Robert Pattinson 'Terrible at Baseball'

December 06, 2008 07:00:18 GMT

"I think sports are stupid," Robert Pattinson says, adding that "I'm terrible at baseball."

Robert Pattinson
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Becoming one of nowadays most-searched actors due to the success of his vampire drama flick "Twilight," Robert Pattinson admits he isn't good at sports and is terrible at baseball despite the fact that there's a scene where he had to play baseball in "Twilight." "I think sports are stupid," he says.

"Catherine Hardwicke was so determined to make me look like a professional baseball player she had this coach teach me this ready position, this little squat," Robert reveals further recalling his experience shooting "Twilight" with the movie director. "I was like 'I'll do it on the last day of filming'. Catherine was like 'No, let me see it.'"

He adds, "It was very embarrassing. I'm terrible at baseball. I'm terrible at every sport apart from running. I'm terrible at that now, too!"

Recently, it was revealed that Robert Pattinson usually picks up some of the characteristics of his character, which is vampire Edward Cullen, when he is "out with the ladies." About that, he jokingly told the press, "I've been known for a little nibble." Previously, it has also been revealed that proposing to girls as a joke when introducing himself to them is one of his unusual habits.


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posted by Eva on Dec 16, 2010
And i luv u lol just kidding but ur way better that taylor lautner!! No affence to him
posted by Eva on Dec 16, 2010
Hiyax You looked like u were really good at sports in the movie!!!!well baseball.
posted by ally on Sep 06, 2009
I love you robert i hope i can meet you some day and where do you live ???
posted by Sara on Apr 15, 2009
It is feather the Robert not to like of sport. I adore, and I didn't care anything of knowing to play baseball. Of any way, I adored the film, and you, were not anything badly ( for who is so old :). When you wants to visit Portugal, if you need of house, you alfeady knoms. It is a quiet an beautiful town. Without any other intentions. Kisses
posted by Sara on Apr 15, 2009
Again, me.Correction of two mistakes. When you wants to visit Portugal, you already knows. Hugs and a sweet kiss.
posted by Natalie on Jan 05, 2009
I`m also bad in all sports,..but i read,rob is good in the snowboarding,isn`t he?..never mind!
posted by Melissa on Dec 16, 2008
Awww Rob, I hate sports too! Nikki and Kellan said you run like a mountain goat. But no one wants to see you run, we just want to see you walk away...yum
posted by Ashley on Dec 14, 2008
Robert, try bowling. It's not that hard.
posted by baseball on Dec 09, 2008
Oh me god I can't not saying anything,when he was playing the baseball,its like the worlds want to be crash down he can run so fast,idont want a hope to meet him because I know that can't not be happening,because me country its so far far away,indonesia,so I just pray for him he can a be more success viona
posted by Cheyenne in love on Dec 08, 2008
Robert you are so amazing im in love with YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Jess on Dec 08, 2008
Rob is a great actor. I definately admire him, and not solely for his part in Twilight, however his ability to deal with his new found fame and remain modest and down to earth. He seems like a great person, I really hope I have the privilidge of meeting him one day.
posted by Bhanvi on Dec 08, 2008
I love u robert ummmmmm
posted by abercombie_xoxo on Dec 08, 2008
Hey Robert I love You so much! Your my favorite actor ever. I hope I get to meet you one day!
posted by Sarah on Dec 06, 2008
Rob is so cute he can nibble me anyday!! :D
posted by Edward and me on Dec 06, 2008
propose to me PLEASE!
posted by AdriannaB on Dec 06, 2008
rob can propose to me anyday xD
posted by Kate on Dec 06, 2008
i LOVE this guy..he so funny..!
posted by sk! on Dec 06, 2008
the baseball scene was DEFINATLY one of the best scenes.

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