Keyshia Cole and Lil Wayne Cover Mary J. Blige's 'I Love You'

December 09, 2008 03:27:19 GMT

Audio of Keyshia Cole's version of the 1994 hit single by Mary J. Blige, that also has Lil Wayne on the hook, is released.

Keyshia Cole and Lil Wayne Cover Mary J. Blige's 'I Love You'
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Keyshia Cole and Lil Wayne have been spending time together quite recently and the result of their collaboration has come out through a song called "I Love You". The song is not a new material that they develop in the studio but rather a cover version of Mary J. Blige's 1994 hit that appeared on her second album "My Life".

Cole will kick off a joint tour called "I Am Music" with Lil Wayne on Sunday December 14 in Miami, Florida. Joining the pair are T-Pain, Keri Hilson and Hip-Hop group Gym Class Heroes. Complete schedule for the 24-dates tour, can be found on its press release.

Keyshia Cole recently received two Grammy nominations through her song "Heaven Sent" that is contending for "Best Female R&B Vocal Performance," and "Best R&B Song." Lil Wayne meanwhile, scores biggest number of nominations in the prestigious awards, taking in 8 nods, mainly for his work in "Tha Carter III".

Audio of Keyshia Cole's "I Love You" feat. Lil Wayne


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posted by nique on Feb 12, 2010
what u doing
posted by butta on Dec 24, 2009
Hello kiesha cole congrats on ur new baby to come n on ur beautiful carreer ur amazing n 1 of thee best dat eva done it I luv u as a artist n person period u made me strong as a woman comin out of heartache n bondage n I appreciate ur outgoing stability to talk bout ur life n family it only makes u stronga! B blessed u n family n ur relationship I wish u well! Merry xmas n happy new year
posted by ger REAL on Jul 28, 2009
Excuse my typos,. but yall get the point!
posted by Get REAL on Jul 28, 2009
This is all a bunch of silliness. Kendu started this silly stuff bringing his pillow talk inot the station. he should have kept his comments about whateve rhis wife said to himself, now she has to back his silly a*# comments. It would NOT have hurt anyone to allow Mary's protege' to sing at her tribute! 1st off, Mary J Blige needs to grow up. I am her age, so I remember all the poor vocal performances she gave. real talk a Mary concert was hit and miss back in the 90;s. As a true fan I had to defend her vocals after many concerts. She has come a long way vocally and has forgotten where she started as a vocalist. ALL and I mean ALL vocalists and many rappers tend to mature with time. Keyshia Cole is no different her 1st album was just raw and uncut. he concerts are hit and miss, MUCH like Mary was. Get this straight... Keyshia Cole looks up to Mary she does not want to be her. It is the fans and media that have built up the comparison betweeen them causing yet another black artist on artist beef. It's all dumb. Both women are talented and I feel people should allow Keyshia to be Keyshia and Mary is gonna be Mary! Thank You!
posted by kay on Apr 15, 2009
Queen Of Hip Hop Soul. What can I say.Keysha your good but not ready for Mary's spot yet. Im not a hater but K.C sound so bad singing that song. She can sing but that was not the song for her, thats why the song didnt get much play.
posted by Deion\'Dre Ely on Mar 26, 2009
Love you is the best you and Mary Blige I LVOE you so mach by by baby love you for ever love deiondre ely
posted by tj on Jan 22, 2009
wtf bitches shut the fuck up cause you will never be as fly,or ass clasy ass keyshia miesha cole... thanks trust that..
posted by DeepEst-FanTasy24 on Dec 18, 2008
Look, for all You hatin hoe bitches, leave the girl alone.. ITS LIL WAYNES SONG!! she had to sing it her own way.. why not be different.. like y'll on heels.. it don't even sound bad.. ya'll bitches buggin....
posted by datnicca713 on Dec 18, 2008
they murked dis str8 up! HATERS! they should hook up 4 real
posted by MS.LOUISIANA on Dec 16, 2008
yall bitches hating give the girl a chance!!they both ripped it sounds like 4 the record but upgraded that's all!!!
posted by JDogg on Dec 16, 2008
she messed up a mary classic...bitch write your own shit.
posted by tioundra body on Dec 12, 2008
posted by tioundra body on Dec 12, 2008
I like your soings u is the best
posted by ilovemybaby on Dec 11, 2008
they both killed it. they made this song new. dont sit here and hate off it.
posted by huh? on Dec 10, 2008
she ruined mary's song. this makes me want to throw up! i am absolutely disgusted. if this gets radio play i hope they play mary's right after. what a mess!
posted by Nufsed909 on Dec 10, 2008
This is a classic joint, and if it wasnt close to its original perfection it should have been left alone. Lil Wayne did his thing, made it alittle more attractive, however Keyshia is not on point with this at all. Mary's version showcased lots of wind control, Keyshia chopped every note and tried to make it her own. However, Keyshia is still in the "finding-myself" phase, so trying to cover something so familiar is a very difficult task. I give this record a D-. No emotion, No uniqueness, No quality!
posted by jhizzo on Dec 10, 2008
you dont touch MJB joints ever. no one can compare to the queen. i love keyshia but she embarrassed herself on this. MJB & Smif n Wessun to Keyshia Cole and Lil Wayne? thats a joke.

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