Video Premiere: Keane's 'Perfect Symmetry'

Video Premiere: Keane's 'Perfect Symmetry'

Through the small screen of an abandoned TV, Tom Chaplin is seen singing Keane's 'Perfect Symmetry' in a just-debuted music video.

In support of their new single "Perfect Symmetry", Keane provide a music video for the song. Frontman Tom Chaplin appears in the small screen of an abandoned television singing the song. The scene on the TV is then switched to a capture of waterfall flowing down to a ravine.

"Perfect Symmetry" is the title track on Keane's third studio effort "Perfect Symmetry". The LP has been released since October to follow up their two previous albums "Hopes and Fears" and "Under the Iron Sea".

For this third album, the band explore a new theme relying on humankind. On singles "Spiralling" and "Perfect Symmetry", they deal with life's nonsense while on "Better Than This" and "Pretend That You're Alone", they regard human evolution.

Keane's "Perfect Symmetry" music video:



    BelŁ SalgadÝ
    Dec 07, 2008

    Kellan O\'Connor
    Nov 20, 2008

    Keane. I love this song for one great reason. It is in line with my belief (or lack belief) of a god. Why did you choose to take that part of the song out of the video? Weak.

    Nov 19, 2008

    Bueno pues es un orgullo ser el primero en comentar sobre este video ke la verdad me parecio interesante y diferente, pero no era lo que esperaba de KEANE asi que chavos ponganse a trabajar, Guy's we can give more.

    Nov 19, 2008

    The best and most meaningful video I have ever seen.

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