, really strong. And they're the worst - mental, strong women!" adding, "But I like it when they hate me right from the beginning."

Following the U.S. release of "Twilight" on November 21, Robert Pattinson has been put under media microscope. In addition to appearing in some TV talk shows, he also has been interviewed by a number of magazines.

Despite rumors claiming he is dating Camilla Belle, Robert insists he is single. In an interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" last month he even admitted no one wants "to get into a relationship with" him. "It's really strange," he told Ellen DeGeneres at that time. "People like screaming at me. Actually, they like screaming at me in relationships as well. No one wants to commit."

Talking about screaming fans, Robert recently admitted they sometimes make him paranoid, explaining "People ambush me in public and ask me to bite them and want to touch my hair. I just don't want someone to have a needle and give me AIDS and I don't want to get shot or stabbed. This is my life."


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posted by Zainab Rizvi on Nov 20, 2012
I love u Robb and I am ur biggest fan i know everything about you and I can do anything for u waterer u ask me to do
posted by roshni on Oct 24, 2012
I luv u u robert pattinson...n wid out any reason
posted by amanda on Jan 31, 2011
posted by amanda on Jan 31, 2011
posted by amanda on Jan 31, 2011
i love Robert Pattison
posted by amanda on Jan 31, 2011
I love robert pattison he is gorgous him and kristen are sooo good together but i want him he seems nice and totally hot right i love you robert pattison more than anyone
posted by vicky on Dec 09, 2010
omg what a bunch of crazy people on here i agree he's good looking but it sounds like most of you or obsessed with him can i just ask one question would any of you be intrested if he wasnt famous i think not i think its about time that people should stop talking and acting crazy and let him get on with his life
posted by Kay on Oct 23, 2010
Robert Pattinson is gay so what does he look for in a man.
posted by SUNSHINE on Oct 17, 2010
KRISTON does Not SUCK!!!!!!
posted by SUNSHINE on Oct 17, 2010
posted by rob dreamer on Sep 20, 2010
I adore him! I don't want someone like Robert Pattinson, I WANT ROBERT PATTINSON. The original! He has ruined all men for me.......and one more thng KRISTEN SUCKS!!!!!!
posted by tonilee on Sep 02, 2010
hi my name is tonilee im 20 years old i love tp go out with u i like watching twilight nd football i playgutar nd keebored i have brown lovely eyes blondy brown hair .
posted by oxYgen on Aug 28, 2010
i love he's voice...and character..that's all!
posted by jojo on Jul 30, 2010
ooooh golden grahams pmsl how random lol
posted by lovely on Jul 29, 2010
i think hes cute but justin bieber is cuiter
posted by secret on Jul 29, 2010
i think hes super cute
posted by Suus on Jul 22, 2010
Well well well... I'm from Europe and I've never met someone more pitiful is than that!! Please tell this is an American thing.. LOL.. I know, he is nice, but he is just a human... like us...
posted by Jasmine on Jul 21, 2010
You girls are either obsessed or crazy! I know he is cute and charming but he is not a god or whatever, he is human just like all of us. So relax! You people are just humiliating yourselves and making everybody laugh at you.
posted by Tessy on Jul 16, 2010
What a bunch of crazies. I feel bad for you Rob. Being a celebrity sucks.
posted by Katie on Jul 04, 2010
I love him not because he's a vampire. But because he is mature and cute as can be. I have so many dreams about him. I know I saond obsessed but It's not just a teenage crush i feel were more than that. True love forever.. :)
posted by abbey on Jun 30, 2010
heyy i am wierd and i think me and rob are perfet he laughs at his own jokes it is so funny and if he wants me to hate him i will lol x
posted by HALEY on Jun 26, 2010
posted by amanda on Jun 26, 2010
posted by amanda on Jun 26, 2010
posted by amanda on Jun 26, 2010
hey cheak out the mrs.pattison will ya. [crazy isnt she] HEY YA CANT STEAL MY MAN SO BACK OFF, HE BELONGS TO ME IAM GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM YALL ARENT
posted by haley on Jun 26, 2010
i agree with taylor.iam stubborn,iam sassy ,and im mean at some points,and when iam in the mood,i on the other hand ,i can put up a pretty good fight.but between then ,i am true and dissent,but ill at mit, i can be cocky,goofy ,and sometimes a giggle box , but iam true to my self and to everyone with a living soul,so the trouth is-i dont care what you or any body else really think of me,so you dont like me,let me know but i want change who iam i am -im me.i wont let nyone change me or you,becouse if you do,you'll unhappy and unsatisfied with you and every body else.ive been there,it takes everything in front of you and in your path. it'll destroy you and the peaple you love,and the peaple that love you for who you are.
posted by haley on Jun 26, 2010
hey i dont like edward,or rod.the one i like is jacob,and taylor. so buzzzzzzz it off.i mean i like his england vocie . but im not one of those OMG IT HIM ITS REALLY HIM.but it would be fun to be his friend. but just friends,ok i dont have anything against him .i think his -well i dont no anything about him.but i do know one thing,if i knew him, it would be hard to want to know him becouse,i dont like boys
posted by haley on Jun 26, 2010
posted by ira on Apr 30, 2010
I wish only one thing that he find his perfect soul mate very soon......
posted by Ashley on Apr 20, 2010
Can't believe no one wants to have relationships w/ him...HE IS TOTALLY HOT. wish he is my BF
posted by Xx team robert xX on Mar 28, 2010
i love robert pattinson all the way i loved um in the movie the bad mothers handbook i dno why bu he jus seems different to other actors and he jus seems forwud with people abou himself and some girls dnot like tat bou i do becuz i find men hard to talk to sometimes and their hard to get things ou of wen sumas rong with them so yeh people robert might not be god and perfect bu he seems a really nice man so for all them who dnt lyk um dnt write mean comments on um he never done anyting on you XxxX
posted by reynita22 on Mar 24, 2010
i would love to meet "ROB" he seems to be a very down to earth person. and it seems that all he wants in life is to find a great girl that WILL stand by his side thru the good and the bad. as well as take his hand a be more than just a girlfriend, but his best friend as well. and i can say for a fact he wont want a girl to be with him just so she can have her 15 min. in the spotlight. but anyways "ROB" is more than just an actor he is a real person. .
posted by holly11 on Mar 13, 2010
taylor do u go out w/ a guy named chandler?
posted by taylor on Mar 07, 2010
rob i get u i mean i have no friends and i am not tha big of a fan if i see u i will just get back what i am doing i live at 250 lake point lane nc clinton neer faitvill i will teel u the truth but u are the least favrit even if u com i donot think u can change me i am 12 years old.
