Promo of New Season of 'The Bachelor': Jason Mesnick

November 18, 2008 07:06:17 GMT

'The Bachelor' takes on 'The Bachelorette' rejectee, Jason Mesnick, to step up the game and find his ultimate love in the new season.

Promo of New Season of 'The Bachelor': Jason Mesnick
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The new and 13th season of ABC's reality show "The Bachelor" has got its TV promo. Jason Mesnick, a 32-year-old single dad will front this season that airs for a two-hour special on January 5, 2009, looking for one true love among 25 beautiful women.

Jason is not a foreign face in television as he had participated in the fourth season of "The Bachelorette" and was one of the the last two standing men before bachelorette DeAnna Pappas chose Jesse Csincsak over him. Jason who proposed to DeAnna's on his knee, was broken-hearted by the decision but he is given another chance to find his true love in the new season of "The Bachelor".

An account executive born in Ohio, Jason divorced from the mother of his three-year-old son, Ty, in 2006. Ty will play a part in the reality show, and so does Jason's younger brother Larry whom he lives with. After the two hour premiere, the show will take its regular 90-minute slot the next week at 8/7c.

Jason said that he's looking for "a woman who has a real curiosity about the world, who loves life and can find passion in life's smallest moments." Jason is an avid fan of a variety of sports, including swimming, golf, basketball and football. In fact he used to be a golf professional at a local club. He has traveled all over Europe and continues to pursue his desire to see the world. In his spare time, he takes guitar and swing dance lessons.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Jason is a "big brother" for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America. A philanthropist himself, he hopes to someday form and run his own children's charity. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Jason moved to Washington at the age of eight. He has a BA in psychology at the University of Washington.


