Preview of 'Gossip Girl' 2.12: It's a Wonderful Lie

November 18, 2008 03:11:41 GMT

An accident that leads to a death occurs in the new episode of 'Gossip Girl' that will air in two weeks time.

Preview of 'Gossip Girl' 2.12: It's a Wonderful Lie
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A preview of "Gossip Girl" 2.12 titled "It's a Wonderful Lie" has been released. This will be the episode where a death occurs and a funeral follows. The caption on the preview is read "If you had one night to live, who would you spend it with?"

It's the annual snowflake ball in the Upper East Side. For the occasion, Blair and Chuck make a bet that they can find the ideal dates for each other. Aaron's ex-girlfriend, Lexi, expresses an interest in Dan which creates conflicted feelings for Serena. Nate, Jenny and Vanessa get into a tangled situation that puts their friendships and hearts on the line. And somebody gets into an accident.

On November 3, the cast of the show were seen filming a funeral scene in Brooklyn. There have been some speculations of who will be yanked out of the show through the death, and many point it to Bart Bass. This speculation is given since there will be the addition of Desmond Harrington who will play Jack Bass, the younger brother of Bart who will try to take over the company. Beside, the death of Bart could mean the rekindling of Lily-Rufus romance.

"It's a Wonderful Lie" is delayed a week and will air in two weeks time on December 1.


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posted by Serena on Nov 30, 2008
posted by lily on Nov 29, 2008
does anyone know the name of that beautiful song...
posted by this is what i Think on Nov 27, 2008
Some how i think Dan is going to die or somthing bad is going to happen to him, because we can se that it is a letter he wrote and on the letter it stand: i'm sorry... i think Bart ot Dan is going to die. I cant wait to see this episode.
posted by Nikki on Nov 27, 2008
Need to learn to spell *Blair* sorry
posted by Nikki on Nov 27, 2008
I reckon that it will be someone close to chuck and serena and that has to be bart as serena is upset for her mum thats why shes at the end. the death of bart might bring chuck adn clair closer together, hopefully. And I also want to know what the song is, it sounds great.
posted by Natalie on Nov 26, 2008
*dies for Chair to SERIOUSLY happen* I think the person that dies is someone close to Serena because Serena wouldn't be the last one on the screen while we hear "there's been an accident" if it didn't have anything to do with her. I think it's Eric. :/
posted by Carrie on Nov 26, 2008
it could be eric, i mean he could have killed himself. Lillie may have killed bart.
posted by rawr. on Nov 25, 2008
omg, i wanna know the name too !
posted by chairluverx on Nov 25, 2008
r u sure its calld pieces? coz i looked it up and it didnt sound like the song in the bkground of this promo.....did i get the wrong link?
posted by Alma on Nov 25, 2008
the song is called "Pieces" by Red.But definitely looks like Bart is going to die.Or someone who is very close to Chuck.Erik wont die or Jenny,or vanessa.they not there,but i don't think some of them will die.
posted by yana017 on Nov 24, 2008
OMG!..everybody's asking about the song.. i really, really, really wanna know too!.. if i don't find the answer, i think im gonna cry..
posted by matilda on Nov 24, 2008
plsss what is the song!!
posted by Fashionista on Nov 22, 2008
Doesn´t anyone know the name of that song?! Pleaaaasee anybody out there, what is this song called????
posted by Fashionista on Nov 22, 2008
Doesn´t anyone know the name of that song?! Pleaaaasee anybody out there, what is this song called????
posted by Juličn on Nov 22, 2008
Yeah, what is the song??
posted by ireenuhh on Nov 22, 2008
someone PLEASE tell me the name of the song, ill love you forever!
posted by chairluverx on Nov 21, 2008
AAAAA wtf is the name of the song....any1????
posted by siu on Nov 20, 2008
What is the name of song ?
posted by Katie on Nov 20, 2008
If we dont find this song soon im gonna cry
posted by georgiec94 on Nov 18, 2008
its bart....but in some of the photo's of the funeral it looks like eric isnt there so it could be him cant wait!
posted by Ceci on Nov 18, 2008
what is the name of the song? please
posted by gg on Nov 18, 2008
yehh i agree what is the song!!
posted by Als on Nov 18, 2008
YESSS. I want song name tooo
posted by soxrock on Nov 18, 2008
blair is GORGEOUS. and she looks magical in the preview.
posted by Danni on Nov 17, 2008
Sounds awesome! I can't wait. Just one question. Do you know the name of the song used in that preview?

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