posted by Sky on Feb 09, 2010
I dunno, they say actors and actresses are selfish and all for themselves. He just SEEMS different. He tells about ALL of himself whether it be bad or good. He gives a lot to the public and people still complain that he doesn't answer questions. I dunno if I met him I don't think I would scream, maybe blush a little (lol). I guess actors and actresses kind of have to be selfish, because if they weren't they wouldn't get ANYTHING their way. Robert is great though I have to admit. I have only seen one movie he has played in and that is Twilight. I have heard his music, and he has the voice of an angel. Honestly, I think he did wonderful playing Edward, but people think that is who he is, and that is not who he is. He is Robert Pattinson and guess what. That is better because Robert is a REAL person.
posted by low-ry on Jan 31, 2010
i really do feel sorry for him with his fans they are crazy!! i mean everyone wants him but he is not going to know if it is for real. he didnt know how big twilight was going to be he is going to have a tuff time finding a girlfriend i hope he gets one soon.
posted by helema on Jan 26, 2010
iv also had sex with him :)
posted by His girlfriend on Jan 26, 2010
posted by oogaabooga on Jan 21, 2010
i think he is good looking but if i seen him in the street i wudnt approach him because i see him as a human n i dnt scream n dive all ova my friends so i wudnt do it to a celeb lol
posted by bella 101 on Jan 20, 2010
i know rob wants a woman how doesn't like his, but i just don't think i could NOT like him! isn't that right girls!!!!! xxxx(To rob)xxxx
posted by new_york_ girL on Jan 11, 2010
Robert is really attractive, and he can have every girl he want...but I think he want some popular or famous girl....Robert hello!! There are sooo much better girls then Kirsten -.-"
posted by Simone on Jan 04, 2010
hij is erg knap! where is he in the weekends?
posted by mrs Pattinson on Jan 01, 2010
what the hell people what upi whith you stealing my man none of you are any good for him only me so he belongs with me and not you guys so just back off
posted by Ashleigh on Dec 29, 2009
See to be honest, I think It's pathetic that some people actually make it in this world.. and all that they get back is HOUNDED and HUNTED down by peoeple, papz, everyone. Yeah, sure.. some people like that sort of thing but clearly Rob doesn't. I've never really liked Rob, even though he's probably a really nice guy & all but I'm just that kind of person... If I got to know him, I'm sure I'd like him, First Impressions really do matter to me. Alot. Anyways, See you late Rob toots =).
posted by Blah Blah Blah Blah on Dec 26, 2009
I dnt get it..? what is so attractive about him.. in my eyes all i see is a homeless little hairy ratted tail.
posted by Zipporah on Dec 26, 2009
Hey everyone! I think Robert Pattinson is a great guy! And I really believe what he is saying is true! Like, give him some space. Some people are saying Rob is nuts for even thinking someone will inject him with aids, but it COULD happen! Some people are so robsessed that they think doing something stupid like that would make Rob appreciate them, or something. I'm still young, and people in their 40s, can't realize that he's just a regualar person like us. Everyone is equal. And also, it must be really hard for him to find a decent girlfriend because it difficult to seperate the fake from the real. Anyway, peace everyone, and give the poor guy a break. One more thing... TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
posted by ILOVEROBERTPATTINSON on Dec 25, 2009
i mean > **and iF saw him rigth now i'd go and shag him and i dont care wether anyone is there i'd just do :/:Lxxxxx<**
posted by roxy 3468 on Dec 21, 2009
well that suk alot because im not really really strong but im still pretty strong and i didn't hate u from the begging to be honest. im not those kind of girls who lie just to get u to think they r so u can date them. o well i still REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE U!!!!!!!! =)
posted by Rodini on Dec 20, 2009
I really feel bad for him. I know I wouldn't want to be chased by a screaming crowd of people. Yeah, maybe he is a little good looking, but he is a regular person just like the rest of us and i really think that we should give Robert Pattinson a break. Put yourself in his shoes. There are many advantages being him, but there are also ALOT of disadvantages (screaming fans chasing you down the street, doing things for the media...) just try to think of how he feels.
posted by misc.... on Dec 10, 2009
well hes a person just like any of us and i think ppl should just let him live his life well ur cool bye :P
posted by Emmalee on Dec 09, 2009
I would love to be with u but ofcourse it is hard to have a relation ship with somebody i understand. xxx
posted by Mrs.PattinsonXoXo on Dec 09, 2009
posted by kerrie on Dec 09, 2009
omg i love him i would defo get in a relationship with him hes a hawtie im mental to lmao:D people are creepy wanting to bite him id be scared to :O x
posted by Robert Pattinson is on Dec 08, 2009
HiyaZ I'm AnGiiEX (BuBbleZ) watever yh well.....i only have 4 words to say: I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON!!! even though my friends are like trying to tell me he's not that cute but WATEVER!!! i dnt jus lurvvvveee him cuz he's cute but cuz he's like MOI!!!(ME) so he says he likes MENTAL PEOPLE well i'm 1 of them!!! i might be 11 but still........HES SOOOOOOOOOO HANDSOME!!! my friend (Tami) said the fans like him but when they meet him in person they say he's totally different then the character but im different...TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!! lUv YaZ (EVEN IF I DONT KNOW U) xXx Angeloumae Bondad Trueman...07890105190-BTW-IM FILIPPINA
posted by Robert Pattinson is on Dec 08, 2009
HiyaZ I'm AnGiiEX (BuBbleZ) watever yh well.....i only have 4 words to say: I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON!!! even though my friends are like trying to tell me he's not that cute but WATEVER!!! i dnt jus lurvvvveee him cuz he's cute but cuz he's like MOI!!!(ME) so he says he likes MENTAL PEOPLE well i'm 1 of them!!! i might be 11 but still........HES SOOOOOOOOOO HANDSOME!!! my friend (Tami) said the fans like him but when they meet him in person they say he's totally different then the character but im different...TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!! lUv YaZ (EVEN IF I DONT KNOW U) xXx Angeloumae Bondad Trueman...07890105190-BTW-IM FILIPPINA
posted by me on Dec 08, 2009
Wow...these comments are actually truly sad...its like you think that by stalking him on here he's going to come and just meet you. He said he liked girls who HATE HIM (Odd...) so, obviously if you're writing him love notes on here...well...seriously??? Oh, whatever.... its actually REALLY funny...some of these lmfao!
posted by ILOVEROBERTPATTINSON on Dec 06, 2009
you know what i go crazy over robert , i love him not edward , i love how robert has his hair crazy i love his smile i love HIM , i would actually do anything to meet him :L , people say to me that i go crazy bout him but thats me :):L , i would do absolutly anything to spend a day with him , i would kill myself ~lol , i would run down the road with no clothes on , literally anything babe
posted by Danielle Davies on Dec 06, 2009
Girls for crying out loud its only robert pattinson its no big deal he normal like the rest of us gosh!
posted by Shelby on Dec 05, 2009
Wow, some girls are crazy. Let the man be. I wouldn't want to live everyday with tons of girls stalking me. Robert is a person just like eveyone else. F.Y.I he is Robert pattinson, not Edward Cullen. I'd rather pay attention to his music abilities then go crazy over him because of twilight. Geez.
