Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's 'Twilight' Dolls Available for Pre-Order

December 09, 2008 07:30:10 GMT

Tonner Doll Company turns Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's characters in "Twilight," Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, into dolls which have been available for pre-order.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson
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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's characters in "Twilight", Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, have been made into dolls. Their roles are the first among those in the vampire flick that are turned into plastic.

Tonner Doll Company is the one which makes the dolls. The company is offering Bella and Edward's dolls for pre-order at

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, meanwhile, have been busy touring the globe to boost the ticket sales of their box office movie "Twilight." On Saturday, December 6, they were seen attending the German premiere of the romance-thriller-action flick. Then on Monday, December 8, they attended the Paris photocall for the flick.

In the meantime, it has been reported that filming of "New Moon," the sequel of "Twilight", will be begun in March 2009. And while its director Catherine Hardwicke won't make a return to the sequel, both Kristen and Robert are expected to make a comeback.


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posted by jenn philippines on Nov 21, 2009
twilight saga's just the best book i've ever read! im gonna read it all over again.. kristen & rob pattinson just rocks! luv em!
posted by keeles on Oct 28, 2009
Twilight is so totally awesome! I've got all the books! I have almost finished breaking dawn. And kristian if you are reading this I am your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!and rob patterson is sooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by bella on Sep 18, 2009
I love the movie twilight I wish they would come to my house so i could talk to both of them
posted by mrs.cullen on Sep 13, 2009
omg..........that is kick ***!!!!!i soooooo want 19 just like kristen!!!!yay cant wait to get one
posted by Kristen Stewart on Aug 24, 2009
Thanks to all my fans.Thousand kisses Kristen.
posted by Kristen Stewart on Aug 24, 2009
thanks to all my fans
posted by mickii on Aug 22, 2009
bella u look sexy n pretty. u 2 edward omg
posted by arianna on Aug 06, 2009
also Rob i think u are reallt cute and one more thing for Kristen u r a role model to me and i want to be just like u and my fsmily is gonna be making a big move to Chicago and i dont want to move and i just look up to u.
posted by arianna on Aug 06, 2009
Kristen you are so awesome iv seen like all ur movies and i think u r very pretty good luck with all the twilight stuff and i hope i can meet u some day.
posted by WISHIN I WAS BELLA on Jul 28, 2009
posted by twilight luvr on Jul 28, 2009
posted by simona_frmusik_96@ia on Jul 04, 2009
swering Aphrodite: Edward and somtimes it’s a tie… I’m going crazy I asked my dad to get me all four books…(hoping for the fith to be published) and I ead the over and over and a million times over… (hellooo? I said I was going crazy)
posted by frfgghgfgbnh on Apr 01, 2009
i agree they should definetley come to Australia!!
posted by tudo sobre rob on Feb 26, 2009
Oi!Sou Brasileira!!Só sei algumas coisas em inglês!!!
posted by klkmonster on Feb 23, 2009
Even though we look alike
posted by klkmonster on Feb 23, 2009
One more thing My name is Kirsten so me and Kristen could be twinz but id rather have Selena Gomez and Demi Lavato
posted by klkmonster on Feb 23, 2009
I like rob tooo but i'm not in love with him! Were You in love with him when he waz Cedrick Diggory? P.S. I'ts funny Harry Potter and twilight are agaenst eatch other when Rob waz in both P.P.S. Can't wait For The next Book and the movies
posted by Alexis on Feb 23, 2009
posted by brittabug on Feb 17, 2009
Edward cullen come meet me i love u ur so hot i dream about u every night i wish i was bella!I LOVE U EDWARD CULLEN!!!!
posted by courtney on Feb 04, 2009
posted by courtney on Feb 04, 2009
posted by alexa on Jan 25, 2009
i think twilight is the best movie i ever seen and if kristen and robert are reading this: i love u guys.u rock. i aslo think robert is cute.
posted by spoil on Jan 18, 2009
Twilight is the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even Harry Potter is better!!!!!!!!
posted by nannon on Jan 13, 2009
omg ily edward cullen come 2 new zealand my mates and i love u and robert pattinson and kristen stewart r so kwl hes hawt
posted by Elizaaaa on Jan 09, 2009
Wellllllll I love Robert...u guys can all share Edward....while I have rob muahaha jokes jokes Yeah seriously they should come to australiaaaaaa :)
posted by cgd on Jan 04, 2009
did he come to virginia]
posted by leelzie on Jan 03, 2009
omg! i luv u edward i hope to see u in my life b4 i am 20 nd i cant wait to see u on the big screen again u r da bomb mate! i luv ya! u r doin a great job and i luv your work! i wish i was bella! i luv u both! come to australia so i can see ya! luv, leelz lol
posted by Leelzie again! on Jan 02, 2009
hehe.ok i am so obsessed with this movie! i love this movie and edward and bella they r the best and girls, back off ok? lol hahah jks. if edward reads this, i am from australia and i luv ya! do a tour in australia! there r people living there u know!luv, me!
posted by leelzie on Jan 02, 2009
wasup.....i think this is THE best movie in the world! everything i have is twilight or robert pattinson or kristen stewart they r the bomb! i am so jealous of bella i feel like killin her! lol
posted by pnkgirl4 on Jan 02, 2009
omg robert pattinson i dream of u every night wishing that one day u woud come to pa and go to the country mall to hot topic i love that store i look up ur pictuers all the time and i have ur poster in my room i love thim the hot and i have some on my computer and ur pictuers for my background i wish uwould go out with kristen who cares how old she and u are go get her maybe if she has a boy freind and u have a girlfreind i thnk u guys are right for each other. <3 u robert pattinson
posted by pnkgirl4 on Jan 02, 2009
omg robert is so hot and sexy i wish he can come to my mall in pa counrty mall
posted by pnkgirl4 on Jan 02, 2009
omg robert is so hot and sexy i wish he can come to my mall in pa counrty mall
posted by Jessica and Autumn on Dec 30, 2008
omg you have never met a twlight fan til you met me and jess we are completely in love with you Edward we know you are the hottest guy in the world we dream about you in are sleep we think and talk about you baby you sexy thang you. and if they EVER TRY TO TAKE YOU OUT OF THE TWLIGHT SERIES THEY HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL YOUR FANS ESPECIALLY US!!!!!! our dream is to meet you but i guess that will never happen. WE LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Haylee on Dec 29, 2008
Kristen u have been being a good role modal for me right now because we are going through alot of family problems right now my mom works so much i never see her my dads never home and my sisters have an eating dissorter i so wish i could be u right now and my mom is trying to get me in acting lessons because i told her on the phone i want to be just like u.
posted by Haylee on Dec 29, 2008
i love the movie twilight i wish i could be u bella/kristen
posted by <333 on Dec 29, 2008
I <3 Edward and Jasper
posted by yomama on Dec 21, 2008
thats exciting

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