'Alvin and the Chipmunks' Go to School in 'The Squeakuel'

November 13, 2008 08:39:02 GMT

This 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' sequel, 'The Squeakuel', will indeed serve as the introduction of the boys' counterparts, the Chipettes.

'Alvin and the Chipmunks' Go to School in 'The Squeakuel'
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"Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel" will see the harmony singing chipmunks going to school and trouble coming in the form of the Chipettes. Talking to MTV News on Wednesday, November 12, co-producer Ross Bagdasarian Jr. reveals that the boys will get one interesting "out of water" experience. "The boys will wind up going to school for the first time," so he says.

Admitting that the sequel will present a different part of the boys, the son of the man who created the famous singing chipmunks further adds on what the boys will be dealing with in school. "They go to a combined middle school and high school, so there's all kinds of [human] kids around them," he explains. "You know, kids in the beginning can be cruel, so those first few days are a little bit tough for the boys."

Beside dealing with new challenge in school, the boys will also meet their female counterparts in the sequel as Bagdasarian Jr.'s producing partner Janice Karman claims. "We're introducing the Chipettes, which are the boys' counterparts. Brittany, Eleanor and Jeannette - we introduced those girls in the '80s on the Saturday morning cartoon shows. Now, they will be in the 'Squeakuel' and create a lot of tension and add a lot of fun and a lot of songs."

Meanwhile, on the casting news, Bagdasarian Jr. confesses it is possible that Jason Lee, the actor who plays David "Dave" Seville, may not be able to return for the sequel installment. "I know that Jason [Lee] wants to [come back]," he says. "He's got a conflict schedule-wise, because 'My Name Is Earl' is doing a lot of shows through the end of March, and our movie was actually picked up earlier than normal. So we're gonna be coming out Christmas Day next year, and we're hoping he [can] do it. We want to have him in, and hopefully the schedules can work out."

Despite Jason's possible leave, Bagdasarian Jr. notes that David Cross will be back as the unscrupulous record executive Ian Hawke. Adding to the casting report, Karman who voices the Chipettes in the past says that she would love to see famous actresses fill in the roles. Some of the actresses whose names are linked to the parts includes Drew Barrymore, Miley Cyrus and JoJo. More on the interview can be read via MTV.