posted by Rachel loves you on Dec 03, 2009
my sister showed me ur picture and i thought u were ugly but since i got into twilight u r the hottest guy i want to met. I don't know what people are thinking they must be out of there right mind if they have a mind u are so hotter than Taylor lautner. Some day you will meet me. when i turn 16. see u then. trust me u will fall in love with me.
posted by ella; on Dec 03, 2009
your so mad , I hope you don't know french." tu'es vrai le fou. your so ah. a girls are truely brain washed i guess because your stupidly famouse for some girls you are charming because of the fame. But if half of your fans parent were company owners and then you won't get parniod.
posted by Elizabeth Storkman on Dec 02, 2009
Robert if you actually said what you said than I guess I am your type! Because i am a mental, strong woman! And I'm not like your fans screaming and all that stuff!
posted by Satan on Nov 29, 2009
I forgot to mention I'm not a person.I mentioned people like me in my last post but i'm not a human.I'm a demon from hell!!!! HE HE HE HE!!!!!
posted by Satan on Nov 29, 2009
Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Poor Rob. He's so scared of everyone why doesn't he go back to London where he's wanted. The people like me don't want him here all he ever does is whine about everything.Someone needs to show him how to be a man cause he's not one.A real man doesn't whine like him. Anyone have anything smart to say about my post go ahead I'll be waiting for you!!!!! I'll get you tonight I'll have you all souls!!!!!! HA HA HA HA.
posted by kristen on Nov 26, 2009
i like tou it is just i dont think you would date black girls i use to hate you but know i really like you o my gosh i am yalking corny ow i am a british black girl! lol
posted by Lisa on Nov 23, 2009
Rob I think you did an amazing job in both movies, it must be hard at times to keep your sanity with overnight fame. I'm sure it can be surreal and overwhelming at times. My favorite parts of the movies are how passionate your character is towards Bella. I wish true love really did exsist that way for most of us but after watching and its over you come to realize it is just a movie but a great one. Im excited to see the next few that come out. Good luck on your career dont ever second guess yourself you truely are a great actor.
posted by holly11 on Nov 17, 2009
Yeah seriously!shut the hell up alexis!Rob is stressed out and at least some of us care.I bet he's waaaay hotter that any playa u got...if u can even get that!anyway rob is a hell of a lot richer that your trailer park ass!
posted by SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS on Nov 17, 2009
posted by STEVONNAH on Nov 17, 2009
posted by Alexis on Nov 16, 2009
LMAAOOOOOOOO, this is hillarious, u guys actually think that the bo stinkin rat is gonna read ur comments. SERIOUSLY LADDIES NOT COOL NOT COOL. im sorry but even david shwimmer is better looking that him, u lke edward not robert.
posted by Rachel on Nov 12, 2009
Dear Rob i think you are HOT and all it is just that i hated you until you got on twilight now i think you are really cool and outgoing but last night i wached a video that said you stink really bad and never take a shower but i do not think it is true and by the way you really look hot on twilighgt but bella needs some work everybody around me is saying that they loved you from the start but they did not even now about you so i got really annoyed and decieced to post all of my thoughts and what you look for in a girl is what i look for in a guy one last ? did you really mairrie Kristine or not because she is really ugly and she is good one the movie and everything but i was at her concert and i asked for her atougraph and she singhed and wrote F you and so i really hate her and all but she is good on the tv and she is pretty and all but she is really rude so why do you like her
posted by beth on Nov 11, 2009
Daer Rob, I am a strong and very out going girl is what all my friends say. I have been your fan sence ei heard your music and i think you are tottally cute and i wish i could get to know you a little bettter i was watching this vidoe about you and they said that you stink but i did not believe it and i was just wondering if it was true that you really like bella from the movie because you guys make a great couple and i do not think it is true but my older sis just told me that you never even look at any of these so i was just a little courise about that to and by the way i think you are really really cute your truly devoted fan beth
posted by hayli on Oct 23, 2009
Robert whoever likes you is so smart becuase you are realy hot to me. If you get on here umm where do you think i can meet you?
posted by hayli on Oct 23, 2009
does robert look at this stuff cuz if he does i just want to say i love him he is so smokin. i hope i can meet him.AHHHHHHH
posted by zangmo on Oct 16, 2009
robert, you are really goegeous and highly talented. it is good to hear that you go for a brunette. hats really cool.m also a brunette
posted by Jessica11 on Oct 04, 2009
Hey,by da way,im not going by holly11 anymore.its my real name.
posted by Go Robert x on Oct 01, 2009
Robert I Think You Are Gorgous Stunning And Everything Else And I Think It Is Really Good You Don't Like Skinny Blond Bimbos Like Most Men I Am Glad You Are Different x P.S: I Love You So Much <3
posted by hey Robert on Sep 06, 2009
hey rob patz. i got your magazine and you seem like a pretty intresting guy. its also fascinating what you look for in a woman. i like that your not shallow. i always worry celebritys will lose themselves when everyone fawns over them and they can have who ever they want. im glad your different. yay u! im in relationship drama too. All my bffs have bfs and i cant seem to get one. i have had a couple guys call me pretty but i have never really had a long lastin relationship. Looks like were on the same boat. Good luck! ( oh and P.S. your an amazing actor, good luck with you novel!)
posted by holly11 on Aug 30, 2009
Hey rob,its holly.My name is actually "JESSICA" by the way.some people have asked me about that on other sites.Anyway I have a bff that just saw twilight for the first time last night,and she sys ur so hot,she wants to cry.I just watched all sorts of trailers for newmoon,eclipse,and breaking dawn.{last 2 fanmade of corse}but very touching.I heard that u don't like kids,well if u don't,ur gonna need to change that 4 breaking dawn. XOXOXOX
posted by Gabriela on Aug 20, 2009
I hate to miss all of the detales about Rob but I live so far away that I just have my posters and pics of him it herts so much when i see him on TV in puplic and not beable to be ther see I live in SOUTH AFRICA and well that is so far and I wish that I could cath up and go on a date to see what he is all about and see what i am missing so if u Robert ever see this I would love to see u some day lots lots and lots of love Gabriela Tuchten
posted by Gabriela on Aug 20, 2009
Hey all hope you all are having a good time reading all of theas "letters" and I wish you out there that stalk and slober over Robert " GIVE HIM A BRAKE " let the man have a bit of time to him self and if u whant to hellp him ceep the paparazzi away 4 a will WISH I COULD SEE U SOME DAY BUY 4 NOW!!!!!!
