Video Premiere: Jesse McCartney's 'It's Over'

November 19, 2008 01:45:09 GMT

Jesse McCartney shows 'something good time and the bad' a couple may be going through in a newly-debuted music video for song 'It's Over'.

Video Premiere: Jesse McCartney's 'It's Over'
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Jesse McCartney has premiered a music video aimed to promote his new single "It's Over". The video was directed by Rich Lee and shot at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. It mainly tries to capture "something good time and the bad in the relationship" that a couple may be going through. The story is brought to life through "different scenarios, different set ups, different flash backs."

"It's Over" is a track produced by Brian Kennedy for McCartney's third studio album, "Departure", which has come out in the U.S. market since May. Commenting on the single, the 21-year-old singer said, "The song 'It's Over' is really heart-felt. Sort of describe and talk about the reality of a relationship...not necessarily for the good and the bad...just the reality..."

Jesse McCartney's "It's Over" music video:


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posted by ilovebill562 on May 06, 2010
jesse mccartney is my bofriend bitches BACK OFF!! THAT SONG relates too mee
posted by Amrita on Feb 23, 2010
the best song in the album ily jesse ur my life
posted by shazza on May 05, 2009
anyone got somethin to say write it bitch!!!!!!!
posted by shazza on May 05, 2009
heyy Bitchez i hear any of u shit kiken cunts baggin jesse out i'll hunt u dwn n jump all over u sluts heads aight!!
posted by lil mommy on Jan 21, 2009
I liked the song it's over a lot i love you jman love heatherknight
posted by Heather on Nov 26, 2008
I Like The Song It's Over And Leavin And All the Former Songs That He Did in The Past!!!
posted by McCartneyGirl on Nov 23, 2008
Amazing! one of he's best video ever!

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