Preview of 'Smallville' 8.10: Bride

November 14, 2008 07:05:25 GMT

It will be a day of love on the next episode of "Smallville" where there will be two unexpected guests on Chloe and Jimmy's wedding ceremony.

Preview of 'Smallville' 8.10: Bride
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Preview of "Smallville" episode 8.10 has been released. With "Bride" as the title, the episode features Chloe and Jimmy's wedding ceremony in Cuba and two unexpected guests.

Chloe finally becomes Jimmy's bride. Though feeling extremely excited about her wedding to Jimmy, she worries if Davis has an intention to stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Oliver tells Clark that he thinks he has discovered where Lex is hiding and takes off to Cuba to confront Lex. Still, instead of finding Lex there, he meets Lana.

While Clark and Lois start to fall in love with each other, the party turns ugly when Doomsday crashes the wedding and tries to kidnap Chloe.

The "Bride" is scheduled to air on November 20 at 8/7c on The CW, where recurring cast Kristin Kreuk will make her appearance as Lana on this episode.


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posted by Doodie on Nov 20, 2008
That slutty Lana is comming back so get ready to be borded and sick from bad drama for a "puppy love" relationship that was bullcrap in the first place!
posted by Margroks on Nov 17, 2008
Who knew Cuba looked just like Clark's barn? Or that for no reason ever shown Clark would suddenly "fall in love" with an uneducated bimbo who steals storied from him and others becasue she can't write her own and, oh, yes, who has berated him constantly and pretty much treated him like crap ever since we first had to endure her awful presence on Smallville? What utter nonsense. Does this person even watch the show? Becasue he or she is making this stuff up.
posted by Inky on Nov 17, 2008
I'm sorry but since when is Clark's Barn in Cuba? Things like that don't give this description a lot of credibility, you know that right?
posted by TJ on Nov 17, 2008
his feeliong for lana is stronger.
posted by hokly Greece on Nov 17, 2008
at last.....the episode we waited.......
posted by DJ on Nov 15, 2008
lana`s return mean BIG rating!
posted by John Henry Irons. on Nov 15, 2008
Oh my... GOD! Does anyone realize just who exactly doomsday is? ...Bloom, doesn't matter. Actors, CGI, Kent, forget everything you know... DOOMSDAY IS FRICKIN' DOOMSDAY!! Unstoppable force, imovable object, were talking... the Death of Superman! And here we sit, not even noticing that danger untill its too late. Someone WARN TOM WELLING! For gods sake man!
posted by molly on Nov 14, 2008
hey next thursday episode is looking really cool.
posted by nwe on Nov 14, 2008
Hey this description is terrible. lana's at the wedding and so is Clark. Oliver too i think. so she's introduced in Cuba while the wedding's going on, even though she's at the wedding. C'mon if your going to do a description, do it right!

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