posted by ??????? on Aug 14, 2009
is it jus me or is every1 ganging up on him. i'm jus sayin all of u (on the rob side) tellin' every1 else 2 back off u is da very same ppl writtin over n over again, n i ain't gonna say i want da best 4 him cuz i'm gunna contradict myself. n da rob hatters out der-cuz dat's wat u r hatters- think about dis wat if u were in his shoe's being hounded by gurls or, in other cases guys everywhere, not knowin the next perediciments they gonna cumup wit, wouldn't u b paranoid. if u had no fear of commitment yet, every1 around u afraid of commitment much more wit u and to top it all off u didn't want all the fame in the first place, AND still lookin for wat in ur book is perfection in a gurl or guy AND ppl gannging up on u all da time wouldn't u be exactly lik dat cum on u all lookin him and his flaws nun of u lookin at his reedeming features a wise young lady told once told me "one is to look at their own flaws before one can comment on another..."
posted by holly11 on Aug 07, 2009
hey robpatzz lovers,i don't know how many or if any of u "THINK" ur a friend on his myspace ur wrong.Rob doesn't have a myspace so give it up and get over it!!! xoxox
posted by melissa on Aug 06, 2009
I'm the girl you want rob.
posted by You\'llNeverKnow on Aug 03, 2009
I hope you find happiness and what you're seeking. The past is a whisper of secrets, the future is your tomorrow morning, so live in the present: It's the only solid place you'll ever have.
posted by prit on Jul 27, 2009
well,when i read twilight,i was really in aworld of dream,and i couldn't stop thinking about the description of his look,style and etc. and i must admit i was dying to watch the movie, but frankly Bert i was disappointed, and i really prefer to read the book again and again than watching the movie. there are some part that you were really not gud at it.
posted by Sara on Jul 26, 2009
That must be really miserable. You love playing a part in a movie that's a hit, but yet, when you try to go about your life, people always relate you to your work.
posted by angela on Jul 26, 2009
perfection is when someone is a little cranky and paranoid perfection in our world is only an ideal people make up i prefer people to have insecurities it makes them normal and to me thats perfection
posted by annie on Jul 20, 2009
look rob,to tell u the truth ive seen the movie i dont know how many times, ur hot and you can act but NO ONE is perfect!!quit feelin sorry for yourself. i know i dont really know you, but from wat i do know ur beautiful on the outside, but u got a little work to do on the inside.i only hope the best for you and i hope you find a girl that loves u for u but u have to love urself first...and u cant do that by blamin others for ur mistakes. so step back and look at who u want to be,... i know who i am
posted by annie12 on Jul 15, 2009
umm i dont know what to say about what happened i dont know why he would do that to kristen and they were happy with each other and i felt bad when i found out kristen was to late to tell him that she liked him and he thought well then if she doest answer my question then she doesnt love me and rob had this great time with kristen loved her so much and i wished that i was kristen so that i could have all that great time with rob and just foget evrything around me for awhile and realize that their is actually a great person that loves he so much and proposed to her 4 times and didnt take it seriously and she couldnt see what love is for him all those good timesthey shared and i know rob will find someone that is worth it and that belongs in his heart with open arms kristen doesnt know what she has until she loses it all and then feel bad and regrets what shes done and then after all she says why why did i do that why was i late love is something glorious that you cant change your heart corresponds to you your feelings but you dont drive it around like a purse hanging out its reserved and it feels for you you cant buy it then throw it away think about it.rob didnt do that to hurt kristen,kristen did that to herself
posted by Kortney on Jul 14, 2009
Hey funny story I Hated so Much I refused 2 watch the movie i didn't like that every1 liked him i was so annoyed but then my dad made me watch i just did! I was saying oh he's to girly but in the back of my mind i was like holy smokes he is good looking i loved when he kinda looked evil!!! that was a big turn-on!!! but yay and what else is funny i kinda have a anger problem thats embrassing but who cares i got made once i threw my phone across the room it hit 4 walls!!! Yup its kinda Really BROKE!!! But oh well i kinda felt good after until i was like oh "f" me running great gotta go pay money to get a new dumdass phone!
posted by sedric digery on Jul 11, 2009
hes so hot and totally tops HARRY POTTER
posted by sophie on Jul 03, 2009
commit with me :)
posted by carieme2003 on Jul 02, 2009
hey im 20 years and i found that he is the only guy i know that is not afraid to as the only woman tha is not afraid to comit. if i can i would commit to him but im a little bussy with filming, wen im done im always here for him .
posted by holly11 on Jun 30, 2009
u go RPATZZLOVER!!!I'm sure Rob reaaly appreciates your comment.I totaly agree with u.U just keep writin and always love robert pattinson!!!XOXOX
posted by holly11 on Jun 30, 2009
slabercrombie,ur totaly wrong.All rob wants is a break.Why can't anybody see that?Rob is a nice guy,and he definitely deserves people 2 LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!Rob,I luv u and hope u have a great time making new moon.XOXOX
posted by slabercrombie on Jun 28, 2009
i think he needs to stop complaining, hes the luckiest guy on earth right now millions of girls wanting him followed with fame and money, come on
posted by slabercrombie on Jun 28, 2009
posted by holly11 on Jun 28, 2009
Yo rob.It's me again.I havent been on this in a while.I have been practicing for a play.I play a witch with a bad atitude,HOW FITTING!lol Anyway,I heard u don't like kids.U know,U SUCK 4 THAT!{but i still luv u!}So hey as u know i'm only 11,but i could could probably reconstruct an entire chemical planet out the formula 4x=m+82.By the the way i'm a science whiz.I luv u soooooo much Rob.I truely hope things get easier for u.
posted by olivia on Jun 27, 2009
hi robert i realy like the movie twilight i am realy looking forward to new moon in setember oliviax
posted by RPATTZLOVER on Jun 26, 2009
hey rob its me again amanda have read some of the comments that people have sent and i like some of them exept the ones that are nasty dont listen to the rubbish ones oh man sero you can do what ever you like if you put your mind to it even if its a new plan if your thinking about being in a movie that no fan would expect you in then thats there problem ive watched you tons of times and never get bored of you i cant wait to see little ashes and new moon ive read all the books and love them anyways look dont give up dude your the only one thats keeping my heart beating and my soul lit i dont care if that sounds corny its how i feel so dont give up your mint dude ok love you lots ill carry on supporting you good luck best wishes and do this for you ok xxxxxxx
posted by natasha on Jun 24, 2009
oh bah humbug! By the way aside from his good looks, he's got a swagger about him, its very cute. But most attractively his sense of humor and wittiness. He's so laid back and precocious when he does his interviews. Any woman would be very lucky to have him in her life. He's such an awesome guy. God!, I would love to have a conversation with him..such a cool, well spoken, non-judgemental kind of guy. Sigh! oh well!
