Megan Fox Obsessed With Zac Efron

November 24, 2008 02:42:35 GMT

Revealing her celebrity crush, Megan Fox admits she is obsessed with Disney actor Zac Efron.

Megan Fox
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Hollywood hottie Megan Fox has openly admitted she has crush on "High School Musical" star Zac Efron. "I'm obsessed with him," so she tells Page Six.

She, however, doesn't detail on what makes her admiring Zac. She, instead, simply says, "What you don't know is that Zac and I are the same person ... it's like Janet and Michael [Jackson], we are the same person."

In related news, Megan Fox has also likened herself to aging hard rock guitarist Ted Nugent. "I don't think I'm a sexy, beautiful woman. I look like Ted Nugent in a black wig," she was quoted as commenting about her being considered sexy by people in common.

Megan was last seen attending GQ's bash in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, November 18 with her actor fiance Brian Austin Green. During the event, they shared to the press about their upcoming wedding plans, saying that they would invite only "a few people" to the festivity as they want it to be a private affair.

Megan herself recently has been chosen as one of GQ's Men of the Year, becoming the one and only female who made the list. She was called "obsession" by the men's magazine.


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posted by stalkersstayaway on Mar 18, 2012
If Megan Fox doesn't think she is sexy, why does she go around taking pictures of herself in lingerie?
posted by anne on Oct 27, 2010
i think megan and zac are better together ZEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by miley cyrus on Aug 03, 2010
hey you bichts are so dum i guss u are will you know what i will kill u all i think that is a grown adult and he is not a kid anymore he may do whant he whants and sometimes you need to fined new pep's u don't to be whith the same preson all the time i brook up with one of the Jones brothers then found a new guy to love so all u pep's better shut ass up
posted by cassidy on Aug 03, 2010
hey you guys you guys need to sut the mother fucking hell up you got that if zac whants to do that he can he is not 2 he is a man now not a kid he is older than you guys he can do what he whants if he whants to kiss megan he can you always need to fined no pepole you don't always have sickwith the same preson all the time he can stell go back to here and he can daet to pep's at the same time so all you bicht's need to sut your god dam ass mother fucking hell up got that bicht's sorry vanessa i like megan fox an you ok
posted by youguysaredumb on Jul 18, 2010
some of you are, at least. am i the only one that sees this? megan is OBVIOUSLY kidding. some of you are complete retards.. she's not going to break up "zanessa" so you can all jump off a cliff and kill yourselves now
posted by desparate pediphile on Apr 23, 2010
Please don't get them started....
posted by angel on Apr 22, 2010
megan baby you're too hot for that punk i'm the best for you :*:*
posted by mfluver777 on Mar 13, 2010
megan is a hot sexy boss an all the haters can go fuk themselves!!! its her life, she can do watevr she wants,an i doubt she really wants efron
posted by Charonda on Feb 16, 2010
posted by xheni on Feb 10, 2010
let zac with vanessa megan fox i hate you i love zanessa forever
posted by ilove you on Feb 09, 2010
magen my sweet haert
posted by vanessa on Dec 27, 2009
hey fans megan leave da fans alone she likes all boys she jus wants a boy hahaha BICH XXXXXXX FCK U XXXX
posted by Duh! on Dec 27, 2009
OMG Megan Fox && Zac Efron? I can't see them together!
posted by diego on Nov 20, 2009
megan fox my love
posted by vanesssa fan 2.0 on Nov 04, 2009
sorry for cursing fans but not for megan you b****
posted by Zanessa Fan on Oct 16, 2009
Hey Megan leave that couple alone V is way better than u bitch!! fuck u megan! leave zanessa alone and stay away from them
posted by prophet on Sep 24, 2009
I hope she is joking about Efron. She is way out of his leauge. I don't understand why girls like scrawney feminine men like Zac Efron. He is so overated.
posted by Domain name here on Sep 08, 2009
This is one of the most insane articles on anything I've ever read. All of it including some of the comments translate into everything form "why should care....This is so I have some pls if I sound sincere enough and give you some advice with some kind of bleeding heart horse poopie-doo
posted by i hate zac on Aug 02, 2009
whatever ofcourse magen fox is hotter who is the stupid 1 who will say tht vanessa is hot? shes not ha ha its funny so shut up cuz it shows tht magen fox is hotter! :)
posted by i hate ZENZSSA!!!! on Jul 31, 2009
magen ur 2 pretty 4 zac effron so just pick another guy cuz u deserve a much better 1!!!:) ily ur also soooo HOT
posted by jazmin on Jul 30, 2009
