Robert Pattinson Named Rolling Stone's Hot Actor of the Year

November 27, 2008 09:00:18 GMT

In a photo for Rolling Stone's Hot List, Robert Pattinson is snapped wearing a white undershirt and puffing away a cigarette with both of his eyes closed.

Robert Pattinson
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Photo credit: Tina Gill/PR Photos

"Twilight" leading actor Robert Pattinson earns one more accolade as Rolling Stone magazine has just named him Hot Actor of the Year. Showing off his 'hotness', he is photographed for the publication's Hot List laying on what looks like floor, wearing a white undershirt and puffing away a cigarette.

Speaking of his fame after playing the role of Edward Cullen in vampire flick "Twilight", Robert shares to Rolling Stone, "Twilight is a metaphor for the virtues of chastity, but it's had the opposite effect." The 22-year-old British actor continues sharing his odd experience with fans, stating, "I get letters that say, 'I'm going to kill myself if you don't watch High School Musical 2 with me.'" He additionally reveals, "A mother recently gave me her baby and asked, 'Can you please bite his head?'"

In related news, Robert Pattinson also graces this week's Entertainment Weekly, to which he shares about his fluctuating body weight while shooting "Twilight". "I used to go to the gym for about five hours a day but then I started losing so such weight. My head started to look really huge in comparison to the rest of my body," he recalls his days prior to filming the box office hit.

After that, "[Director Catherine Hardwicke] came up to me and said, 'What are you doing to yourself?'", he says, adding that "[To gain weight,] I literally stopped exercising. Eating a cheeseburger after 2 1/2 months of doing that- it tasted like ambrosia."