posted by twilightluver123 on Jun 18, 2009
robert omg well its me again i think i meet your standards and i'm 12 and ur 23 everyone tells me i'm never gonna meet u'll never respond ur fan mail you'll just burn it but i hope and beleive that someday i'll meet u. i have dreams of you and there so amazing and i'm not in love with on screen vampire edward cullen. I love u for u not who u are in twilight.i think u love kristen because she's rejected u so yeah. oh i wish to become an actress someday its been my dream since i was 5. And by when u say u like someone with maddness is it someone that wants to bungee jump, cliff dive, and sky dive if it is then i am insane anyway one day you'll find your true love. Hope i meet u one day and if i don't i'll cry. love ya. p.s i'm available!!!!!!!!! JUST KIDDING LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by holly11 on Jun 17, 2009
Dear Rob,it's me again.Ur a fantastic actor and musician.I wish you the very best and things get a little better for you.I love you and ur the most inspiring to me and all i know.I want to be a proffesional singer and musician like you.I REALLY definitely would love to hear from you.Please post something on your myspace page.Great profile by the way.And again you will get fanmail from me,so look for HOLLY11.It will be signed with that name.Also people out of there mind when they say they don't like you.Anyway i'm sure u don't let it get to you.LOVE YOU FOR ALWAYS WITH ALL MY HEART. XOXOX
posted by holly11 on Jun 16, 2009
Hey Robert,I know what your saying.It's totally wrong how people treat you sometimes.I don't know you, but like in previous comments,I probably never will.But still,people should treat you like a person.Any girl who would go out with u just because of money,fame,title,etc. is out of there right mind.At first i wasn't so happy about u,but then u grew on me.U totally deserve someone who will love u and always be there to support u.I have dreams about u all the time.I CRY AT THE FACT THAT I DON'T KNOW YOU.I know people who are reading this are hoping it will be over soon.I AM 11.Robert,i like u 4 u,not some silly character everyone says there in love with.I know u probably won't read this,but i REALLY hope u do.I am a ginormous fan of ROBERT PATTINSON,not EDWARD ANTHONY MASON CULLEN.People should give u a break and leave u alone.U deserve the best girl the entire universe.I am not one of those crazed fans,but i DO love u with all my heart.xoxox
posted by Niki on Jun 15, 2009
uggg i know how you feel. I hate when people crowd me and i can't stand it! don't worry i get paranoid too! Your an awesome actor. hope you find that someone soon!
posted by Kaysi on Jun 15, 2009
Robert i really like you. I know how you feel. I am not jealous of anyone that you have encountered. I would NEVER ask you to bite me. People need to give you a break and let you relax. You deserve the best and it makes me happy when your happy. When ever i listen to you sing it makes me relax and think of how much you enjoy what you do. I also am very fond of music. I cry when i heard you play Bella's lullaby. Just be yourself and no matter what people think of you, i will always be the one who thinks of how you feel, and will always appriciate you for who you are. &#9829; ya. Just be you. There is someone out there that is perfeect for you and you are perfect for them. I hope you meet that someone soon! Be happy. and all of this that i just said is absolutely true... from the bottom of my heart!
posted by christina on Jun 14, 2009
I'am the same way I hate pepole crowding me and peppole so close unless there my love!
posted by alayna on Jun 06, 2009
I agree that robert pattinson is an awesome actor and is drop dead gorgous, but live the dude alone! Heaven forbid he has people who follow him around and asks him to bite them and all that other crap! I mean everyone says they love him, but do they love robert pattinson or his roll, Edward Cullen! I also agree, I wish he would find someone who likes him for him, not his rolls! Personsally I think it would be awesome to meet him and get to know him, but I don't go around telling everyone i love him, for pete sakes' i don't even know him! So i hope he finds the perfect person for him and i'm still wondering is he going out with kristen stewart or not! It's driving me insane i have people telling me they are and people tell me their not. So, if anyone finds anything out let me know!:):):):):):):):):):):)
posted by kirsten on Jun 03, 2009
look i know that u all "love" hime bt cum on i agree with you hannah he is so up himself!dose anyone else??
posted by kirsten on Jun 03, 2009
look i know that u all "love" hime bt cum on i agree with you hannah he is so up himself!dose anyone else??
posted by sara miillson on Jun 01, 2009
robert you are my rock and i love you you are really gorgoes;p
posted by hannah on Jun 01, 2009
well can they?
posted by Alixa on May 31, 2009
He is so cute!I wish he could be mine I meet all of his standers.
posted by hannah on May 29, 2009
i seee wht u mean by him being good looking bu he seems so full of himself and annoying can anyone else not see that?
posted by amanda on Apr 30, 2009
i just want to say that i think robert is an amazing actor and i also love his music i think he is very hansome and brave i loved him in harry potter and i love him in twilight i also think that fans should give him a break because he is working his butt off to please people i would count myself lucky if i just seen him on the street and i wouldnt just jump on him i would act like a normal human being and say hi to him its a long shot anyway i just want to say that robert is worth everything this world has to offer and he is doing a mint job i just hope he finds the love of his life and dreams cos he deserves it and anybody in the world would lucky to have him it would be a great honour and to tell you the truth robert i know how you feel so stick at it and just be you ok from amanda R 18 IN WAKEFIELD
posted by Thami on Apr 30, 2009
posted by matty on Apr 27, 2009
ur ALL posers!!!! rob sux, he has commitment issues and HES the one that doesnt want to be in a relationship !!!!!
posted by natalie on Apr 25, 2009
i think rob looks like such a cool lad ...i would love to meet someone like him ..he has such a lush smile ..i hope he finds a nice girl to be with ( he can have me haha ) luv ya
posted by rob lover on Apr 23, 2009
hi robert hope you find the right kind of girl i think people are crazy not to marry you .keep being famous you rock
posted by WFT on Apr 22, 2009
hey, maebrad i think you are right about that. i just wish u did. Robert pattison just don't understand about worst-mental womans like us. Maebrad u are mental and u look like the words really ment for rob. rob she is right u now. but a the same time she hates u too. u hate her she hate u too. Maebrad ur strong to say it out to is face. u go girl.
posted by Marsha on Apr 22, 2009
Well, yeah i agree two. i can't believe MaeBrad is so strong in this. i really wish that she could play in a movie called hating Robert pattison. i agree that maybe it is time for robter pattison to grow up as a man.
posted by Liana on Apr 22, 2009
Yeah MaeBrad is right. i agree to what she say's, but no other girl's would understand like her. She's right Jackson is more hotter then Robter. i wish i could see jackson right in my dreams with every popping moments that is beautiful.
posted by MaeBrad on Apr 22, 2009
Well, Robert pattison is not my fan. sorry, rob. but it is ture i hate so much and when i say this i really do. when u say that u like strong woman then find one. ur just so stupid looking for someone. love is a storng thing for every girl. they scream at u because they love u and ur their fans. When u date a girl, but just it's better if u be strong for her too. not just her, what ur going to make her do all the work for u. i really hate u for that. Ur not a fan and ur stupid, a ass hole, freak, what a crazy thing for me to say. i can't believe you ur so stupid....stupid.... stupid... i really funken hate u to hell as well. Well, to say that i just want to ask u one thing. be a man and grow up like a man and stop acting like a like ass hole and i don't care if people is going to see this. But i hate u. my name is *******. try to think of urself as a act like a real preson and stop with ur stupid acting moments for the girl to come to u. I REALLY HATE U> UR A JAKE AS. But Jackson is not his a sweet lovely type of guy that wipes of ur toes that moment u see him so cute and all. Bye rob have a great stupid life.
