Robert Pattinson Credits Local Drama Group for Acting Success

December 05, 2008 09:15:31 GMT

"I owe everything to the Barnes Theatre Club," Robert Pattinson admits when crediting the local drama group to have contributed to his success in film industry.

Robert Pattinson
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Finding his nowadays fame as "a bit of a surprise", Robert Pattinson confesses he began his acting career from nothing and so credits his local drama group, Barnes Theatre Club, to have contributed to his popularity. "I owe everything to the Barnes Theatre Club," he says in a statement.

"I never did acting in school," Robert recalls further. "My dad was in a restaurant and saw a bunch of pretty girls and decided to go up and ask where they had been. They said they went to this drama club, so he said we'd better go down too! It's the only time he's done something like that," so he shares the story on how he learned acting for the very first time in his life.

"We went down there and I began to work backstage. Then one day I was the only one left to play a leading role. That was the first acting I'd done and yet somehow I got an agent," he continues.

In another Robert Pattinson news, it has been reported that the movie hunk often feels guilty over fans' fascination, reasoning that he can offer nothing to them in return. "I mean people yesterday at the premiere, some were like 'I've come from Brazil just to stand here for the premiere'. I used to get so stressed out because people are screaming at you. And you just think 'What do I have to do? I cant give anything back to you at all," GMTV quotes him as saying.

"Literally, I'm like 'Do you wanna come home with me?' Please don't answer that! I'm just saying it to be nice!" he adds.


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posted by Twilight fan on Sep 09, 2010
Im not an obsessed fan i am just in love with R.P and T.L and of course the awesome kristen stewart!!
posted by HawBea on Jul 27, 2009
what AGE did robert pattinson start attending drama school? thanks
posted by sara young on Apr 10, 2009
u r so HOT I mean if somone does NOT like him they r coocoo bananas I tell u bananas and i mean it to ha bye!!!:*)
posted by rpatgirl on Jan 30, 2009
this guy is just amazing in this movie!!!! he is a good actor!!!! but i like him so much when he sang his songs!!!!! just an amazing man!!!!! he is so gorgeous!!! a real gentleman !!!! i'm waiting for new moon!!!!!!! xxx
posted by cl-1 on Dec 22, 2008
I dont think there could be a better Edward Cullin... he nailed it
posted by Jen-In-TN on Dec 08, 2008
This guy is so great! I mean of course he is gorgeous/beautiful/hot,etc, but his is so talented in acting & music. His personality is one of the best I've ever seen from a celebrity. I hope he persues his music career to. AWESOME. He shows such sincerity to his fans. Gotta love this guy!!!
posted by holly on Dec 05, 2008
cool....he hot
posted by Raul on Dec 05, 2008
posted by Pinkstarlett84 on Dec 05, 2008
I adore this man and his many many many talents.
posted by Jahkissez on Dec 05, 2008
Smart, humble .. thats how a good actor and a man should behave. Please dude, keep it up!

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