First Season Finale Recap of 'True Blood'

November 24, 2008 05:03:58 GMT

The 12th episode of 'True Blood' season 1 ends Rene's reign as the serial killer in Bon Temps, but leaves one more big mystery at the end.

First Season Finale Recap of 'True Blood'
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Season one of "True Blood" officially wrapped up on Sunday, November 23 and the episode leaves some questions hanging for the second season that is expected to air in the midseason. Titled "You'll Be the Death of Me", the episode ends the reign of Rene as the serial killer, that is on the hand of Sookie.

While Jason is in prison, finding salvation in an anti-vampire cult called Fellowship of the Sun, Sookie accepts Rene's offer to take her home. On the way, Sookie senses Rene's murderous nature and swims through his thought only to find that he is thinking about murdering her grandmother. In other places, more about Rene is revealed. Arlene finds his collection of sex films, where one of them includes Maudette, and Sam smelling his vest and coming to Sookie's rescue.

Knowing that she's in grave danger, Sookie runs to an open grave but gets caught up by Rene. Sam comes in her aid, giving Rene a good bite but gets beaten too. Sookie comes for the final showdown, raising a shovel and swings it to Rene, and later on, decapitates him. Meanwhile, Bill smells that Sookie is in danger, and comes to her rescue, only he is burnt by the sunlight just when he's about to reach her. Sam then picks him up and buries him in the grave. However, Bill somehow manages to revive and makes out with Sookie.

Some plots are left open ended, including how Jason will find his new belief and the Terry-Arlene saga. Lafayette is also missing and Sam puts a bag of money for Maryann who has been spending time with Tara. But the biggest cliffhanger of the season is when Detective Bellefleur, Tara and Sookie find a woman's body inside Bellefleur's car. There's a fat chance that Bon Temps will get a new serial killer in the second season, or the actual serial killer who is not yet killed.


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posted by Firebrand on Jan 15, 2009
Even loosely based on the book it is most definately Lafayette. After that it is implied that it was Bill but it could be Bill's Daughter or even Maria (the Minea). If it turns out to be any one of those then You can be sure they've removed the mystery in the books entirely. No more reason to follow them and Sookie has no reason to investigate the party Lafayette was supposed to go to, which by now won't even happen.
posted by Dave on Dec 01, 2008
It has to be Lafayette...he was attacked by Bill...wasn't he? Bill said he had to feed to recover from his injuries of being out in the sun
posted by Jake on Nov 24, 2008
Why is everyone saying it's a woman? It's Lafayette! They showed him getting attacked by something, and he was getting too close to ruining that politician's career too.
posted by on Nov 24, 2008
Good season finale to an excellent show. It will be a long wait till summer 2009.
posted by Rachel on Nov 23, 2008
That wasn't a woman's body in the car...that was Lafayette. They showed him painting his toes red in a previous episode...and if they are remotely following the books, well...

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