posted by hazel on Apr 21, 2009
hi robert... you're so far from me..but then i wish u a lot of luck in your career..
posted by robert lover on Apr 20, 2009
rob i just wish you the best of luck and i hope you find the right girl and just to menchen it if you popped that question to me my answer would definately be yesss!!! wish u the best of luck rob
posted by Liza on Apr 05, 2009
I think people just need to leave him alone he's just a person like everyone else. Of course very talented, good luck to him.
posted by Priscilla on Apr 04, 2009
I love Robert Pattinsons eyes, voice, accent, talent, he amazes me... I hope he finds the right girl for him one that acknowledges the fact that he is only human & wants best for him, as we all do. Goodluck Robert Pattinson!
posted by Alicia on Mar 30, 2009
Lmao I think it's effing hilarious that you people think he reads this!
posted by Roseann in Mn on Mar 27, 2009
I hope all you ladies or should I say girls understand that he is young and who's to say that he is even looking for a woman!I am most certain that his past time is work maybe a little play time here and there.Yes he is very talented I think that he has a wonderful!!! voice listen to this young man sing!!He should look at how truly talented he is and how hard someone has to work and stuff you go through I could not imagine!!!! Just think how scary it would be to think some crazy people out there obbsesed with me don't know what they could do to me!that is not a fun life for such a young man so to give this man props and wish him the best with his career!And yes he is very beautiful!!!makes me wonder what he is really like!!But on that note I say Ihope he has alot of fun with his passions and good luck out there with all those crazies screaming at you!!!
posted by Nessa Jo on Feb 26, 2009
All I have to say is oh my. I think Robert is dreamy and something good to day dream about to pass the time. All you girls who think they are in love with him, I just have to say grow up. Even if you would by chance meet him, do you think he would remember you with all the fans he sees on a daily basis. He doesn't need his companion to be an other screaming fan, he needs some on who is not intimidated by his fame. Some one who has confidence in herself that she wouldn't be jealous by the leading ladies.
posted by Suzanne on Feb 24, 2009
Robert Pattinson I find to be weird but interesting. He appears to be different from that of the character or is it a facade? I would want to meet him just to find out who the real person behind the character is. Congrats Robert, you played your part as Edward really well as you took his character and made it your own.
posted by vea timothy on Feb 23, 2009
i really like edward,because i like his personality. . . .i watched twice his movie (twilight)or not only twice. . . . . many times. . . . im a great fan of edward cullen of twilight. . . . . . i hope i will be his partner in his next movie. . . . . and i wish i could be his closest friend in his life. . . . . . im vea timothy hattson. . .
posted by Coolypop on Feb 17, 2009
I didn't really enjoy the movie but i think robert is amazing and there no on in the world thats going to be like Edward his not reall !
posted by hhgfgvh on Feb 16, 2009
hey i HOT i SO &#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829; Robert NOT Edward......there is a difference
posted by suki on Feb 11, 2009
Mr. Pattison reminds me of a young Marlon Brando. He is just what the movies need right know I am sick of seeing the same leading men, finally someone different. I hope he is staying away from the shallow high priced girls of hollywood, and finds himself some he can identify with like a good girl from England, after all british men are brutally honest the superficial girls of America will not be able to handle him. Hmm! how convenient. Eh! Rob
posted by suki on Feb 11, 2009
Mr. Pattison reminds me of a young Marlon Brando. He is just what the movies need right know I am sick of seeing the same leading men, finally someone different. I hope he is staying away from the shallow high priced girls of hollywood, and finds himself some he can identify with like a good girl from England, after all british men are brutally honest the superficial girls of America will not be able to handle him. Hmm! how convenient. Eh! Rob
posted by diahna on Feb 09, 2009
i lurve rob pattinson more than anyone in da wait till im a couple of years older then we can get married :-P
posted by Rachel on Feb 08, 2009
Well i HATE you me!! :) I don't see anything spectacular about him, i mean he's a good looking guy and everything...but i wouldn't call him "the sexiest man alive" People are obsessed with Edward and seem to confuse Rob with Edward =/ My friends are like OMG it's Edward and i'm like no it's ROBERT PATTINSON!!
posted by SkylinexBleedsxRed on Feb 08, 2009
The Robert fanbase is seriously a bunch of whackjobs.. I havent seen anything like it in such a long time.. No wonder the poor guy is in hiding and doesnt want to be bothered.. Im sure that if he found the right girl, That he cares about, Im sure everything would be in harmony for him.. Nothing else would matter.. He definitely seems like the kind to not give a damn about what anyone would say either.. I know that these little hussy's after him though are so not what he is looking for.. There is a fine line between obsessed and being a big fan of someone.. Yes, I have pictures of him, As well as other band posters splattered across my walls, And Im 25 years old.. I have a balance wither everything.. I could give a shit less because I know that Im not a loon.. I just happen to have a massive crush on Robert..
posted by vanila on Feb 05, 2009
You know what, I take that back. He is not nice! He is sweet, funny and smokin!!!!P.S. He is exactly the guy I want!!!
posted by vanila on Feb 04, 2009
I think Rob is a nice guy. I do feel sorry for him that nobody wants to commit,perhaps he does something that scares the girls off. P.S. Girls you all are nuts if you think you'll meet him.
posted by mercedes on Feb 01, 2009
i agree with alot of you he is normal he makes mistakes and he lerns from them i i mean i think he is one of the sexiest men i have ever seen and when am 18 he will be 25 oh yeah baby lol and i think that when he finds that girl he is in love with i will be pissed but not at him at the grl cuz i want to be her i mean i was thnking today that is i ever did meet hm i would really have to tape my mouth shut so i would not screem even tho i know he hates it it would be vary hard and if i did not screem i would probly fant becuase i was holding my breath but any way i would really just want to know what he likes and hope he wants to know what like you know but really tho leave him alone he is a sexy sane guy who is normal in his own way and he is not edwerd and never will be becuase edwerd is not real people and never will be and if robrt ever reads this you are the one that expared me to do what i love and disign cloths and just like you who joind something becuase of a girl i joind fashion becuase well you i mean i dont know how you and fashion has anythng to do with each other but t just did so hope you find the right one
posted by jokez on Jan 27, 2009
man yall r crazy dat guy is jus normal yea hes a nice guy but he really pisses me off he thinks to lil of himself i mean who wants a guy who thinks hes no good
posted by ferda on Jan 26, 2009
i have a ? is it true that ur sisters use to dress u up like a girl when u were 12 and interduced u as trewna
posted by Mel on Jan 23, 2009
I really am in love with him more than you Rob luva!(ha ha... no really i am!)
posted by Rob luva on Jan 23, 2009
Iam in love with him! i really mean it
posted by Lycan on Jan 23, 2009
I really like his looks and Iwill be chast untill i meet him!Well maybe not though.
