Premiere Date for Demi Lovato's 'La La Land' Music Video Set

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato's single which is co-written by the Jonas Brothers will have its music video premiered on December 19.

A date has been set to premiere the new music video from Demi Lovato. The Disney star will have her music video for "La La Land", the second single from her debut album "Get Back", aired for the first time on Disney Channel on December 19 at 8 P.M. ET, in time for a special encore of Demi's TV movie with Jonas Brothers, "Camp Rock".

The video is about a young artist's life in Hollywood, complete with its red carpet, limos, photoshoots and her life back at home, Texas. There will be appearances by Demi's co-stars in her new TV series "Sonny with a Chance" that will air February next year. They are Tiffany Thornton, Sterling Knight, Doug Brochu, Brandon Smith and Allisyn Arm.

"La La Land" is one of the tracks which is co-written by Demi herself. On this particular single, she was assisted in the process by Jonas Brothers.

Some pictures from the video shoot of "La La Land" music video are compiled in a video below.




    Oct 17, 2009

    i luv ur songs

    Jul 05, 2009

    I have demi Lovato's AIm . I talk to her all the time on webcam, But I don't think she would webcam with you because you don't know her personally but you can still chat with her , Her AIM is : demerzXD

    Jun 22, 2009

    demi lovato is obviously a huge star and i dont lke her because of that i think shs a very nice, original person. shes not a skank like mileycyrus and selena gomz... no offence... shes a very nice person! I LOVE U! um... where can i find the cast and crew of the musi video la la land? is megan fox in it?

    Dec 27, 2008

    i love you you are so awsome

    Dec 19, 2008

    luvd tis song.. :)

    Dec 17, 2008

    i love demi. i cant wait for the video & the show;D

    Dec 15, 2008

    wow! i love her music. she makes her music come alive! I'm a big fan! you and selena remind me of me an my bff. we sing together and put on shows. i preformed with my band @the loympic trials. it was fun.

    Dec 13, 2008

    i love demiii

    Dec 13, 2008

    Get Back isn't the album of Demi. It's her first single. The album's called Don't Forget. :D

    Dec 12, 2008

    YAY!!!!!!!!! I love this song! it's one of my favorites on the cd! I can't wait.

    hahaa =) x
    Dec 11, 2008

    demi u rule

    Dec 11, 2008

    demi is so awesome and amazing. you guys are hypocrrites because before you hated her when she apeared on as the bell rings come on admit it. it waS ALL Over youtube ''we hate demi'' but now she is famous you guys love her. hypocrites,. demi RULES!!! im so happy for her omg. ive been her fan since she was on barney which is like nine years now. i remember watching the episodes. demi was only on for 2 years but she sure waas my fave charrie

    Dec 10, 2008

    i love nick jonas wat a HUNKYY HONKERRR!♥

    Dec 10, 2008

    Team Demi And Selena. since miley sucks, and there the greatest people alive.

    Dec 10, 2008

    "sonny with a chance" isn't a tv's a show...

    Dec 10, 2008

    demi is amazinggg! more success is sure to come to her! WE LOVE YOU DEMI! :D

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