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posted by Alda on Feb 12, 2013
God, Breaking Dawn was and is so amazing LOVE IT SO MUCH I love the actors they play it so real as if it is real life. just Love IT :)
posted by Alda on May 23, 2011
nothing happen in here... so excited to see breaking dawn...i barely cant wait... rob <3
posted by ailen 143 on Apr 21, 2010
its so funny... especially his fan who wrote to him im giong to kill my self if you dont watch high school musical with me.... its so funny.... hahahah well what can we say.... rob is really sexy,,,,,,, funny,,,,, sweet,,,,, loving and HOT
posted by Alda on Jan 05, 2010
robert pattinson is the best actor ever!! love you, you are one of my favor actors, love you, actually you are the second, i hope you will do much of movies and everyone want you!! bye love you!!
posted by indah on Dec 25, 2009
i Like u edward cullen, u are cool... rob, i love u...
posted by ALda on Oct 27, 2009
hey nobodys is writen here Twilight is cool, isn't ok bye love you robert pattinson Oh i have a good history for you people Taylor lautner and taylor swift are getting together and robert pattinson and kristen Stewart are in a relationsshiip isn't that cool hehe yes ok byebye
posted by Alda on Aug 30, 2009
robert pattinson has maybe a new girlfriend!! i read this in a article (a magazine of germany)!! i hope that's true what they wrote!! rob love you! you need to be with her you are the perfect couple!! love ya
posted by alda on Aug 12, 2009
he is a really good actor, everybody wants him that he played in their film. I like him as actor, i like how he played edward cullen. he is really hot and nice. i like what he doing, and i like how he connected with kristen. in the movie they have a good relation ship, but i don't thnik that they are a romance couple in real. This does not mean that I would not wish that they should be together, because I would be glad. all my wishes at the twilight team and at all they who loves twilight!!
posted by laurenn on Aug 09, 2009
i didn't really like rob as edward to be honest but i love watching his interviews because he seems lik such a great guy and has funny responses! i like that hes somewhat lazy and doesnt need to live up to peoples expectations. people need to calm down with all the biting nonsense, seriously.
posted by mel on Jul 30, 2009
I don't find him hot AT ALL in twilight (to pale, hate the contact lenses) but in real life...he's gorgeous, and hilarious. In Harry Potter he was way too young and too "clean", but now...well, he'll be hell of a hunk for a WHILE!! should improve his acting though, he can do better.
posted by Alda on Jul 13, 2009
The perfect man in the movie an maybe also in the real life!! But no one of us knows him really!! Maybe he's not the guy who never take shower on himself, and maybe he doesn't smell like all the other people says!! Maybe we all needs to meet Rob one time and if he really doesn't smell good, then it's our reason to say that!! But if we haven't smell him ever in our lifes so shut your mouth,(on all they who says that he smells) love u Rob you are a really good actor!! you're my second favourite actor with 1% difference!!
posted by Robertluver on May 11, 2009
Omg lloovvee u so hot u put tom cruise 2 shame i mean did u look at those pics?! he puts the smoke on fire. u all just jealouse he hot and u not!
posted by angela key on Apr 12, 2009
I've seen those photos, the one of him on the floor smoking a cigarette - he looks like he's watching someone put their clothes back on.. i like that he's a loner, i like that he doesn't do a lot in his spare time, i like that he likes burgers, i like that he likes Virgil, i like that he's untidy, i like that he doesn't shower, i like that he likes 70's movies and true maverick actors, i like that he's prone to paranoia, i like his laugh and i like that no one can throw him off with stupid questions.
posted by pattiDJ on Feb 26, 2009
great talent...I'm sure the best offers are yet to come. kudos to you, Rob. All the Best
posted by Bella on Feb 15, 2009
wow!!!Robert is very hot really!!!!I like that he's an egoless person(until now)and he's nice with the fans.Lucky Kirsten!!!!He proposed to her!!! (sorry for my awful english,i'm greek). Rob,leave Kirsten!!Marry me!(joke!)
posted by Keys on Feb 12, 2009
whatever .. You girls are so fake to yourselves and Robert. Would u have noticed him if he didn't play Edward? No! So shut up already.
posted by katieealice. on Jan 30, 2009
lets just one thing straight; robert pattinson IS the sexiest man that has EVER walked this planet. yes; edward in the books are amazing, but rob perfects the role of edward in the film. it wouldn't have been the twilight i love without him. LOVE YOU ROB =)
posted by Twilight freak! on Jan 22, 2009
0mg.. i luv robert..i just recentlly made a shrit of yu..and omg i cnt wait 4 new moon so sexii
posted by Audrey Stefany Roel on Dec 31, 2008
OMG people are going mad, whay the fuck do you ask someone to bite ur neck OR HEAD, c'moon people he is just a actor, he isnt a real VAMPIRE, .actorrrrr. I did like the movie, and I do ador Rob but however he is just a actor/ artis not a fucking wampire. damned guys.
posted by Wenni on Dec 30, 2008
Rob You're totally gorgeous, i love you since u played harry potter movie as cedric diggory. now you played edward cullen, wow... that was perfect, i already watched twilight (5 times)!!! can't wait for new moon ^_^
posted by mizz xx on Dec 19, 2008
yeah, roberts hot as..... xxoo
posted by chloeandcharlie on Dec 19, 2008
that person below really needs to get a grip for christ sake your just jealous of robert pattinsons beauty
posted by roblover12! on Dec 18, 2008
I Love You robert!! you are my life now!!!!
posted by alliyteamjacob. on Dec 18, 2008
i don't fine rob hot at all he needs top get a reality check and so do all the girls who are obsessed you will never meet him everybody only likes him as edward cullun not rob if you'r going to like someone you should really get to know them first. and rob wash you'r hair!
posted by kat on Dec 16, 2008
bite me!!
posted by chop on Dec 07, 2008
twilight is the notebook of vampire movies thanks to rob and its not just teenage girls thta think so believe me.
posted by j on Dec 02, 2008
he is hot as himself and edward.
posted by alice on Dec 02, 2008
haha... edward is so freakin hott!!!!... and not only in the movie!!!!!!!{:
posted by :) baby on Dec 01, 2008
Robert, I'm obsessed with you I love you and you're so extremely HOT!
posted by Blaise on Dec 01, 2008
Funny how everyone says hes hot. yes he is good looking but its his character edward cullen you girls are infatuated with and not Rob himself. Edward is a character that grabs your attention and is meant to seem like the perfect guy. So naturally you all love him
posted by Chris on Dec 01, 2008
Oh,'s all Rob, nothing to do with Edward Cullen ;) Have been lusting after him since "The Haunted Airman" Rob's the sexiest man on the planet!! Plus he is so good to his fans and so humble. You cannot get any better than his talent not only as an actor but musician as well. He is sex on legs!! Edward WHO??
posted by crittel on Dec 01, 2008
OMG...Go to the site and check out those pics!! The man is freaking gorgeous even while smoking. May I say in a punny way that he is smoking HOT!!!!!
posted by crittel on Dec 01, 2008
OMG...Go to the site and check out those pics!! The man is freaking gorgeous even while smoking. May I say in a punny way that he is smoking HOT!!!!!
posted by tea_drinker on Nov 29, 2008
Rob, you're hot, hot, hot! You're the perfect Edward Cullen.
posted by unee-tsuki on Nov 28, 2008
what a great act (^^) mmm...suki desu yo!! wakarimasu ka, ed???
posted by Shelley on Nov 27, 2008
Rob is gorgeous!!
posted by Alex on Nov 27, 2008
Totally the hottest guy on the planet and funny as hell too.
posted by alice on Nov 27, 2008
rob u are hot!!!!

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