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posted by sania on Jan 01, 2011
i wan to see bbthe mo
posted by sundry on Jan 01, 2011
They are better than Katrina & ARE too cute
posted by getonerd on Apr 06, 2010
i soooo love the move and wen it came out i was so exited that i went to see it in the theaters :)
posted by K.Taylor on Jan 01, 2010
posted by kalopk 421 on Dec 22, 2009
i love alvin and the chipmunks
posted by kalopk412 on Nov 27, 2009
they look cute
posted by lala land on Oct 28, 2009
i soooooooo want to se this its gonna be really funny
posted by WICKED GUY on Oct 16, 2009
Miley Cyrus should go back tennese,put on her stupid dungaries .AND BUG OFF! ! ! ! !
posted by jason frost on Sep 07, 2009
miley cyrus is a fuck. why should she be in the movie?
posted by jason frost on Sep 07, 2009
miley cryus sucks eggs
posted by simonfan#1 on Aug 18, 2009
Rember Miley, the new chipmunk movie is'nt made completely. You still have time to play the voice of a chipette.
posted by simonfan#1 on Aug 18, 2009
I use to watch the chipmunks and chipettes on toon disney you all know toon disney is now disneyXD, the chipmunks onley TV showings was 2 movies and they were (Alvin and the chipmunks meet Frankinstien) and (Alvin and the chipmunks meet Wolfman)Theodore turns into a ware wolf when he is bitten by wolfman. Miley we want you to play the voice of one talented cute chipette out of the 3 chipettes,please do it please!
posted by simonfan#1 on Aug 18, 2009
I love the chipettes,Miley you passed a great opertuity why?! I use to like you, but still do kinda.
posted by Hostale Takeover on Aug 15, 2009
the boys of rock and roll are about to meet the girls of rock and roll
posted by marie on Aug 02, 2009
ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS AND CHIPETTES ROOOOCKK!!!!!! i am their #1 FAN, my mum and dad got got me all the animated series so i could watch n i grew up loving them, i never get bored of watching them n im 15 nearly but still love em. when i heard the movie came out i was totally excited and watched it 7 times at the cinema, but was wondering y the chipettes wernt in it, n now tht ive heard about, read about and seen the trailer of the squeakuel im SOOOOO looking forward to c the film. wen i watched the first one i was always hopin tht the chipettes would b in the second one n now it came true. i have made the all three chipmunk huddies have all their CDs and all their series and films theyve ever made. i have made picture of it and have made a siluete mirror of theodore for my bro who loves him. i love to sing and dance to their music. i think simon is the best chipmunk n jeanette is the best chipette but they are all still realy cute, speacialy theodore n eleanor. ps miley cyrus doesnt suck, her music rocks. one of the greatest singers ever!!!!
posted by fernie on Aug 01, 2009 sooo happy tht there is gunna b an alvin and the chipmunks 2, ever since i watched the first one i was totally on loved with them. my mum and dad and older sis and bro used to buy me the animated serieas n i used to watch em all the time, i love the chipmunks n now tht the chipettes r in it im so much more happier, i will b lookin forward to watch this film :)
posted by Sugarhearts on Jul 14, 2009
YES!! I knew they would make a sequel and i KNEW the chippetts would be brought into this. YAY!!Oh, Elenor is SOOO cute.*Does little happy dance* I'll never be able to wait 'til Christmas Day to see it in theters. Oh,man y do things have to be so complicated. Well i'm so happy my dream came true. I was wordering what the chippetts would look like in "real" form. PEACE OUT PEOPLE!! click!
posted by meeh on May 18, 2009
im an extra in this movie so u better like it!=]]
posted by Sumeh on May 17, 2009
LOL wow... I wish Karman could fill in for the Chipette's voices again. Picturing Miley Cyrus's voice in one of the three really disturbs me, especially when it's going to be high pitched. :S
posted by texasguy09 on May 17, 2009
Miley Cyrus is dead. She isn't going to be in anymore movies.
posted by M.Bates on May 05, 2009
yo texas guy, it's only a movie, chill out bro !
posted by texasguy09 on Apr 29, 2009
posted by cat1234 on Apr 18, 2009
I can't wait to see the sequel or should i say squekwel!!! To bad Miley Cyrus isn't in it!! She would have made it popular! Even if it is "a squeky chipmunk" roll! It would have made her more popular than ever before!!!!! I would still admire her and the fact that she turned down such a job has mad her less admirable. Still ROCK ON I cant wait 2 c the movie
posted by sexy-bird on Apr 12, 2009
they filmed the second movie at wilson classical high school in longbeach, ca
posted by Texasguy09 on Apr 03, 2009
All right.......Whoever thought Miley Cyrus could even sing....needs to have their ears checked.....Miley Cyrus is nothing but a wanna be, an attention whore, a disgrace to music everywhere and just a bad phase that this generation (unfortunately)has to 10 years she'll probably a long forgotten memory like yesterday's paper...her acting is crappy.....and WTF are they really going to edit her voice to make it sound even more high pitched than it already is..........GOOD GOD. The 80s are sadly gone. And everything that was good unfortunately can't ever be brought back.....those days are gone..... Now let's check the plot.......the whole "chipmunk out of water" thing just has an....illogical ring to it. Now, the part about Ian coming back for venegence by using those poor little animals they call...the chippites.. sounds very evil...I mean is he forcing them out of their natural habitat just so they can do his bidding? Is he breaking every child labour law in the book by forcing.the young ***whatever they are*** into working for him and his diabolical plans of venegence through something he calls "entertainment"....isn't that called child prostitution.....but I guees it doesn't count for them considering they're not even human...... Now something about the part where he supposedly travels the world in search of new talent doesn't seem to make sense. He supposedly has no money and just got out from jail and he's traveling the Now the part about the....semi-highschool semi-middle school background is odd. Weren't they in middle school in the 80s cartoon series. I guess these days, nothing impresses people more than teenager drama... Right!? Now what is this....they might not bring back the original actor who was playing the lead role in the first movie...........ouch, that will have to do some damage to this second movie.. Over all I guess this...hopefully not....will probably just be one of those movies where the story is that of the original version. Peace. The 80s rock!
posted by kelsey on Jan 16, 2009
i am the #1 fan of the Chipmunks ever since i was 2. i giggle and laf at al the funny sayings. and im so obsesed over them i've written my own sequal were they meet the chippets. i have almost all of the cd's now and love to dance to there songs in my room. i have my whole closet covered in their cute faces (ive drawn most of them) i cant weaght to see the Squeekule. PS i'm not a good speller
posted by Sarah on Jan 04, 2009
Simon is the best!
posted by Rose on Jan 04, 2009
In the movie Dave can let Clair whatch the chipmunks over them!!!!!!!
posted by J.BATES on Dec 15, 2008
I sore hope that Jason Lee comes back,even thuoe I'd liked the 1st one it was hularius, also he was an awosme actor. So anyway, maybe when it gets to April he can get started with the crue again. I'm dying to see the 2nd movie. I'm the #1 FAN of the CHIPMUNKS and CHIPETTES. And please,please get this movie on DVD soon.
posted by kalopk412 on Nov 18, 2008
i wan to see bthe mo

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