posted by Katie on Jan 18, 2009
I agree with saying how crazy us women can be to any actor. Yes i am a fan of Roberts but im not a crazy fan who will run up to him on the street and say "BITE ME". thats so just ehh....I do give snaps to robert tho for puting up with all of it. you know that miss rite will come around sooner than you think Robert. i still have plenty of years for waiting for that one person. i am only 16. Just dont give up hope. and sooner or later the media will just give up. so dont worrie.
posted by jshaw on Jan 10, 2009
i really think that rob is good looking and i can understand that he is having trouble finding someone i would be a little wary in that department myself when most people just want you cause they are in lala land and think you are a real vampire that is just weird someone asking them to bite them. get a life people and leave poor rob alone.
posted by Reegz on Jan 05, 2009
yes im a big fan of rob too, his acting, and music and well looks lol. but geez you girls are crazy (not in the way that rob is talking about in relationships) so many of you's are pretty much writting him a letter on the net which might i add millions of people are ready and laughing going haa what morons!, when he'll most probly never ready them. chances are that you'll never meet him or marrie him although we all wish, so poeple really need to grow up and find a real person to bild a life and real relationship with. And let this poor guy enjoy is life and career insted of getting hounded where ever he goes, lol Dont worry Rob me and plenty of others got your back :P
posted by bree on Jan 05, 2009
well kristen stewart is definitly very strong...a little high at times!! they should date!!
posted by Aliya on Jan 04, 2009
Wow he really has boosted up my confidence in guys....To be honest around where i live guys don't like pay attention to me n my friends, us girls are really crazy and mad, and boys usually talk to us to 'catch jokes.' They never take us seriously when it comes to relationships:( But i'm glad rob likes mad girls...whoooop...thats jus soooo hawt :)
posted by Aelita on Jan 03, 2009
i dont think that robert is very hot but i do think he is good looking.i actually wish i could meet him someday but i know that would never ever happen. i do like hime but i know that he will never meet me in person.i wish i could meet him. i cant waste time chasing him because it wil never happen.
posted by Isla (from Sydney) on Jan 02, 2009
Some of these comments are bloody hilarious!! Robert is an actor, a singer, a songwriter, musician, son, brother, friend, and the most important of all is, HE is a free person! I say, GOOD on you ROB! Have a bloodyfantastic time fulfilling your dreams BUT stay true to your SELF. You may have all the glitter and money and fame and these beautiful women, BUT all these are temporary. Follow your path with your Heart, Rob, and dont lose the big picture! Cheers to you!!
posted by ECoo on Jan 02, 2009
I think Robert is a very good lookig man& a terrific actor!!People should leave him alone.
posted by scandace on Jan 01, 2009
This is just a matter of opinion but..I do not like this guy. I still do not understand why girls throw themselves at him. And to all the young girls, you are all beautiful and deserve someone great. Find a gentleman of your own with a heart of gold instead of obsessing over a fictional character.
posted by nina on Dec 31, 2008
Robert Pattison should really have a real life like all these girls are obsessed with him following him and people are just taking him to serious but i like him yes he is hot but im not going to wast my time chasing a movie star
posted by marjorie jane on Dec 30, 2008
your movie is very great
posted by ilassie96 on Dec 28, 2008
OMG my freind shannon is like sooooooooo obssessed with you! Well my freinds and i are like totally obssessed with twilight!(My freind shannon wants 2 marry you!Its funny though!)I'm very sorry you dont get any time to urself...hope things will get better! Lov ya!
posted by ilassie96 on Dec 28, 2008
OMG my freind shannon is like sooooooooo obssessed with you! Well my freinds and i are like totally obssessed with twilight!(My freind shannon wants 2 marry you!Its funny though!)I'm very sorry you dont get any time to urself...hope things will get better! Lov ya!
posted by KIMMY ANGEL on Dec 24, 2008
nancy, i think if you think that we are all obseesed, you shudnt be on the website.....
posted by kimmy angel on Dec 24, 2008
I <3 rob!!! me and my friends are obbsesed!! hes all we talk about! LOVE YOU ROB/EDWARD
posted by Zoe Houston on Dec 23, 2008
Haha! When he's 28 I'll be 21.
posted by on Dec 22, 2008
I have to be honest when i saw the movie twlight for the first time I was like look at him, but now reading some of the comments that he has said in some interviews I get why he is nervous around fans. PEOPLE are crazy!!! I did think when Robert said his qualities in woman are I laughed. but I wish you the best in whatevedr your future holds. I are a good lookin man and any woman you fall for should try to look past the fame and money and see what your personality is... and not what you could buy her. like me I am very independent and work very hard at my jog and I also go to school full time. So i know what it means to be able to be a strong woman... Good Luck and I am looking forward to seeing more movies with in and buying the current one as well..
posted by nancy on Dec 22, 2008
- -'..please guys..give him privacy..he just a human too..
posted by maura on Dec 22, 2008
well when he said he was into girls that are strong and like yeah well i just thought of all those little preppy girls that are like at my school and i thought oh,baby!well i thought y r u so like paranoid you are da most hottest guy eva if you'v got it flaunt it just put your slef out there i love ya and when im 18 you'll be 28 hell yeah! even though you go for older girls but who cares he mine laidies:)
posted by zeina on Dec 22, 2008
i hate you :( a lot
posted by katee on Dec 21, 2008
he seems to have a great personality & i love his sense of humor, that's like the most important aspect to me.
posted by crystal on Dec 20, 2008
I would love to date him he seems so different from other guys. I think famous people need to get to know nonfamous people more often because we are pretty amazing too! :)
posted by chloeandcharlie on Dec 19, 2008
could people stop talking about him like they actually know him i mean for crying out loud,,if people fancy him let them fancy him.
posted by mer de noms on Dec 18, 2008
Im gonna be honest and apologies for any offence taken but there is no way that this guy hasn't let all of this fame go to his head. I think thats the saddest part, from now on this guys life will be quiet complex and overly confusing. People throwing themselves at him and obsessing over the way he looks.... i can see why he hasnt found anyone yet.. he probably cant trust that they truly want to connect with him and not his status..
posted by mer de noms on Dec 18, 2008
Im gonna be honest and apologies for any offence taken but there is no way that this guy hasn't let all of this fame go to his head. I think thats the saddest part, from now on this guys life will be quiet complex and overly confusing. People throwing themselves at him and obsessing over the way he looks.... i can see why he hasnt found anyone yet.. he probably cant trust that they truly want to connect with him and not his status..
posted by mindleSs on Dec 16, 2008
I think that the people on this forum who talk down about and or think they know him so they judge and say he's annoying i say let him live life and stop being so UPPITY when you know nothing of him oh and get A LIFE..he cant help if he is the now and people LOVE HIM..let him live in the spotlight he might end up staying and become the next BRAD PITT..and you still won't be able to do anything.
