Robert Pattinson's 'Little Ashes' Welcomes Trailer

December 04, 2008 04:21:55 GMT

Javier Beltran and Robert Pattinson share screen as unlikely lovers, Federico Garcia Lorca and Salvador Dali, in Paul Morrison-directed drama 'Little Ashes'.

Robert Pattinson's 'Little Ashes' Welcomes Trailer
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Following the previous outing of two clips, "Little Ashes" has just got its first trailer. Timed around 2:19, the video footage serves as an introduction to main character Salvador Dali and his two friends, Federico Garcia Lorca and Luis Bunuel. It also highlights the untold romantic story between Dali and Lorca, and the political unrest of pre-Spanish Civil War.

Set against the backdrop of Fascist Spain in 1922, the Regent Releasing drama follows three of the era's most creative young talents, Dali, Lorca and Bunuel. Setting off on a course to change their world, the three form a bond when they meet at university. But, their friendship becomes strained as Dali and Lorca's relationship develops into an unusual love affair.

Taking its title from Salvador Dali's 1927-28 painting Cenicitas, "Little Ashes" stars Robert Pattinson as Dali, Javier Beltran as Federico Garcia Lorca and Matthew McNulty as Luis Bunuel. This drama film from director Paul Morrison has been premiered at the 16th annual Raindance film festival in London back in October. It will get its limited U.S. release sometime in 2009.

"Little Ashes" Trailer:


