Ciara's 'Fantasy Ride' Delayed to Spring 2009

November 19, 2008 07:34:42 GMT

Due to not-quite-positive response over Ciara's single 'Go Girl' off her forthcoming 'Fantasy Ride', the album is pushed back until spring 2009.

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Ciara's third major studio album "Fantasy Ride", which was supposed to be dropped on December 9 and then January 2009, is confirmed to be pushed back to spring 2009. "Right now, we are anticipating it for spring 2009," a spokesperson from Zomba Records said in a statement.

The delay happens because "the response to 'Go Girl' wasn't strong enough to ignite an album." Since it was released in late September, "Go Girl", the lead single off Ciara's upcoming LP, could only debut at number 60 and manage to climb to number 26 on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. "It's a nice setup single because [the video] introduces Ciara's new look and her new body, but it's not the opener," the spokesperson explained.

"Ciara opened very wide with her first album ["Goodies"], which gave her a broad audience and crossover appeal. Her second album ["Ciara: The Evolution"] was a little more urban," the spokesperson revealed more. "With 'Fantasy Ride', they're trying to strike a balance [between pop and urban] while looking for the right single."

"Fantasy Ride" lines up Ludacris, Missy Elliott, The-Dream, Young Jeezy, and T-Pain as featured guests. The album is expected to be released as a three-disc album rather than all the tracks on a single CD. Five to six songs will be featured on each disc supplying a different theme. The first disc, entitled "Groove City", contains slow jams similar to her singles on "Ciara: The Evolution". The second disc, called "Crunktown", includes crunk-influenced tracks reminiscing "Goodies". The third disc, named "Kingdom of Dance", provides up-tempo house and freestyle cuts.


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posted by jamal harness on Jul 15, 2009
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posted by Dat Nigga on May 31, 2009
All u bitches who hatin on Ciara and arguin nee2 get a fuckin life and shut yall sad asses up, ya parents are a pathetic excuse as parents!
posted by kiki on Feb 17, 2009
bitch u know i get that 50cent
posted by peatnut on Feb 17, 2009
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posted by CIARAS PENIS on Nov 19, 2008
posted by Bee! on Nov 19, 2008
MUST you write eh after everything? eh
posted by dre on Nov 19, 2008
spring is still months away ..who's know what's gonna happens
posted by Bee! on Nov 19, 2008
It hasn't been 'expected' to be released as a 3 disc set since at least August. Do you people not research your articles at all or do you rely on bloggers to do the work for you? Dissapointing quality of writing here.
posted by dre on Nov 19, 2008
yeah.the article said "expected" uh
posted by tie on Nov 19, 2008
i've seen too dre...the 3 disc is expected to not confirmed yet ...
posted by dre on Nov 19, 2008
it's something to be expected to ... dude... ehh
posted by Bee! on Nov 19, 2008
You guys need to stop copying and pasting from blogs for your 'articles'. Half of this story is wrong. Ciara's album is not a 3 disc set anymore Billboard magazine already stated that months ago. Do some research lazy bums

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