posted by kris10 on Dec 14, 2008
he's so hot. i hope he finds the "mental" one he's looking for who cares lots for him and wo can committ. it must be so hard to be in the spotlight and date. he* so young though he shouldn't be in any hurry. i'll wait for him lol!
posted by arin on Dec 14, 2008
i say that when u see some one famous like Rob, dont ambush him he'll only think ur annoying. i know either way hes hot.. at first i wasnt really into him but, now im really starting to like him. i think its really akward that he likes strong women, because well its not like im all muscle or anything im just not one of those preppy sissy girls ..if u know wat i mean.
posted by melissa on Dec 14, 2008
wow. girls can be girls haha. [:
posted by melissa on Dec 14, 2008
wow. girls can be girls haha. [:
posted by Ashley on Dec 14, 2008
He's probably looking for the right kind of girl. I think he probably shouldn't look for a relationship until he's less popular and girl's are not just going after him for his fame and fortune. Robert seems like a nice guy, but if he's having problems with relationships and doesn't have very many or just right now, maybe just maybe he doesn't know how to make one work. Maybe he has issues, like not making a girl feel special, stuff a boyfriend should do. He could lack in that. But, no doubt that he is nice. Personall I think he is gorgeous but....if I were to meet him and we got along well, I would just settle for friends. And plus the last thing he needs right now is a relationship, the girls who are crazy for him would either go at him some more or, get royally pissed and something bad would happen, and make his life all the more complicated.
posted by Sara from Atlanta on Dec 13, 2008
Lord, people. Give the guy a break. Seriously. And, no, I don't think he meant psychotic when he said "mental." I think he meant funny, wacky sense of humor mental. I think he got flustered and started speaking gibberish. He's notoriously shy and when he gets nervous, he can't talk straight. It's pretty positive he means zany, independent, and strong-willed. The whole hate him thing is because he seriously lacks confidence in himself. Anyone who's not legally blind can see that.
posted by amy from texas on Dec 12, 2008
he's not as bad as people think he is!!he's a person like everyone else,except he's on tv movies. it's outragious how he is followed and drooled over just because he plays a part in an amazing movie.but it wasnt him in the movie, IT WAS A CHARACTER!!i have to admit he played it pretty good, but that's not who he is in real life. and if he sees this message, then i want him to know that yes he is loved by fans, but they love his character...they dont love him for himself
posted by sweetsaltaddict on Dec 12, 2008
i think he's really interesting, a very weird guy lol
posted by Michelle on Dec 12, 2008
Rob is so cute. I feel so sorry for him and all that he is going through right now with the fans, especially the ones that sleep outside his apartment and leave notes on his car. On the other hand all those things come with the job.
posted by PattR on Dec 12, 2008
Okay, so we read and believe all tabloids now? First off, How do you know if that girl that claimed to date him actually dated him? What proof does anyone have? Calling Robert a liar is a huge accusation. Being an actor is a difficult thing with papparazi always trying to get a scoop. People lying to make a buck. Crazy...does not mean psychopath, how about passionate, ambitious, strong, driven, all a form of crazy or can be if to the extreme. It's hard to know who is real or not because sometimes people like you for the wrong reasons. Just a thought.
posted by abredanigrmn on Dec 11, 2008
seriously my sister just showed me this page and I can't even imagine what he would be going through. Granted he is extremely attractive, but people need to understand that he is just like us (just better looking with a killer job) and also to the girls freaking out about how much you "want" don't even know him and odds are that you never will. Sorry to be cruel, but it's the fact of it all
posted by dudette on Dec 11, 2008
that would be funny if someone stabbed him, i wonder if he wouldnt come out anymore? lol. everytime i see him on t.v. now, i change the channel. hes kinda getting on my nerves, although i probably wouldnt say that to his face, cuz i am a loser.
posted by rita on Dec 10, 2008
LOL lynn true say. did you hear about the girl he dated for a few months? Apparently he told her a story about how he grew up in a poor family ,etc. What a liar.
posted by Ambar on Dec 10, 2008
He has to proposed to Kristen again. She seems more vulnerable now and He is so ready to commit!
posted by j. on Dec 10, 2008
too bad he had to be the character from such a terrible book.
posted by Silver on Dec 10, 2008
I adore him! I don't want someone like Robert Pattinson, I WANT ROBERT PATTINSON. The original! He has ruined all men for me, seriously, just ask my boyfriend.
posted by Silver on Dec 10, 2008
I adore him! I don't want someone like Robert Pattinson, I WANT ROBERT PATTINSON. The original! He has ruined all men for me, seriously, just ask my boyfriend.
posted by lynn on Dec 10, 2008
maybe nobody commits because he doesn't.
posted by Natalie on Dec 10, 2008
I love his smile, and definitely that humor of his....he is not a serious guy at all, very unpredictable
posted by Cindy on Dec 10, 2008
Rita, who is that girl he dated? more info please
posted by Mary on Dec 10, 2008
silver, yea I know what u mean, just ask my husband.
posted by Mary on Dec 10, 2008
....wait I thought his girlfriend is Annalyesse Schoenberger.
posted by natalie costello on Dec 10, 2008
im so in love wit rob he is my future husband
posted by sonotmrscullenaftert on Dec 10, 2008
It's kind of funny, because I told my friendsthat, should I ever meet pattinson in person, the one thing I would ask of him is if I could touch his hair. I don't know why, but for some reason it's hot. (:
posted by sarah on Dec 10, 2008
Robert Pattinson is extremely unique..and that's what makes him so attractive to me. From his hair to his voice to his humor, he just overall amazes me. But it's going to be hard for him to find the right girl for many girls will fake the "perfect girl" for Rob and it'll end up blowing up in his face...but I really hope he finds who he's looking for. He deserves it.
posted by chewy on Dec 10, 2008
wow. girls really are creepy..
posted by casey on Dec 10, 2008
it would be heard to find a real relationship in the hollywood spotlight. most hollywood relationships never work and if you date someone out side of the the spot light who knows if there intensions are real. All i know is he has a great personality and i hope he finds someone that matches his personaility!
posted by Greenlee on Dec 10, 2008
God, Pattinson annoys me. Cute, but annoying!
posted by purfyoom on Dec 10, 2008
give the poor guy a break... everyday there are new interviews with him, he really doesn't have any private anymore.
posted by jade on Dec 10, 2008
Talk about setting himself for automatic failure. Asks for qualities in a woman... who also scare the cr@p out of him. ?? Hate to say it but he's just looking for as much "action" this will get him. Prove me wrong and get himself a decent girlfriend...who starts off available in the first place. Then I'll drop my manwhore ideas.
posted by jazzy on Dec 10, 2008
i like robert pattinson a lot but i am not ubssesed i have never hung any celebity boy on my wall before exept him i dont know there is just somthin about him that i love!!
posted by amanda on Dec 10, 2008
I see what he means it must be hard to have a real Relationship with someone when everyone want you .You don't know who is fake or real .It must suck I hope he finds his true person he belongs with.

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