Aubrey O'Day Preparing Herself for Solo Album

November 20, 2008 05:50:50 GMT

Post leaving Danity Kane, Aubrey O'Day said that she moves on and starts cooking up new materials for her solo debut album.

Aubrey O'Day
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During an interview at Karu & Y nightclub in Miami with DJ Short-E for a so-called "The Short-E Show", Danity Kane's former member Aubrey O'Day revealed about her plan on a solo album. "I'm working on my solo album right now ..." she said.

Without elaborating his statement, the 24-year-old singer shared that "a big announcement is coming out in the beginning of year". When pursued further, she stated, "I'm not gonna leak anything right now, It's still really new. I'm just really making sure that it's amazing. It's really stand for what I'm before ..."

Previously, Aubrey O'Day was booted out of Danity Kane by P. Diddy during the finale of MTV's "Making the Band 4". One of the band's members Richard Dawn said the reason behind his decision was the fact that he "did not like [O'Day's] image ... where her image was going for the group."

Aubrey O'Day interviewed by DJ Short-E:


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posted by uk on May 13, 2009
Aubery you were my fav. you go girl....
posted by aubreylvr54 on Jan 18, 2009
i love her so much! i cant wait for the big announcement and the release of her solo album! FUCK DIDDY HE IS A SON OF A BITCH!!!
posted by pixie frm Ireland on Dec 07, 2008
Good luck to this Star, who is talented and hardworkin and deserves success. I 2 followed this Dk from the start and if it wasn't for her I don't think it wud hav been as addictive or appealing. She caught my eye at her audition and b4 that I didn't even know O Town were the 1st Band! Tho I didn't lik MTB2 rappers... She has grown up like most americans and she is not too raunchy or provocative! Females want 2 be sexy in this day and age and as long as she knows what's NB and keeps her moral ground - what's his problem wit a bit of spice variety in the group!? Diddy jus can't have her, she's too young and out of his reach, as in unattainable. And she sticks up for herself and questions and argues back to him so he can't stand it!!!
posted by barney on Dec 01, 2008
Aubrey is doing fine with the Broadway run and the solo album and being cast in movies, Diddy ends up looking like an idiot again-----
posted by Kcochran008@southslo on Nov 29, 2008
aubs if your doing solo album I will be first to get it
posted by keeper09 on Nov 28, 2008
I think that if she really thinks she is gonna be great on her own with that sex kitten bs then more power to her.. she was ungrateful for what diddy gave to her and she changed OD and now she is possing for playboy.. she is madd hypocrital with that i rather be myself nonesense... she doesnt know herself
posted by paperdoll23 on Nov 23, 2008
I cannot wait for Aubrey's Alblum to come out. I know that it will be great and will be the first one to buy it. I knew that Aubrey would do fine on her own.
posted by shar35 on Nov 20, 2008
i'm glad she wants to take her time and only release a dope album that really stands for what she is instead of crap. i wonder what the big announcement at the begining of the year is as it sounds like it's not album related.

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