Matt Damon Not Yet Signed for Fourth 'Bourne' Film

November 28, 2008 07:29:33 GMT

The Jason Bourne depicter, Matt Damon, fesses up that he is yet to be attached to the proposed project, stating that he would return if director Paul Greengrass comes back.

Matt Damon Not Yet Signed for Fourth 'Bourne' Film
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Despite the claims of earlier reports about him being attached to fourth "Bourne" film, Matt Damon has said otherwise. The Celebrity Truth reported that the 38-year-old actor has told Extra that he has yet to be signed for "Untitled Bourne 4 Project".

Addressing more on his potential return as action man Jason Bourne, Damon suggests that he will join the project if director Paul Greengrass is willing to do the movie. "If Paul Greengrass (the director) wants to do the movie, then there would definitely be a reason to do it," he explains, adding, "He's just a terrific director."

On the movie itself, the Academy Award recipient for his screenwriting in "Good Will Hunting" states that the movie will still far away from its big screen release. "That movie is way, way, way down stream. They've just commissioned the script," so he claims. Still, he shares some hope stating, "I think everyone's moving forward with the expectation that it's gonna happen but it wouldn't come out for a few years."

Rejecting the possibility of Bourne being the next generation's James Bond, Damon says, "It's not built in a way to go forever. Whereas Bond can have a different mission with every movie and have new bad guys, Bourne is very much dealing with the same issues. Unless you kind of turned it into a guy who started accepting missions and going on them, which I don't see being true to the spirit of that character."

The fourth "Bourne" film has been reported to be penned by George Nolfi, the screenwriter of "The Sentinel"and "Ocean's Twelve". On the story, producer Frank Marshall earlier suggested that it will be adapted from a fourth book which isn't being written by Robert Ludlum. The producer also hints that this time, Bourne may head to South America.

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posted by SARAH WITHERS on Dec 11, 2008
ill be waiting till it comes out, im looking forward to it, i know hell do it in the end
posted by rose on Dec 02, 2008
Ludlum has been dead for several years...could explain why he's not writing it ;)
posted by Ella on Nov 28, 2008
"Damn, I gave away my address"! Oh well....
posted by elenarodica@aol.com on Nov 28, 2008
I can't wait for a new one I wish it would happen sooner rather then much later...I'll watch no matter when though ;)

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