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posted by -.- on Apr 01, 2010
its a briliant film i would like to see in the kino but its not comming to the kino's this film ist just beatifuland i must crying when i see this movie...<3
posted by twilightfan on Jul 23, 2009
NO!!does he know all the ppl that think hes gay already i hope they dont see it!but he wanted to do the movie!
posted by A person on Jul 12, 2009
I really think Rob is brave to do an act like this. It looks like a great movie, and as some people said before i hope they are not just going to see it to see Rob nude, or have sex with a man. But i still really want to see it because it looks like a very touching movie
posted by lillyG1981 on Jun 04, 2009
oh btw just because he plays a gay guy doesnt mean he is.... plus i can wait till the movie is here i will go and see it
posted by lillyG1981 on Jun 04, 2009
I love robert pattinson(patty) its part of his job and really it doesnt matter that in this movie that is he gay... love him no matter what... people are so rude and should grow up a bit...
posted by Emily!!!! on May 22, 2009
I really want to see this movie and just because Rob plays a gay part dose not mean that he is gay and it seems like a decent film!
posted by hopeful on May 20, 2009
You think the world has grown to accept homosexuality in some way until you read comments like the ones on this page. It is 2009 and a film with such history and depth like this one must have people only talking about Rob P playing a gay roll? Do you think this is the only gay roll an actor of his caliber has played? You are the people that are slowing this world down and make it dumb.
posted by maryxa on May 18, 2009
no sabes la gran irritacion de no poder ver la pelicula despues de leer todo lo bueno de ella espero que la pongan en mas salas de cine robert es un gran actor espero ver mas peliculas de el
posted by bitch on May 12, 2009
omg i love this gay ass movie and who ever is gay stay gay! YOU ROCK!!!!!
posted by riely on May 12, 2009
i just saw the trailer for little ashes and what's with the swimming naked? They are going to make him do that in Breaking Dawn too. Poor Robert but Kristen's probley looking forward to it. jk lol
posted by bitch on May 12, 2009
fuck you
posted by bitch on May 12, 2009
this girls are fucking stupid.
posted by riely on May 12, 2009
Why in the world would someone make Robert Pattinson of all people have sex with a man. You should just changed it so poor Robert wouldn't have to do it. So that's it and i know Robert will nail it!!!!!
posted by spunk ransome on May 08, 2009
my rob is brave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
posted by Cathy on May 02, 2009
I don't know why directors think the audience needs to see the hard core sex scenes--- People are smart enough to know what is going on in a movie than to have the explicit detail played out. Rob even admits he was uncomfortable doing the nude shots. May be Rob needed the money back then? As this flick was made before "Twilight" came out. But, if your not comfortable doing a role, posing for playboy ect. DON'T DO IT!
posted by Alice on Apr 11, 2009
I must say Allegra, you have said everything that i was going to. And Rob should pick what ever movies he feels comfortable with and if he wanted to do this movie........ good on him!
posted by Allegra on Apr 04, 2009
Just read about the nervous breakdown following the sex seen in the Salvador Dali movie… It is a totally understandable and expected reaction to having to go against nature, however, if it was me, I would try to focus on the artistic side of the act.. of course I haven’t seen the movie, but considering that it’s going to be a piece of art, having a straight man pull that off would be a much bigger achievement then just hiring an already gay actor to play that role… So Rob, if you’re still having inner battles about that, I hope you’ll get over it and I also hope that whomever is planning on seeing the movie would do it for more reasons then just to look at “naked Edward” or see “the hottest Vampire” doing it with a man…There will be a lot of spectators who would appreciate your talent as an actor and would be watching the so- called “erotic” seen/s with an objective and mature perspective. You were asked to play the role of an icon and to fully do it you had to portray all the important details of that person’s life… one crucial detail had to be hard core sex with a male… so be it…that just shows how serious you are about your acting career and willing to go beyond your boundaries to succeed… Kudos to that. Looking forward to seeing the movie..
posted by Concerned on Mar 31, 2009
I wish that Rob could have picked a different film to show how diverse he is. This is a little too much for most people. I am hoping that he will realize how great of an actor he is, and be a little more cautious with the next films he takes on. However, I wish him the best of luck.
posted by friendly forever 14 on Mar 26, 2009
i love robert pattinson and i am looking forward to see this big hit !!!!!!!! LOL
posted by estephany on Mar 26, 2009
Robert pattinson is hot !!!!!
posted by estephany on Mar 26, 2009
Robert pattinson is hot !!!!!
posted by Johnna on Mar 12, 2009
Does anyone know if there is any plans on this film being nationwide? I live in an area that usually has no chance at viewing independant films, but after seeing the trailers and reading these comments I am jumping out of my skin with the anxiety that I have to see this film. I am a Rob Pattison fan because of what I have seen sparks of in past performances from him, I have felt that he is an amazing artist in the making and from the sounds of this film, he is there.
posted by OCD on Feb 19, 2009
I cant wait to see this film, It looks so wonderfull,I am so happy he played a gay character it will sort out his true fans not just the Edward lovers. Rob is an unreal actor and deserves the best roles so he can continue to wow us all
posted by ehanes on Jan 20, 2009