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posted by HEIDI on Feb 09, 2009
AHHHH I missed the show tonight. who was sent home?
posted by katiebob on Jan 26, 2009
What episode of the bachelor does Deanna show up on?
posted by Aloysius39 on Jan 26, 2009
Immaturity really comes out with competition. I'm rooting for Molly and Stephanie. If Jason could see some of the interaction tapes between the women that would make the choice so uch easier.
posted by Carolyn in Calif. on Jan 25, 2009
I haven't given up on Deanna yet. Looking forward to that episode. Good Luck Jason.
posted by sheyyy (: on Jan 16, 2009
Good luck jason ! I hope you find your true love this time & when deanna comes back don't chose her ! she had her chance already & when you were at the reunion she could of told you that she wanted you back. I bet she came back because the guy that she "loved" left her ! Well i want you to choose Nikki or Aria
posted by angela penn on Jan 06, 2009
I think jason will have to choose but I know she wont be blonde....I'm blonde just know!!
posted by hi on Jan 06, 2009
staebell has a twin sister
posted by hogwildin arkansas on Jan 05, 2009
Good Luck Jason and Ty please dont take Deanna back, she blew it, she had her chance, its time to move on. Pick Melissa!!!!
posted by Sharyl C on Jan 04, 2009
Melissa wins! Its all over town. Hope it lasts!
posted by ekd88 on Jan 03, 2009
Melissa Rycroft is my cousin-in-law!!
posted by mysonisthebest on Dec 20, 2008
hint: Melissa Rycroft
posted by yeah on Dec 15, 2008
yeah ms staebel whoo hoo
posted by Jennifer30 on Dec 09, 2008
I hope Jason finds the girl that is meant for him. He deserves all the love and happiness in the world.
posted by yea on Dec 04, 2008
the spanish teacher is on youtube. if you type in victor film studies and go to the one that says michael jackson-beat it- shes at 3minutes and 15 seconds and is on the right side at the end of the table
posted by yea on Dec 04, 2008
posted by Yin on Nov 27, 2008
Insider Gurl, thanks for the tip! We've now found Nikki in the screencaps of the commerercial. I'm not sure that Lauren has been shown in the pictures yet.
posted by Lynn7 on Nov 27, 2008
That's okay Teach. I'd be protective too. Search Lynn7 BLF and you'll find us.
posted by Victor HighSchool on Nov 26, 2008
Staebell, love and miss.
posted by Teach on Nov 25, 2008
Sorry Lynn7 for my poor English. I'm not really a teacher, Miss Staebell was my Spanish teacher a few years ago and she was so nice!!! I miss her and I guess I can be a little protective. She was really well-respected. Miss you Miss. Staebell!!!
posted by Insider Gurl on Nov 25, 2008
Other bachelorettes have been listed on voy message boards...some beauty queens including a Miss United States.
posted by Lynn7 on Nov 23, 2008
Teacher, it's nice to know that correct grammar is alive and well. It's *you're* not *your.* Let some viewers have some fun sleuthing a show that they love. Take a deep breath.
posted by Yin on Nov 23, 2008
Teacher, you hit the nail on the head with your Christmas analogy! I've always figured out what was in all the packages before Christmas, and I've never been disappointed that I knew ahead of time. As for asking for information from high school students, my goodness, I'm not asking questions concerning national secrets--just about a reality show contestant! These students were certainly not posting anything they shouldn't--give them credit for knowing what to post and what not to post. Sharon may have signed a contract, but I don't think any of us signed anything. Teacher, please feel free to enjoy TV in your own way and let me enjoy it as I wish. It's simple, if you don't want to know about the contestants ahead of time, just don't read the internet.
posted by Yin on Nov 22, 2008
Thanks for checking Victor. Are you in the Rochester, NY area? Does she still teach at your school and you just have a sub? Or does she not teach there anymore? Glad you think she'll be good on the show. She is beautiful.
posted by Victor HighSchool on Nov 22, 2008
I don't remember her first name, But I can find out! And hell yeah she'll be good on the show. Do you see her? Gorgeous :D
posted by Teacher on Nov 22, 2008
Yin--I think it's pretty low that you're trying to get info. from high school students. Just sit back and enjoy the show--it's like your opening all the gifts before X-mas and when it actually comes you're disappointed, because you already know the outcome!
posted by Yin on Nov 22, 2008
Thanks Victor. In what state do you live? Do you know her first name? Do you think she'll be good on the show?
posted by Yin on Nov 22, 2008
Thanks VictorHS. I'm not stalking her, but am a member of a forum that tries to figure out ahead of time who's going to win. We do a lot of chatting about the show as it is aired. She looks like a good candidate. I wish her well. I wish you well also.
posted by Victor HighSchool on Nov 22, 2008
She doesn't teach there anymore. I don't stalk her... And yeah she's pretty damn beautiful.
posted by Victor HighSchool on Nov 21, 2008
I miss you Ms. Staebell! Okay the new teacher isn't as great as you... But it's whatever. And she's the pretty blonde!
posted by LuLu2 on Nov 19, 2008
So what's your Spanish teacher's name and what city/state does she teach in? I assume she was gone from school. When did she come back?
posted by Mandi on Nov 19, 2008
The girl im talking about is from Dallas and she is a brunette. She is NOT a teacher or vollyball coach lol
posted by Major WI fan on Nov 19, 2008
You are quite a guy! I hope you get who you're truly looking for who's not only crazy about you, but also crazy about your son and willing to make both commitments.
posted by Mandi on Nov 19, 2008
omg I know one of the girls! I am so excited and will be sitting at home rooting her on. Here is a little clue she is from Texas and she is very beauiful. I heard that she makes it very far and she still has not been spotted at home ;). I hope she wins Jason's heart she is there for all of the right reason's and she is one of the sweetest girl you could ever meet :)
posted by Yin on Nov 19, 2008
Is your Spanish teacher the pretty blonde or the cute brunette who is shorter and actually wearing dark purple?
posted by victorhs on Nov 18, 2008
the girl in the black right in front is my spanish teacher and the volley ball coach at my school haha
posted by Wisconsin Fan on Nov 18, 2008
Way to go Jason. I sure hope he finds his lady love. You were my pick for the Bachelorette.
posted by Wisconsin Fan on Nov 18, 2008
Way to go Jason. I sure hope he finds his lady love. You were my pick for the Bachelorette.
posted by tribute969 on Nov 18, 2008
holy crap one of those girls is my spanish teacher
posted by brianna on Nov 18, 2008
One of the girls was my volleyball coaches :]]
posted by Dawn in Texas on Nov 18, 2008
I cannot wait. Jason deserves happiness and so does Ty. I hope he finds her this time. Good luck Jason! I'll be watching.

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