A New Clip and a Preview of 'Prison Break' 4.12: Selfless

November 18, 2008 06:46:53 GMT

The search for Scylla comes to a shocking end as Sarah takes a hostage on the November 24 episode of 'Prison Break'.

A New Clip and a Preview of 'Prison Break' 4.12: Selfless
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A new clip and a preview of "Prison Break" episode 4.12 have been released. They suggest T-Bag and Gretchen Morgan collaborating to have their last stand at Gate.

After doing some efforts to get into the Company headquarters, Michael Scofield and his friends finally come face to face with the General on the next episode entitled "Selfless". During the unexpected meeting, Scofield will be betrayed by one of their members. At the same time, Sara Tancredi takes a hostage in order to secure Scylla.

"Prison Break" is FOX's action drama series revolving around two brothers and their fellow escapees' journey for freedom. Guest starring Kevin Sizemore and Graham McTavish, "Selfless" is scheduled to air on Monday, November 24, at 9/8c on FOX network.

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posted by great jam on Nov 30, 2008
Here is what happens in episode 12: Scofield and his team are able to put their hands on Scylla and hand it over to agend Don Self. In return, Don self gives Scoffield an envelope with their release papers. By the time Scofield opens the envelope with empty A4 pages, Agent Don Self is long gone.

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