ya magen everything missa told u its right and u deserve mutch better man u go girl ily
posted by massi on Jul 29, 2009
magen dnt u ever lsn 2 them cuz all the thingz they said r soo stupid and ofcurse venessa is jelouse of U so just a much better man than zac:):):):p#
posted by whoever on Jul 29, 2009
meagan and zac? sorry i just don't see it.
posted by ashley on Jul 28, 2009
OMG how dare u talkin about magen this way she deserves a much better man but serioucely guys SHEZ MUCH HOTTER THHAN VENESSA DA everybody knows that dahh>>>!! magen u ROOOOOOOOOOL ur the cutest
posted by yin on Jul 27, 2009
i don't like but she is so beautiful & sexy but i don't like the way she took zac from vanessa..huhu! so poor vanessa but don't worry i love you so much from HSM than ZAC!HEHE..
posted by Anna on Jul 26, 2009
vanesssa and zac should be together not megan and zac but it doesnt mean i think that Megan is a bitch Please Zac take vanessa, not Megan zanessa is a great couple
posted by elyy on Jul 23, 2009
venessa and zac should be together! There so cute together but I dont know Megan much either.
posted by Bethel on Jul 22, 2009
posted by SOKRAT on Jul 21, 2009
posted by JASON on Jul 13, 2009
Megan can accept the boy,so they are the best couple,great.
posted by luvgurl on Jul 09, 2009
they would make a great couple but she is to tall for him
posted by jason on Jul 08, 2009
anycome will see this ? I like MAGEN FOX ,and I just want to told every one ,DO WHAT YOU FEEL RIGHT !just go
posted by nine on Jul 04, 2009
zac will be so stuiped if he left vanessa for megan Megan = homebreaker
posted by megan fox on Jun 17, 2009
fuck u vanesse i took u 3 movie with zac you just hatten on me becauce it took me 2 words for him to kiss me
posted by D on Jun 17, 2009
megan is super hot ill pick her over vanessa any time and i no zack would bang megan over vanessa i no i would
posted by alaynah on May 26, 2009
u guyz are bein' total dumbasses about who the fuck ever likes or don't like shit just let it go alright?? shit u guy are worse than my boy friend
posted by aarpan on May 26, 2009
wat u all sayin about anyway bitches??? he is not cute beside megan fox u guyz are sluts
posted by Vanessa Hudgens on Apr 19, 2009
Megan is such a great friend but when i saw the photo of Zac and her kissing it was just a persuade kiss ok?
posted by Brenda on Apr 19, 2009
At least Zanessa is over!
posted by polkatdots! on Mar 28, 2009
you are on the kid choice awards!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by The Wrestler on Mar 24, 2009
Hi you a great actress my fav tv show i seen u in was hope and faith i think that how spell it i love that show well see ya i got to go oh befor i forget never mind the hate mail there leaving u . look after yourself. xox
posted by NAVEEN on Mar 09, 2009
posted by NAVEEN on Mar 09, 2009
posted by vanessa on Mar 06, 2009
Zac please come back with vanessa megan is beautiful but vanessa and you are the perefect couple
posted by IQRAN on Mar 03, 2009
posted by iqran on Mar 03, 2009
i love you megan fox
posted by iqran on Mar 03, 2009
i love you megan fox
posted by WIELBICIELKA on Feb 06, 2009
zac efron i vanessa hudgens to MIŁOSC A TA GLUPIA ZOLZA MEGAN FOX DO KITU:p...ZAC NIE DAJ SIE!
posted by Zanessa! Megan go aw on Feb 03, 2009
Megan you are bitch! Leave Zac alone!! He is with Vanessa! Go away from him! If you destroyed them couple I kill you!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Vanessa Hudgens on Feb 02, 2009
hi girls and boys. i'm Vanessa. i hate Megan fox and now i hate olso zac efron. megan you are terrible!!!
posted by Giulia on Feb 02, 2009
zac efron you are a DON GIOVANNI!!!
posted by Najla on Jan 31, 2009
I prefer Vanessa and Zac efron and Megan Fox with Drake bell a lot!!!!
posted by nora on Jan 29, 2009
i hate magen and i love vanessa and zac
posted by fred ned 1246 on Jan 27, 2009
i like red skins lol
posted by Im Sexy Your Not551 on Jan 27, 2009
zac is ........ why am i flusted lol. you guys be nice i dnt knw megan dat much so lets keep out it okwa so yea his hot and anyone got his num
posted by luv u zack on Jan 26, 2009
megan Foz is pretty. zac is hot. do they make a cute couple? datz sweet
posted by Lola-Rose on Jan 23, 2009
ahhahahahahahahah what a fucking slagish cunt.
posted by maddy102 on Jan 22, 2009
i hate megan zac and vanessa are together and not megan with zac :Q
posted by anony on Jan 13, 2009
She's too tall for him... it would be embarrssg..
posted by I love Zac Efron! on Dec 25, 2008
OMG Megan Fox! Leave Zac alone... He is with Vanessa... Go away from him you bitch!!!!!! Buy a brain Megan!!!!!!!!!!
posted by IloveMEGANFOX on Dec 23, 2008
posted by Special Report on Dec 03, 2008
Megan Fox is one of the men of the year? Megan Fox a man? There is no way the sexiest woman in the world according to recent magazine surveys is

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