wow reading all of these comment has got me really excited to go see the movie. ive watched the trailer a hundred times and im very excited for it! rob is going to be amazing!
posted by sasha on Jan 02, 2009
I guess this role is a wonderful chance for us to see another Robert, other side of his skill. I bet it was a good experience for him. First thing I thought of when heard him doing this movie was Heath Ledger in 'Brokeback Mountain'though it's not one and the same thing. Somebody told Robert isn't good enough to pull this show off but I don't actually agree. He is an actor and his main aim is to make us believe speaking of this role - that he's a homosexual, though he's not. Heath wasn't either but he really did his best and I still consider this role to be one of his greatest. I hope Robert did his best too, cause I'm gettin tired of everybody associating him only with Edward Cullen and Cedric Diggory characters. That really sucks. He is much more and I'm sure one day I'll watch him getting his first Oscar and I hope not the last.
posted by lissette on Dec 29, 2008
I think i would like to wach the fillm but it is a little weard the fact that robert pattinson is a homosexual because i dont think someone as hot as him could pull it of
posted by ROBSWIFEY on Dec 08, 2008
posted by robpattinsonlvr1701 on Dec 08, 2008
okay i want to see this movie but the fact that robert plays a homosexual is a bit disturbing. but i really want to see it. and also the fact that it is rated R for sexual content and brief disturbing images kinda throws me for a loop...ummmmm...yea....BUT I REALLY WANT TO SEE IT!
posted by Ruth on Dec 07, 2008
A few comments I saw on IMDB from people who have seen the film: The writer (Phillipa, who seemed beyond lovely) did a really amazing job with Dali in the early part of the film, I thought. She makes him really personable, in spite of his eccentricities - there was never a doubt in my head that Lorca could and would be drawn to him, and Rob is always so endearing it's a really great combination. He brings a real likeability to Dali, which totally changed my perception of Dali when he moves to Paris and then comes back as a slightly more affected version of himself. And the way Rob plays that is great, because even when Dali's doing things beyond the usual and even being almost cruelly superior and self-involved, there's the occasional flicker of the other Dali, the real one, who has this inherent sadness, motivated by his fears. As if he's trying to get out of this persona he's created, but he's too scared. I was really happy - as a Rob fan - with everything in the film. He gets some wonderful light moments (for me, that was when he really shone, because he has this inherent comic timing that you just can't learn and it's onscreen magic), and then some really intense scenes, where he really delivers emotionally too. I've seen reviews of HTB saying that it's amazing how he flips between the two with such speed and skill, and I agree.
posted by got2know on Dec 05, 2008
sooo is this like another broke back mountain? is robert with another guy??
posted by Twilight Is My Crack on Dec 04, 2008
I just loved the preview,and also saw part of the movie and it's true they havegreat chemistry in a weird kind of way ,but I like it.Rob really knows how to put a show on tht's why he won th award.LOVE U ROB!!!
posted by Angel on Dec 04, 2008
does anyone know the music in the trailer? im in love with it. please help. x
posted by estram on Dec 04, 2008
Saw the film at screening and Pattinson and Beltran had wonderful chemsitry. Both actors got the essence of the characters. Pattinson's role was harder as its so easy to go over the top but he pulled off a wonderful performance. The film looks visually stunning and I found the time flew by. A totally engrossing and absorbing film. Fangirls of Pattinson will have much to enjoy. He makes a great on screen drunk and has excellent comic timing. Javier Beltran was excellent and has the larger role of the two but I'm not sure if he has that on screen presence to make him a successful film actor.
posted by Jackie on Dec 04, 2008
I'm a huge fan of Rob's. Stoked about this film. Hoep Rob's does a lot of pr for it.
posted by Mandy on Dec 04, 2008
Fantastic looking film, I;d love Pattinson to play Ernest Hemmingway.
posted by Erica on Dec 04, 2008
Hurry up March 09, I am counting down the days to see this. Rob's going to be sensational. I hate that horrible american voice over dude.
posted by Faith on Dec 04, 2008
The film looks awesome. Cant wait to see it. Pattinson seems to be right on the money with Dali.
posted by Sarah on Dec 04, 2008
I love the trailer and Pattinson looks perfect. Seems to have nailed the performance. I hate the american voice over guy in the trailer. Didnt need it.
posted by Joanna on Dec 04, 2008
I saw this film at Raindance. Pattinson exceeded my expectation and is very convincing as Dali and as the film progresses he grows into the Dali we think we know.Pattinson and Beltran both give very intense performances and you totally buy into the Dali/Lorca relationship. The actors had great chemistry with one another. The sexual aspects of the story are handled beautifully. The scene between Pattinson and Beltran in the moonlit waters is so incredibly beautiful and it probably ranks as the most gorgeous looking scene I've ever seen. The cinematographer on this film needs a pat on the back as does the composer and costume designer. The scene where Dali watches Lorca make love to Magdalena sounds titilating but actually is a heartbreaking moment and Pattinson is incredible.The growing fascination between Lorca and Dali is beautfully played out and the script has obviously been crafted with care and attention. The director deserves much praise for handling this film with such tact and sensitivity and I hope it gets picked up for a decent cinema release.I wont spoil the end for people but its particularly tragic and Pattinson really shines in this key moment.

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