The Cullen Family Cast Talk About Experiences on 'Twilight'

November 20, 2008 08:32:51 GMT

Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser discuss about their physical transformations, bloopers, embarrassing moments and many else in 'Twilight'.

The Cullen Family Cast Talk About Experiences on 'Twilight'
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Counting down to the release of "Twilight" that is less than two days away, MTV has posted a written interview with some of the vampire drama's cast ensemble. In the interview which reportedly took place at two different occasions, the actors who act as members of the Cullen family in the film, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser, sat down to talk about their experiences during the filming.

Discussing about what they have to go through for their portrayal of the vampire family, Facinelli recalled, "We did, like, a week of testing all the different kinds of makeup. The makeup team was phenomenal, and the actors were very patient...The makeup was part of the transformation. For me, it was 'blond in a bottle.' That took a good day at the salon." He then added, "...some of us had to go back to the salon more than others."

"With the touch-ups, with the roots, it was a lot of high maintenance, but it was a fun transformation. It was fun to see myself looking so differently with the contact lenses, with the light skin. I remember getting washed up at the end of the night and someone had seen me, and they didn't know I had just played Dr. Cullen all day long, and they were like, 'That was you?' So that was fun."

Beside the transformation, Facinelli also gushed about Robert Pattinson's embarrassing moments. "You'll have to ask Rob about embarrassing moments," he said. "His baseball stuff was embarrassing. [Laughs.] He had never played baseball, so it was very awkward for him to squat. It was basically fun yet painful to watch him go through that. But he finally got it, and he looked great at it. To his credit, he had a week to learn to play the game."

On the other hand, Reed told the story about one particular incident during the filming when Ashley Greene hit a cameraman with a baseball. She also revealed that all of the actors who portray the Cullen family have been signed for three "Twilight" movies, since when they make the deal, the fourth book hasn't come out yet. The complete interview can be read at MTV.

Putting together Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as unlikely lovers, Bella and Edward, "Twilight" is adapted from Stephenie Meyer's bestselling novel of the same name. It revolves around seventeen-year-old Bella, her mysterious vampire classmate, Edward, and their 'breaking barrier' romance. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, it will blast off in the U.S. big screen on November 21.


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posted by wartson on Jan 04, 2012
i love so much the cullen family!!!!!
posted by shannon on Jan 10, 2011
i totally love twilight i love all the cullens esp alice + jasper cullenxxxx
posted by Ruka..! on Jan 03, 2011
wow..! I Love the Twilight movie... Love ya...♥Rukita y Mocoso...♥
posted by (((ALice)))(((RoseLi on Dec 31, 2010
I LOVE YOU ASHLEY and NİKKİ..They are very beatifull.. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR..He is very handsome..
posted by sieerra on Nov 26, 2010
hey edword your smoken hot
posted by rochelle on Aug 10, 2010
i love you Edward Cullen and Bella!!! i hope you have a new story of Twilight!
posted by sakeena on Dec 31, 2009
this is the neame of 'Twilight' part4 Cullen Family
posted by Nessie- Alice Cullen on Oct 09, 2009
HI: The boock of Teligth is wanderfoll, and the fil too, but the boock is the boock. Y loved this history and her charters. And y licke EDWARD and JACOB jeje. poor Jecke. NESSIE
posted by robsten on Aug 08, 2009
ah twilight you are right about the movie, book ,and characters . you rock !
posted by abutterflyloves on Jul 03, 2009
Help...I am suffering from Carlisle withdrawal!
posted by biggest fan on May 17, 2009
hi love the movie i cant stop thinking about the movie cant wait till the next one comes out from maddie
posted by roberts nmber 1 fan on May 13, 2009
I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!
posted by rob crazy on May 13, 2009
i absolutely love the movie. can't wait till New Moon is released.Rob and Jackson are my favourites.
posted by cutietwilight on May 12, 2009
the movie is awesome! great actors & actresses..i watched it 2x already and i will never stop watching it again..
posted by jasper on Apr 25, 2009
the movie was right u do look like a person thats in alot of pain good acting u'll go far in life love kathy
posted by edward cullen on Apr 25, 2009
i love the movie so much i watched like 5times. i love your passion for bella when you were in the car with your family on the phone talking to bella telling her u would take her some where together happy. u have a good director i love the effects in the movie love: your fan Kathy O.
posted by bella on Mar 07, 2009
lol..jasper: no quesiton asked, he awesome. emmett: he's amazing dr.cullen: ahahah, he's my hot dad fantasy. esme: she's beautiful. rosalie: she potrayed her character nicely alice: she's gorgeous. as for bella and edward, they exactly potrayed the amazing chemistry between their characters and i felt the connection just watching the movie..overall, it was great!
posted by Cher on Mar 06, 2009
The movie was awesome!..I love jasper cullen..being the newest vegetarian..Very convincing..Dr.Carlisle?Wow..I can take the needles and all..I wont mind..=) and edward cullen..Edward huh..If all the vampires(if theres any..I wish) looks exactly like him..I dont mind being bitten repeatedly..Ooops! To sum up, the actors are all great..Twilight wont be such a hit without them..Esp. Robert pattinson..That guy has a charm..Fascinates us all!
posted by bedward on Mar 03, 2009
loved it fav character hav 2 b emmett and rosealie of course i dont get whats the big deal with edward but bella is cool so is jasper, alice, carlisle, and esme sorry idk what their real names are other them ashley greene, jackson rathbone, robert pattinson, kristen stewart,& kellen lutz
posted by wannabe cullen on Feb 21, 2009
the movie was gr8..i luved the vampires esp. edward cullen.
posted by wannabe cullen on Feb 21, 2009
the movie was gr8..i luved the vampires esp. edward cullen.
posted by rosalie aka emmets l on Jan 06, 2009
posted by ah twilight! on Nov 29, 2008
this movie was great :] and the book, of course, wonderful. i didnt know jennie garth is peters wife till like 2 days ago. haha. bella and edward were portrayed beautifully by kristen and rob. :]
posted by Carlisle\'s Woman on Nov 25, 2008
I LOVE PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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