Nick Jonas Designs Dog Tags to Mark National Diabetes Month

November 14, 2008 09:00:33 GMT

Nick Jonas designs two versions of dog tags which proceeds will be used to benefit Jonas Brothers' Change for the Children Foundation.

Nick Jonas, Jonas Brothers
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Unwilling to stop campaigning for diabetes, Nick Jonas has teamed up with Bayer Diabetes Care to launch dog tags, which he helps designing, to benefit the Jonas Brothers' Change for the Children Foundation. The launch of the dog tags is also meant to mark the National Diabetes Month.

There are two versions of the dog tags. The first one with the word 'diabetes' on the back is for people with diabetes. The other one without the word is for people who aren't diabetic, but want to support the cause.

Both versions, which have the mark "a little bit longer ... and I'll be fine" on the front side, are available for purchase at Each type costs $5. Half of each sale will be used to benefit Change for the Children Foundation for diabetes care and research.

"A Little Bit Longer" mark put on the dog tags is a reference to Jonas Brothers' hit song of the same name. It is a song that Nick wrote about him having diabetes. For more detailed information about the dog tags that Nick designs people can visit


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posted by jasmena on Apr 20, 2009
Nick Jonas is amazing because he thanks of other people before him self.He don't take advantage of the things he do for people thats what makes him amazing.
posted by labrujisdel93@hotmai on Mar 15, 2009
hello ! my name is elisa, i´m from argentina..i´m so proud of nick..because he is a really good person and i love him!! well..kiss
posted by Jessica on Mar 02, 2009
I think that its really sweet that you design dog tags with encouraging words on them so that people with diabetes. Love Ya.......
posted by jbrocks!! on Nov 26, 2008
posted by LALY04 on Nov 21, 2008
posted by jbrocks!! on Nov 15, 2008
thats kwl. Nicks soo hot!!i dont really care who he marries either and all u girls who go round stalking him and stuff, leave him and his girlfriends ALONE! i know you cant help it cuz he's really hot and he's and awesome person and a fantastic singer, but quit askin him and his brothers to marry you, their WAY to young to be married. ps:JB u ROCK pss:MILEY AND SELENA U SUK!!!
posted by meganroccksworld94 on Nov 14, 2008
i appreciate nick jonas he is a great actor and an AMAZING singer. He has a natural voice and he and his brothers are really famous and have a great career. And also to all you guys who think that you shoulld be his wife instead of selena of miley you guys suck leave him and his love life alone its none of ur business and i dont care who he marries when he grows up but, only if it is someone that he really cares about and she feels the same way. P.S also goes for Kevin and Joe They also have great voices and i dont care who they marry

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